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These and roads
These roads are largely of less than highway standards, and usually carry traffic which is related to use of the National Forests.
These roads converge at Pueblo Alto and from there lead north beyond the Canyon limits.
These and most other cities and large towns are now connected with asphalt-paved roads, while smaller towns are often connected by dirt roads, which may require a four-wheel-drive vehicle.
These failures range from military services to roads, and some would argue, to health care.
These roads have the number prefix " K " indicating a Kreisstraße.
These used a small number of standard components, all small enough to be readily transportable in areas with poor or non-existent roads, and were joined together using bolts rather than rivets, reducing the need for skilled labour on site.
These products have a wide range of applications and are currently used in many civil and geotechnical engineering applications including: roads, airfields, railroads, embankments, piled embankments, retaining structures, reservoirs, canals, dams, landfills, bank protection and coastal engineering.
These roads are built to British standards with a maximum of three lanes with hard shoulders.
These trails became primitive roads which were eventually paved.
These were for the purpose of reforming the education system, rural roads and rehabilitation, as well as infrastructure projects.
These roads have the same base layer as gravel roads but are covered with a thin layer of bitumen to reduce maintenance cost and dust formation.
These roads are built by clearing the vegetation and blading the surface.
These roads consist of concentrated salt water and gypsum-rich material.
These link to 82, 000 km of local authority roads, both paved and unpaved.
These routes were two-lane roads with concrete or asphalt surfacing.
These measures were only partially successful: after further skirmishes in which shots were fired, barbed wire entanglements were stretched across some roads, a foretaste of things to come.
These included roads to the towns southwest of Juba and a road to the Ugandan border.
These roads usually lack a median or central reservation.
These rules must be more strictly adhered to on roads with oncoming traffic, but still apply on multi-lane and divided highways.
These exotic plants thrive by utilizing manmade structures such as roads and trails.
These roads maintain their new numbers from Denmark and southward, though, as do other European routes within Scandinavia.

These and designations
These designations are commonly used by 924 aficionados.
These off-calendar days, also known as " intercalary days ", are not assigned weekday designations.
These designations are now obsolete.
These numbers are not industry standards nor an indication of quality, especially since other companies use the designations to refer to graphite not made by Hexcel.
These designations distinguish a cloud's physical structure and process of formation.
These provincial designations are still frequently used by the inhabitants, which offers a sense of civic pride.
These designations are still followed today.
" These included Rong, Yi, Man, and Di — all general designations referring to the barbarian tribes.
These alternative designations are generally used to identify only the works that were not given opus numbers.
These have colour designations with blue being in the northeast core of the building and green being in the southwest.
These designations however are not strict and describe leading changes, while other changes might be adapted earlier or later in specific production batches.
These first came into use strictly as party designations after the assembling of the National Convention ( 20 September 1792 ), to which a large proportion of the deputies from the Gironde who had sat in the Legislative Assembly were returned.
" These designations are used in addition to level markings ( Confidential, Secret and Top Secret ).
These designations mean that it does not have many stars, is loose, does not show greater concentration at the center, and has a moderate range of star magnitudes.
These division designations are mostly derived from selected local tribe names.
These individual artists would also collaborate with other individuals under joint releases with & or versus designations.
These clan designations do not affect the playing of the army, though players are free to ' theme ' an army around a particular clan, and alternate lists for each major clan exist, emphasizing ' their ' troops.
These designations are still followed today.
These designations, however, were largely ignored as the men referred to themselves by their old designations.
These designations can be unconditional or conditional: time limited or limited to a specific operation.
These additional designations are shown by adding embroidered sport insignias, modeled metal insert pins, or bars that are attached to the letter.
These titles are general designations of nutrition personnel.
:" These designations of the components of a vector stem from the fact that the direct transformation of the covariant components involves the coefficients α < sup > k </ sup >< sub > i '</ sub > of the direct transformation, that is A '< sub > i </ sub >= α < sup > k </ sup >< sub > i '</ sub > A < sub > k </ sub >.

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