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These and publications
These publications, written especially for the managers or owners of small businesses, indirectly aid in community development programs.
These publications may be secured as follows: The Annual Catalog from the Director of Admissions and other issues from the Publications Office.
These publications are overseen by an independent board and guided by a professional adviser employed by the University.
These publications were produced first on small tabletop printing presses, often by students.
These publications have layouts which illustrate theories and diagrams.
These recent clinical successes have led to a renewed interest in gene therapy, with several articles in scientific and popular publications calling for continued investment in the field.
These were called " smashes " or " spoons ", and they were written about quite frankly in stories for girls aspiring to attend college in publications such as Ladies Home Journal, a children's magazine titled St. Nicholas, and a collection called Smith College Stories, without negative views.
These scholars point to statements about judicial review made in the Constitutional Convention and the state ratifying conventions, statements about judicial review in publications debating ratification, and court cases before Marbury that involved judicial review.
These publications demonstrate that oral history can contribute greatly to our understanding of many interesting fields in human lives and history itself, such as the motives behind the dissidents ' activities, the formation of opposition groups, communication between dissidents and state representatives and the emergence of ex-communist elites and their decision-making processes.
These publications are sometimes referred to as being standards.
These amateur publications might or might not discuss science fiction and were generally traded rather than sold.
These factors included the continuing Baptist movement in England, English language publications about the Sabbath in the early 1600s, and a relative freedom of religion from state interference in Oliver Cromwell's commonwealth.
These influences, though undocumented, are cited in the official White House guide, and in White House Historical Association publications.
These and other ADSA publications helped standardize practices internationally.
These include publications from Thomas Crosbie Holdings, most notably the Irish Examiner ( formerly the Cork Examiner ) and its sister publication, the Evening Echo.
These ideas also spilled over into domestic kitchen architecture because of a growing trend that called for a professionalization of household work, started in the mid-19th century by Catharine Beecher and amplified by Christine Frederick's publications in the 1910s.
These include Rules and Regulations .< ref >< nowiki > http :// www. nlrb. gov / publications / rules_and_regulations. aspx </ nowiki >
These publications also varied in size, from as small as 7 x 10 inches ( The Boy ’ s Star Library is an example ) to 8. 5 x 12 ( New York Detective Library ).
These five publications are a part of the S. Gale Denley Student Media Center at Ole Miss.
These publications led to the resignation of incoming House Speaker Bob Livingston.
These three volumes featured most of the original poets, ( also including imagist poetry by the American poet John Gould Fletcher ), with the exception of Pound, who had tried to persuade her to drop the Imagist name from her publications and who sardonically dubbed this phase of Imagism " Amy-gism.
These publications utilized illustrations as a means of commenting on political and social issues, such illustrations becoming known as cartoons in the 1840s.
These were only published in English and can only be found in the reports of these congresses or in other official publications.
These research initiatives led to more than 5, 000 research publications and review articles in peer-review journals.

These and replaced
These alphabets have since been replaced with the Latin alphabet, except for decorative usage for which the runes remained in use until the 20th century.
These sets were expanded in 1963 to 7 bits of coding, called the American Standard Code for Information Interchange ( ASCII ) as the Federal Information Processing Standard which replaced the incompatible teleprinter codes in use by different branches of the U. S. government.
These generals were being replaced by colonels who had entered the army in the early 1970s and whose view of the world had been shaped less by ideology and more by pragmatism.
These streetcar lines were replaced with bus routes in the 1930s and 1940s.
These were replaced by BeanoMAX in early 2007.
These empirical methods were replaced in the 1960s by semi-empirical methods such as CNDO.
These klepto chloroplasts may only have a lifetime of a few days and are then replaced.
These were replaced with brick façades, and back yards were added in the 1970s.
( These were eventually replaced by small mortars ).
These seem to have survived the Roman abandonment of Britain, but were subsequently replaced, in the 6th and 7th centuries, by the unenclosed farms taking the Brythonic toponymic tre -.
These temporary elements are usually replaced with more refined final elements by the sound, music, and visual effects teams hired to complete the picture.
These artists were successful on crossover stations as well as R & B stations, and freestyle was replaced as an underground genre by newer styles such as New Jack Swing, Trance and Eurodance.
These images have led to a much more detailed view of the interior of the Earth, and have replaced the simplified layered model with a much more dynamic model.
These placeholders are then replaced with the corresponding variable values prior to rendering the final transcluded output in context.
These ideas still retain some power, with faith healing and shrines still used in some places, although the rise of scientific medicine over the past millennium has altered or replaced mysticism in most cases.
These replaced M81 Woodland uniforms and the LINE combat system, respectively.
These tapes were soon replaced by CD + Gs, but a plug-n-play karaoke microphone that housed a factory built-in songchip loaded with hundreds of karaoke songs quickly became a favourite.
These were gradually replaced by the current bio-medical model and became the foundation of the professionalism and progress of medicine since then.
These instruments often had bodies covered with animal skin, and it is unknown exactly when it became replaced with a wooden soundboard.
These were dismantled in 1987 and replaced by a lighting system embedded in the roof of each stand, which remains in use today.
These devices also offer improvements like random access to any scene in the recording and " live " time shifting and have replaced videotape in many situations.
These would be largely replaced by op-amps made with MOSFETs in the 1980s.
These machines replaced Apple's Quadra series of personal computers, and were housed in cases very similar to systems sold by Apple up to that point.
These models of PowerBooks were much sleeker and faster than the 100 series, which they replaced as the mid and high-end models.

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