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These and publications
These publications, written especially for the managers or owners of small businesses, indirectly aid in community development programs.
These publications replaced the U. S. Naval Medical Bulletin, published continuously from 1907 through 1959, as well as the Navy's Hospital Corps Quarterly and the Bulletin of the U. S. Army Medical Department, published from 1922 to 1949.
These publications may be secured as follows: The Annual Catalog from the Director of Admissions and other issues from the Publications Office.
These publications are overseen by an independent board and guided by a professional adviser employed by the University.
These publications were produced first on small tabletop printing presses, often by students.
These publications have layouts which illustrate theories and diagrams.
These recent clinical successes have led to a renewed interest in gene therapy, with several articles in scientific and popular publications calling for continued investment in the field.
These were called " smashes " or " spoons ", and they were written about quite frankly in stories for girls aspiring to attend college in publications such as Ladies Home Journal, a children's magazine titled St. Nicholas, and a collection called Smith College Stories, without negative views.
These scholars point to statements about judicial review made in the Constitutional Convention and the state ratifying conventions, statements about judicial review in publications debating ratification, and court cases before Marbury that involved judicial review.
These publications demonstrate that oral history can contribute greatly to our understanding of many interesting fields in human lives and history itself, such as the motives behind the dissidents ' activities, the formation of opposition groups, communication between dissidents and state representatives and the emergence of ex-communist elites and their decision-making processes.
These publications are sometimes referred to as being standards.
These amateur publications might or might not discuss science fiction and were generally traded rather than sold.
These factors included the continuing Baptist movement in England, English language publications about the Sabbath in the early 1600s, and a relative freedom of religion from state interference in Oliver Cromwell's commonwealth.
These influences, though undocumented, are cited in the official White House guide, and in White House Historical Association publications.
These and other ADSA publications helped standardize practices internationally.
These include publications from Thomas Crosbie Holdings, most notably the Irish Examiner ( formerly the Cork Examiner ) and its sister publication, the Evening Echo.
These ideas also spilled over into domestic kitchen architecture because of a growing trend that called for a professionalization of household work, started in the mid-19th century by Catharine Beecher and amplified by Christine Frederick's publications in the 1910s.
These include Rules and Regulations .< ref >< nowiki > http :// www. nlrb. gov / publications / rules_and_regulations. aspx </ nowiki >
These publications also varied in size, from as small as 7 x 10 inches ( The Boy ’ s Star Library is an example ) to 8. 5 x 12 ( New York Detective Library ).
These five publications are a part of the S. Gale Denley Student Media Center at Ole Miss.
These publications led to the resignation of incoming House Speaker Bob Livingston.
These three volumes featured most of the original poets, ( also including imagist poetry by the American poet John Gould Fletcher ), with the exception of Pound, who had tried to persuade her to drop the Imagist name from her publications and who sardonically dubbed this phase of Imagism " Amy-gism.
These were only published in English and can only be found in the reports of these congresses or in other official publications.
These research initiatives led to more than 5, 000 research publications and review articles in peer-review journals.

These and utilized
These coaches in turn have their own disciples who have utilized Walsh's West Coast system such as Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak first a quarterback coach with the 49ers, then offensive coordinator for Shanahan at the Denver Broncos.
These new features were groundbreaking at the time, and are still utilized in Roland's electronic percussion today.
These drugs are utilized in the treatment of many conditions such as:
These algorithms do not work if out-of-order execution is utilized on the platform that executes them.
These techniques may also be utilized for space diversity ( improved robustness to fading ) or beamforming ( improved selectivity ) rather than multiplexing.
These patterns are then utilized to decide, in real time, which die to test next and when to stop testing.
These skin collections have been utilized in more recent times for studies on molecular phylogenetics by the extraction of ancient DNA.
These incendiary bombs were utilized primarily during nighttime air raids.
" These guards then utilized pepper spray and metal batons on some of the protestors who trespassed onto Tribal property and refused to leave.
These two resources and the events held at them should be utilized to promote the Township in the region.
These settlers utilized the Middletown Ferry to access the west bank of the river, and once they reached what is now Newberry Township, settled throughout the Fishing Creek and Bennetts Run valleys.
These lasers utilized aluminum gallium arsenide p-type injectors situated over n-type gallium arsenide layers grown on the substrate by LPE.
These stages heavily influenced others and have been utilized by others like James Rest in making the Defining Issues Test in 1979.
These protocols are utilized differently, at different levels of the theoretical OSI model.
These configurations are utilized to minimize the overall cost of the network, and to alleviate the amount of data that has to be relayed through a central uplink site ( or sites ) of a star or multi-star network.
These distinctives were implemented during the formative stages of the church and continue to be utilized by many COGIC congregations around the world.
These systems are more typically utilized by European auto manufacturers such as Jaguar and Porsche.
These masks were often modeled after fearsome animals and were utilized in community mediations.
These shifts show how depth psychology can be utilized to support rather than pathologize gay and lesbian psychotherapy clients.
These facilities have high ceilings, allowing unused space to be utilized within the vertical cube.
These works favored dissonance and post-tonal harmonies ; they also utilized irregular rhythms and metres.
These FM synth boards produced a " warm and pleasant sound " that musicians such as Yuzo Koshiro and Takeshi Abo utilized to produce music that is still highly regarded within the chiptune community.
These inputs would never be utilized simultaneously in normal flight.
These two maneuvers are unrealistic in combat and are utilized in forms for exercise purposes.

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