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These and recent
" These criteria for autobiography generally persisted until recent times, and most serious autobiographies of the next three hundred years conformed to them.
These studies have been challenged by several Brazilian ministries, which assert that recent improvements in environmental laws, enforcement and public attitudes have fundamentally reduced the threat posed to forests by such projects.
These events damaged his reputation among the ancient writers, though more recent historians have revised this opinion.
These range in diameter from a few tens of meters up to about 300 km, and they range in age from recent times ( e. g. the Sikhote-Alin craters in Russia whose creation were witnessed in 1947 ) to more than two billion years, though most are less than 500 million years old because geological processes tend to obliterate older craters.
These figures indicate that, compared to the more recent figures above, there has been a deterioration this decade, rather than improvement.
These more recent versions, however, maintain that only the subjective, qualitative aspects of mental states are epiphenomenal.
These obstacles are slowly being overcome, with international ( in-and outgoing ) and transit ( through ) traffic being responsible for a large part of the recent uptake in rail freight volume.
These recent clinical successes have led to a renewed interest in gene therapy, with several articles in scientific and popular publications calling for continued investment in the field.
These factors have caused Gosford, and the wider Central Coast's population to grow rapidly in recent years.
These vehicles are often converted full-size station wagons that may or may not feature a traditional landau roof and bars, although in recent years, following the end of the full-size station wagon era, the preference has shifted towards minivans with slide-over landau bar panels for the third row windows.
These modern admissions of ignorance are a relatively recent trend ; earlier generations of historians were less sceptical.
These facilitated information retrieval and data mining efforts, which have in recent years begun to relate to knowledge representation.
These substances are generally more recent discoveries that have not yet been recognized as vitamins or as required.
These ages are very recent in geological terms, suggesting that the mountain may still be volcanically active, though in a very quiescent and episodic fashion.
These factors have changed dramatically in recent decades, both with the decreasing cost of computing power and with new mathematical discoveries.
These tracks are more club-oriented and reminiscent of the recent work of Roni Size.
These examples cannot be more recent Anglo-Scandinavian toponyms, because in that case they would have been numerous in the Norman regions ( pays de Caux, Basse-Seine, North-Cotentin ) concerned by these Nordic settlements.
These features have since been added to most recent SNOBOL4 implementations.
These factors led to the network struggling in the ratings over the past few years, with its most recent Star Trek franchise, Star Trek: Enterprise, perhaps suffering the most and ultimately being cancelled by the network in a controversial decision in February 2005.
These services have been cut in recent years:
These specific election donations are known as ‘ hard money .’ The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act ( BCRA ) of 2002, also known as " McCain-Feingold ", after its sponsors, is the most recent major federal law on campaign finance, which revised some of the legal limits on expenditures set in 1974, and prohibited unregulated contributions ( commonly referred to as " soft money ") to national political parties.
These skin collections have been utilized in more recent times for studies on molecular phylogenetics by the extraction of ancient DNA.
These are recent immigrants.
These include issues related to the recent reintroduction into the wild of the highly endangered California condor, air tour overflight noise levels, water rights disputes with various tribal reservations that border the park, and forest fire management.

These and steps
These two steps essentially complete the lookup operation.
These can decide everything from how many steps a player moves their token, as in Monopoly, to how their forces fare in battle, such as in Risk, or which resources a player gains, such as in The Settlers of Catan.
These linking slabs may in some cases have served as steps to higher floors.
These initial three steps define the minimal amount of planning for simplified EVM.
These steps are: right, left, right, left, cadence.
These steps are found in Negri's manual and involve a galliard step usually ( though not always ) ending with a spin.
These steps have resulted in an intensification of bombings, assassinations and ambushes.
These dancers specialized in so-called floor steps.
These codes and regulations all require the common steps of Environmental impact assessment, development of Environmental management plans, Mine closure planning ( which must be done before the start of mining operations ), and Environmental monitoring during operation and after closure.
These were steps that had different rise height or thread depth from the rest and would cause anyone running up the stairs to stumble or fall, so slowing down the attackers ' progress.
These are the general steps used by the modulator to transmit data:
These 15 parts parallel the 15 steps in the Temple in Jerusalem on which the Levites stood during Temple services, and which were memorialized in the 15 Psalms (# 120-134 ) known as Shir HaMa ' alot (, " Songs of Ascent ").
These thermal cycling steps are necessary first to physically separate the two strands in a DNA double helix at a high temperature in a process called DNA melting.
These last three steps are normally quicker than the previous strides and are referred to as the " turn-over ".
These are the earliest European dances to be well-documented, as we have a reasonable knowledge of the choreographies, steps and music used.
These are the steps of the algorithm:
These became what are known as body thetans, which are said to be still clinging to and adversely affecting everyone except Scientologists who have performed the necessary steps to remove them.
These procedures capture all of the steps needed to perform a successful calibration.
These steps include substituting markets in property rights, such as emission rights, for command and control.
These postures are hidden, and the ready positions are implemented while switching hands or while changing steps.
These steps are usually done with PAVE-certified software that also prints the barcoded address labels and barcoded sack or tray tags.
These steps, combined with donor assistance and with political stability since the multi-party elections in 1994, have led to dramatic improvements in the country's growth rate.
These consist of a rhythm that is changed to make new timesteps by adding or removing steps.
These new parts east of the choir transepts were was raised on a higher crypt than Ernulf's choir, necessitating flights of steps between the two levels.

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