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These and penetrate
These tags are quantum dots attached to proteins that penetrate cell membranes.
These subsequently decay into muons, which are able to reach the surface of the Earth, and even penetrate for some distance into shallow mines.
These autoinfective larvae penetrate the wall of the lower ileum or colon or the skin of the perianal region, enter the circulation again, up to the lungs, and back down to the small intestine thus repeating the cycle.
These were not designed to directly penetrate defences, though they could do this ( for example the Valentin submarine pens had ferrous concrete roofs 7 metres ( 23 ft ) thick which were penetrated by two Grand Slams on 27 March 1945 ), but rather to penetrate under the target and explode leaving a camouflet ( cavern ) which would undermine foundations of structures above, causing it to collapse, thus negating any possible hardening.
These influences climb the length of the valleys to the summit of the high plateau, which resists their passage, not letting them penetrate.
These molecules attach to integral membrane proteins, or penetrate the peripheral regions of the lipid bilayer.
These bullets are designed to penetrate deeply through muscle and bone, while causing a wound channel of nearly the full diameter of the bullet.
These bullets are designed to penetrate deeply enough to reach vital organs from any shooting angle and at a far enough range.
These kinds of radiation do not penetrate the Earth's atmosphere well.
* Chenille: These are similar to tapestry needles but with large, long eyes and a very sharp point to penetrate closely woven fabrics.
These laser cannons shoot out fast straight beams that can penetrate even the toughest materials.
These are specialized gas grenades designed to penetrate light barriers, such as windows, hollow core doors, and interior walls, and disperse chemical agents on the far side.
These larvae can penetrate into the brain by a path which remains unknown.
These systems are designed to detect any physical attempt to penetrate the barrier.
These bullets are expected to impact and penetrate, and transfer energy to the surrounding tissues and vital organs through the entire length of a game animal ’ s body if need be.
These spores rise into the air and land on the surface of a susceptible tree, where they germinate and form a germ tube that can directly penetrate the plant's waxy cuticle.
These self-contained motorised detachments would depend on the tank only to provide a way to penetrate the main enemy defensive lines, and would seek to bring about defeat of the enemy by severing the lines of communication and supply as had been done during the previous century.
These zygotes then penetrate the mucous layer of the digestive tract and enter the circulation of the host.
These threads penetrate the surface of their target and release a venom.
These happen when the monsoon winds penetrate this region in the months of July, August and September.
These parasites are found in dog and cat feces and although they are able to infect the deeper tissues of these animals ( through to the lungs and then the intestinal tract ), in humans they are only able to penetrate the outer layers of the skin and thus create the typical wormlike burrows visible underneath the skin.
These rounds could successfully penetrate a 127 mm armor plate when fired at a 60-degree angle from 2000 yards.
These channels and canals alter the natural hydrology and allow saltwater to penetrate deep into the wetlands, disrupting the salinity balance and killing the vegetation of freshwater wetlands, causing them to subside underwater.

These and jelly
These fruit versions sometimes contain colored pearls ( and / or " jelly cubes " as in the related drink taho ), the color chosen to match whatever fruit juice is used.
These horns expand and have a jelly like consistency when wet.
These jelly beans come in two flavors:
These fungi are so named because their foliose to irregularly branched fruiting body is, or appears to be, the consistency of jelly.
These orioles and some other birds also will come to fruit foods, such as grape jelly, or half an orange on a peg.
These confections are made of liquorice, sugar, coconut, aniseed jelly, fruit flavourings, and gelatine.
These include rakija ( fruit brandy ), slatko, jam, jelly, and pickled foods ( notably sauerkraut, ajvar and sausage ).
These special pencils are referred to in the story: " How many jelly machine things can you raise?

These and envelope
These are extremely light-sensitive vacuum tubes with a photocathode coated onto part ( an end or side ) of the inside of the envelope.
These hot air balloons use the same principle of lift as conventional inverted teardrop shaped balloons but often sections of the special balloon envelope shape make no contribution to the balloon's ability to stay afloat.
These shapes allow for the creation of the envelope structure by folding the sheet sides around a central rectangular area.
** These frames all had the same type of " envelope " ( frame header and trailer ) which contained enough information for data packages from different types of terminal to be send along the same communications line, leaving the mainframe to deal with any differences in the formatting of the content or in the rules governing dialogs with different types of terminal.
These devices would present an envelope to an operator, who would press a button indicating which bin to sort the letter into.
These used microprocessors for system control and control voltage generation, including envelope trigger generation, but the main sound generating path remained analog.
These stars will still have a hydrogen envelope and will explode as a type II supernova.
These books describe all of the other stated criteria plus the envelope knife making them the most complete U. S. stamped envelope catalogs.
These proteins localize to two regions of the nuclear compartment, the nuclear lamina -- a proteinaceous structure layer subjacent to the inner surface of the nuclear envelope and throughout the nucleoplasm in the nucleoplasmic " veil ".
These proteins localize to two regions of the nuclear compartment, the nuclear lamina — a proteinaceous structure layer subjacent to the inner surface of the nuclear envelope and throughout the nucleoplasm in the nucleoplasmic " veil ".
These leakage characteristics of the building envelope can then be used to calculate how much airflow will be induced through the building envelope for a given pressure difference caused by wind, temperature difference or mechanical forces.
These metrics are most used to assess construction and building envelope quality, because they normalize the total building leakage area to the total amount of area through which that leakage could occur.
These electron waves are not ordinary sinusoidal waves, but they do have a kind of envelope function which is sinusoidal, and the wavevector is defined via that envelope wave, usually using the " physics definition ".
These circles are inverse to those in the above figure describing the nephroid as an envelope of circles.
These, however, only have philatelic value when the cut portion is still affixed to the envelope or a piece showing the postmarks, as otherwise it cannot be confirmed that the stamp was in fact postally used as a split and not simply a complete stamp that was cut up after use.
These early kinetochores show a mature laminar structure before the nuclear envelope breaks down ( reviewed by Pluta et al.
These plates are then sealed inside of a non-conductive envelope such as glass or ceramic and placed under a high vacuum.
These stars are close binaries of spectral types F, G, or K that share a common envelope of material and are thus in contact with one another.

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