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These and platforms
These cities were well planned with wide streets, public and private wells, drains, bathing platforms and reservoirs.
These were originally constructed to aid drainage of water from the platforms, but they also help prevent death or serious injury when a passenger falls or jumps in front of a train.
These sites include temple platforms, called marae, house sites, and graves.
These models are based on supermini platforms and have different styles depending on markets: Japanese models are more boxy while Europeans have the bonnet and windshield almost parallel.
These minivans featured car-based platforms and V6 engines.
These stations have these disused platforms adjacent ( but walled off from ) the platforms currently in use.
These implementations were ported to a wide range of platforms.
These versions were released for Alpha AXP platforms.
These various ports were brought together during the Allegro 3. 9 WIP versions, with Allegro 4. 0 being the first stable version of Allegro to support multiple platforms.
These platforms are separated by the Ionian Basin.
These operations require in general a functional OS on both platforms involved.
These platforms don't need to use the engine in collaboration with a CHP system due to getting the gas at a extremely reduced cost ( often free from burn off gas ).
These elements, specifically CPU, display, camera and MEMS sensors such as accelerometer, GPS, solid state compass are often present in modern smartphones, which make them prospective AR platforms.
These files are widespread on all platforms.
These may be deployed at regiment-level and consist of platoons of self-propelled anti-aircraft platforms, whether they are self-propelled anti-aircraft guns ( SPAAGs ), integrated air-defence systems like Tunguska or all-in-one surface-to-air missile platforms like Roland or SA-8 Gecko.
These platforms are built on concrete or steel legs, or both, anchored directly onto the seabed, supporting a deck with space for drilling rigs, production facilities and crew quarters.
These platforms consist of slender flexible towers and a pile foundation supporting a conventional deck for drilling and production operations.
These platforms have hulls ( columns and pontoons ) of sufficient buoyancy to cause the structure to float, but of weight sufficient to keep the structure upright.
These teams stay together throughout the convention as they rotate through the control towers at OSH or FLD, FISK VFR Approach Control and the two mobile departure platforms known as MOOCOWs ( Mobile Operating and Communications Workstations ).
These two developments as well as the sharp growth of internet futures trading platforms developed by a number of trading companies clearly points to a race to total internet trading of futures and options in the coming years.
These channels are carried on all digital platforms in the Republic including Sky Ireland, UPC Ireland, Magnet Networks, SCTV and Crossan Cable.
These PDP-10 machine dependencies made porting of the Crowther / Woods Adventure to other platforms more difficult.

These and range
These songs ( practically all Persian music, for that matter ) are limited to a range of two octaves.
These can range from simple spelling changes and word forms to switching the entire writing system itself, as when Turkey switched from the Arabic alphabet to a Turkish alphabet of Latin origin.
These " conversations " as he called them, were more or less informal talks on a great range of topics, spiritual, aesthetic and practical, in which he emphasized the ideas of the school of American Transcendentalists led by Emerson, who was always his supporter and discreet admirer.
These are ceremonially and politically important to a range of Eastern tribes.
These range from powerful jumping smashes to delicate tumbling net returns.
These lines range from single to double to quadruple track.
These disorders range from bipolar I disorder, featuring full-blown manic episodes, to cyclothymia, featuring less prominent hypomanic episodes, to " subsyndromal " conditions where only some of the criteria for mania or hypomania are met.
These mostly range in date from the beginning of the Greek Bronze Age ( about 3200 BC ) to the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine I in the 4th century AD.
These range from a simple dulling of awareness produced by sedatives, to increases in the intensity of sensory qualities produced by stimulants, cannabis, or most notably by the class of drugs known as psychedelics.
These frequencies are at the upper range of human hearing and are inaudible to many people ; however, some people ( especially children ) will perceive a high-pitched tone near an operating television CRT.
These range from simplified forms of the first-principles equations that are easier or faster to solve, to approximations limiting the size of the system ( for example, periodic boundary conditions ), to fundamental approximations to the underlying equations that are required to achieve any solution to them at all.
These range in diameter from a few tens of meters up to about 300 km, and they range in age from recent times ( e. g. the Sikhote-Alin craters in Russia whose creation were witnessed in 1947 ) to more than two billion years, though most are less than 500 million years old because geological processes tend to obliterate older craters.
These vehicles can range from civilian equipment to purpose built military vehicles.
These notes are far apart for most of the instrument's range, making diatonic and chromatic playing impossible except in the extreme high register.
These companies offer both English-and Spanish-language television, plus a range of channels in other languages, high definition channels, pay-per-view movies and events, sports packages and premium movie channels such as HBO, Playboy TV, Cinecanal, etc.
These range in colour from various purple tints through various shades of light gray, and to purely white.
These discs are usually faster, more stable, and have a longer range than a putter.
These architectures range from the Intel / AMD 32-bit / 64-bit architectures commonly found in personal computers to the ARM architecture commonly found in embedded systems and the IBM eServer zSeries mainframes.
These devices are specially designed for low-voltage stabilization applications requiring a guaranteed voltage over a wide current range and highly stable over temperature.
These extremely large two-stroke engines have power outputs up to approximately, operate in the range from approximately 60 to 200 rpm and are up to tall, and can weigh over.
These regions included the passage of the Tigris through the Anti-Taurus range ; the Bitlis pass, the quickest southerly route into Persian Armenia ; and access to the Tur Abdin plateau.
These doors have an operating range of slightly over 90 degrees, so their use is limited to where they come into contact with a side wall when fully open ( or where they can be prevented from opening too far by a doorstop ).
These range from specific market access issues and difficulties for businesses facing a highly regulated and complex system through to restrictions in the export of agricultural goods ( potatoes ) and fishery products because they do not conform with EU quality norms.

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