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These and shifts
These shifts will continue in the next 10 yrs..
These climate models are used to investigate long-term climate shifts, such as what effects might be caused by human emission of greenhouse gases.
These incubation shifts can last days and even weeks as one member of the pair feeds at sea.
These constant shifts in the perception of Cleopatra are well represented in a review of Estelle Parsons ’ adaptation of Shakespeare ’ s Antony and Cleopatra at the Interart Theatre in New York City.
These shifts mark the transformation of Pharasaic to Rabbinic Judaism.
These dialects had preserved archaic phonetics mostly intact due to the influence of the neighbouring Old Prussian language, while the other dialects had experienced different phonetic shifts.
These Doppler shifts correspond to velocities of about 6 km / h ( 4 mph ) and 60 km / h ( 40 mph ) respectively at 1800 MHz, one of the operating frequencies for GSM mobile phones.
These firefighters are assigned to three shifts or battalions, each shift is led by a Battalion Chief.
These changes also included shifts in social and cultural beliefs.
These fluctuations occur around a long-term growth trend, and typically involve shifts over time between periods of relatively rapid economic growth ( an expansion or boom ), and periods of relative stagnation or decline ( a contraction or recession ).
These shifts may even correlate to seasonal changes, reflecting phytoplankton abundance.
These shifts in power were made possible by the ambiguity and imprecision of the Meiji constitution, particularly as regarded the position of the Emperor in relation to the constitution.
These demographic shifts are explained by several separate but concurrent phenomena:
These shifts in time and identification sometimes confuse the scope ( historical and geographic ) of Oriental Studies.
These include fluid balance ( calculation of fluid intake and excretion ), monitoring body weight ( which in the shorter term reflects fluid shifts ).
" These profound shifts in the way Brand conceptualizes national and personal affiliations to and boundaries around Caribbean and Canadian locations speak to what Dickinson calls " the politics of location cannot be separated from the politics of ' production and reception.
These shifts show how depth psychology can be utilized to support rather than pathologize gay and lesbian psychotherapy clients.
These structural shifts in the Brazilian economy helped to increase the ranks of the new urban middle classes.
These further shifts are given by the second and higher order corrections to the energy.
These diphthongs initially began with a syllabic ( stressed ) i, but the stress later shifts to the second component, giving to iā and.
These shifts in perception visually include enhancement and contrasting of colors, strange light phenomena ( such as auras or " halos " around light sources ), increased visual acuity, surfaces that seem to ripple, shimmer, or breathe ; complex open and closed eye visuals of form constants or images, objects that warp, morph, or change solid colours ; a sense of melting into the environment, and trails behind moving objects.
These shifts stimulated fresh social tensions.
These differences can be traced back to regional variations in the local resources on which growth was based during the early development of the urban pattern and in part the subsequent shifts in the competitive advantage of regions brought about by changing locational forces affecting regional specialization within the framework of the market economy.
These shifts in water quality triggered change in low pressure membrane technology.

These and alliance
These marriages often were alliance or succession devices: the Soga lord ensured the domination of a prince, to be put as puppet to the throne ; or a prince ensured the combination of two imperial descents, to strengthen his own and his children's claim to the throne.
These contrasting attitudes partly explain why the USSR has often been charged with playing a double game in 1939: carrying on open negotiations for an alliance with Britain and France while secretly considering propositions from Germany.
These are more formally known as an air-rail alliance, but more commonly known as " Rail & Fly " due to the popularity of the Deutsche Bahn codeshare with many airlines.
These failures led Germany to look for other alternatives, which reached their most extreme form in the proposal of Hans von Seeckt, commander of the Reichswehr ( German military ), who suggested that Germany and the Soviet Union should conclude an alliance to jointly invade Poland, followed by a war on France.
These essentially reaffirmed existing treaties of alliance concluded by France with Poland on 19 February 1921 and with Czechoslovakia on 25 January 1924.
These surrender talks implied a commitment from Badoglio not only to leave the Axis alliance but also to have Italy declare war on Germany.
These were the paternal arms of Gwenllian, the daughter and heiress of Rhys Mechyll ( d. 1244 ) Prince of the Welsh House of Dinefwr, grandson of Rhys ap Gruffydd, and wife of Gilbert Talbot ( d. 1274 ), grandfather of Baron Talbot | Gilbert Talbot, 1st Baron Talbot ( d. 1345 / 6 ) assumed by Talbot as arms of alliance of a great heiress, superseding his own former paternal arms of Bendy of 10 pieces argent and gules
These victories enabled it to bring most of the Aegean and many other parts of Greece together in the Delian League, an Athenian-dominated alliance.
These pressures forced Mestwin II to tighten his alliance with Greater Poland's Bolesław and his successor Przemysł II.
These three organizations together comprise the World Standards Cooperation ( WSC ) alliance.
These developments brought Norquay into a reluctant alliance with the province's Conservative establishment ( which had opposed him only three years earlier ).
These razors accept a single AAA battery which is used to produce vibration in the razor ; all of these provide an additional brand alliance venue for Gillette to place a battery from sister brand Duracell in Power packages ( the reverse is also true for Schick with their powered razors featuring Energizer batteries packed in ).
These were initially rebuffed by the stadtholder, who did not wish to endanger the alliance with France.
# These universities also belong to the Coimbra Group, a ( larger ) alliance of European universities.
These forested are dominated by an alliance between the Pyrenean ( Quercus pyrenaica ) and English ( Quercus robur ) oaks, which themselves are differentiated among the lower altitudes and exposed flanks ( the Rusceto-Quercetum roboris ) and those oaks with Atlantic characteristics ( Myretillo-Quercetum roboris ).
" was covered by Nu metal band KoЯn on their Greatest Hits, Volume 1, Scottish rock band Gun, German " Country Trash Punk Rock "- Band The BossHoss, Melanie B, electronic pop alliance These Stains Is Us, Romanian rock band Voltaj under the name " Hai sus!
# These conservatives were opposed to Catholicism and dismissed the alliance between Catholics and Protestants ; instead they wanted to form an alliance between Protestants, other conservatives and conservative liberals ;
These alliance dilemmas are known as chain ganging and buck passing.
These abilities reduce duplication of effort and increase economies of scale in a strategic alliance of its members, allow pooling of resources, and produces synergies among its commands.
These ideas introduced by Paine took such a firm foothold that the Second Continental Congress struggled against forming an alliance with France and only agreed to do so when it was apparent that the American Revolutionary War could be won in no other manner.
These two families suffered heavy defeats at the hands of Nobunaga and his chief general Hideyoshi Toyotomi, so in 1571 they sought a stronger alliance with the temples.
These expeditions brought in valuable loot and effectively ended the previous alliance of Zbigniew with the Pomeranians.
These men would still commute to their highly paid day jobs at the tool and die factory abutting Fernald ; but with the alliance with the Cambridge-Somerville Assn.

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