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from Brown Corpus
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These and plans
These area reports will be followed, according to present plans, by a summary report, which will include a detailed statement on methods.
These were some of the first reinforced concrete buildings, and their plans did not contain enough details ( such as how much reinforcing bar had been embedded in the concrete ) to be sure they were safe, so the engineers recommended demolition.
These plans never materialised mainly due to the Great Depression.
These representatives did not, however, have any means of forcing their will upon the king — except by withholding the financial means required to execute his plans .< ref > William Dawson Johnston, The history of England from the accession of James the Second Volume I, Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and company, 1901.
These plans also did not work out, and finally Harold Prince, who had worked previously with Sondheim, became the producer and director.
These plans were not realised, however, primarily because of post-1973 oil price increases and a drought in 1975-77 that particularly affected northern Ghana.
These codes provide the identification that is typically used in flight plans.
These plans are debated and approved by the assembly of the States of Jersey and translated into action by a series of business plans for each department.
These mosques have square or rectangular plans with an enclosed courtyard and covered prayer hall.
These codes and regulations all require the common steps of Environmental impact assessment, development of Environmental management plans, Mine closure planning ( which must be done before the start of mining operations ), and Environmental monitoring during operation and after closure.
These factors combined to produce some far more radical and futuristic plans for Potsdamer Platz in the late 1920s and early 1930s, especially around 1928-9, when the creative fervour was at its peak.
These ambitious plans however were thrown out the war chamber when King Badlay died during the invasion of Dawaro.
These plans will revive the former glory of the city's coasts and attract tourists who avoided swimming in Sidon's sea before.
These techniques are just ways of finding problems and of making plans to cope with failures, as in probabilistic risk assessment.
( These plans still have a data limit at 100GB, at which point their down and up speeds get halved )
These plans were ultimately rejected however in 1901, Theodore Roosevelt and his family moved in to the White House and hired McKim, Mead, and White to carry out renovations and expansion, including the addition of a West Wing.
These two plans, which provided for major investment in infrastructure and manufacturing, were largely implemented and were generally successful.
These and other plans never went beyond the talking stages.
These critics often discern in the film a thinly disguised attempt to glorify the military by portraying Patton as an inspirational leader, a commander whose bold plans to conquer Germany and end the war were constantly sabotaged by higher command as well as his military inferiors on the battlefield.
These features make them more portable than traditional defined benefit plans and perhaps more attractive to a more highly mobile workforce.
These buildings featured an innovative structural design that freed the interiors from support columns in order to allow future alterations of their floor plans.
These types of schemes have existed for at least a century, some with variations to hide their true nature, and because of this, many people believe that all multilevel marketing plans are also pyramid schemes.
::# These regional public bodies and schools must also consult iwi in the preparation of their plans.

These and like
These were the ones Keith sought out -- the loners, the ones who killed for the joy of it, like himself.
These my grandmother left in their places ( they are still there, more persistent and longer-lived than the generations of man ) and planted others like them, that flourished without careful tending.
These are like the initial ways in which the world forces itself upon the self and thrusts the self into decision and choice.
These words are more expressive than labels like `` A '' and `` not-A ''.
These became `` strays '', the term bein' restricted to cattle, however, as hosses, under like circumstances, were spoken of as `` stray hosses '', not merely `` strays ''.
These ripples spread out in symmetrical patterns like the rose windows of a great cathedral.
These " abbots " are appointed by the brothers and sisters of Redwall to serve as a superior and provide paternal care, much like real abbots.
Galileo announced his discovery that Venus had phases like the Moon in the form " Haec immatura a me iam frustra leguntur-oy " ( Latin: These immature ones have already been read in vain by me-oy ), that is, when rearranged, " Cynthiae figuras aemulatur Mater Amorum " ( Latin: The Mother of Loves Venus imitates the figures of Cynthia the moon ).
18 ; 20-21 .</ ref > These examples further show how Anaximenes like the other Milesians looked for the broader picture in nature, seeking unifying causes for diversely occurring events rather than treating each one on a case-by-case basis or attributing them to gods or a personified nature.
These are specialized heterokont algae, related to golden algae, diatoms, brown algae, and the like, which have microtubule-supported tentacles.
These buildings seem like a cross between a building and a living organism, nourishing and sheltering this futuristic dystopian society.
These persons are then made up, and in some cases altered to look like the target, with the body double then taking the place of the person in high risk situations.
; Presiding Bishop or President Bishop: These titles are often used for the head of a national Anglican church, but the title is not usually associated with a particular episcopal see like the title of a primate.
These all culminate in frightening depictions of a powerful king who, like the Babylonian rulers of the court tales, attacks Israel, defiles the temple, and incurs divine judgment.
These were not targums (" translations ") in the true sense but like the Greek Esther are retellings of events and include additional legends relating to Purim.
These enzymes are able to inactivate the oxazolylpenicillins like oxacillin, cloxacillin, dicloxacillin.
These polls have been quite influential, as they indicate which strips the readers like best, and strips that have performed poorly in these polls were usually dropped.
These forms of linear combination satisfy numerous simple-looking properties, like asymptotic formulae or integral representations.
These types grade into each other like the colors of the spectrum, and no one category stands significantly isolated from the rest.
These preaching friars, with the authorization of Gregory IX, adopted ( with some modifications, e. g. the substitution of the " Gallican " for the " Roman " version of the Psalter ) the Breviary hitherto used exclusively by the Roman court, and with it gradually swept out of Europe all the earlier partial books ( Legendaries, Responsories ), & c., and to some extent the local Breviaries, like that of Sarum.
These churches at first used and then revised the use of the Prayer Book, until they, like their parent, produced prayer books which took into account the developments in liturgical study and practice in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, which come under the general heading of the Liturgical Movement.
These early experimental designs later gave rise to the era of specialized supercomputers like those made by Cray Inc.
These are generally called " jumps " and facilitate behavior like loops, conditional program execution ( through the use of a conditional jump ), and functions in programs.
These light elements keep being spread too fast and too tightly in the Big Bang process ( see nucleosynthesis ) due to which they formed stable medium-sized atomic nuclei, like iron and nickel.

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