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These and special
These forty-seven special purpose governments have the authority to levy taxes, to borrow money, own property, sue and be sued, and in general to exercise normal corporate powers.
These are made on special order only, in Kodiak grade ( about $310 ), with integral muzzle brakes and heavy rubber recoil pads ; ;
These specialists perform valuable services by helping teachers learn to identify children who need special attention, by suggesting ways of meeting the needs of individual children in the regular classroom, and by providing clinical services for severely maladjusted children.
These and other figures and comments have been reported in a special supplement of Sponsor magazine, a trade publication for radio and TV advertisers.
These are made from special ceramics in which mechanical vibrations and electrical fields are interlinked through a property of the material itself.
These representations included alphanumeric characters and special graphical symbols.
These specialty and pay BBSes usually had something special to offer their users such as large file libraries, warez, pornography, chat rooms or Internet access.
These high-priority agents pose a risk to national security, can be easily transmitted and disseminated, result in high mortality, have potential major public health impact, may cause public panic, or require special action for public health preparedness.
These properties are special because they are visible from outside a black hole.
These categories surely have some objects that are " special " in a certain way, such as the empty set or the product of two topologies, yet in the definition of a category, objects are considered to be atomic, i. e., we do not know whether an object A is a set, a topology, or any other abstract concept – hence, the challenge is to define special objects without referring to the internal structure of those objects.
These organizations require a lawyer to demonstrate special training, experience and knowledge to ensure that the lawyer's recognition as a certified specialist is meaningful and reliable.
These liquids are held in either special containers known as Dewar flasks, which are generally about six feet tall ( 1. 8 m ) and three feet ( 91. 5 cm ) in diameter, or giant tanks in larger commercial operations.
These papers considered a special class of C *- algebras which are now known as von Neumann algebras.
These coordinates are a very special example of a more general concept of local coordinates from the theory of differential forms.
These special circumstances need to be excluded by some hypothesis.
These early physicians ( people like Itard, Seguin, Howe, Gallaudet ) set the foundation for special education today.
These are discussed below, and may each be derived by means of a special case of continuous-time Markov processes known as a birth-death process.
These all require special conditions and considerations.
These measures received retrospective sanction in a special one-article Law Regarding Measures of State Self-Defense ( Gesetz über Maßnahmen der Staatsnotwehr ) ( July 3, 1934 ).
These all require special conditions and considerations.
These scripts use a syntactic variant of C, thus allowing special sequencing of game actions.
These links can then be parsed and escaped as they would be if they were internal, allowing easier typing of spaces but potentially causing problems with other special characters.
These companies often have special expertise that the insurance companies do not have.
These " special camps " were former Stalags, prisons, or Nazi concentration camps such as Sachsenhausen ( special camp number 7 ) and Buchenwald ( special camp number 2 ).

These and purpose
These masks were used from ceremonies to dances to praises, each with its own meaning and purpose.
These vehicles can range from civilian equipment to purpose built military vehicles.
These nonce orders all express the " speaking architecture " ( architecture parlante ) that was taught in the Paris courses, most explicitly by Étienne-Louis Boullée, in which sculptural details of classical architecture could be enlisted to speak symbolically, the better to express the purpose of the structure and enrich its visual meaning with specific appropriateness.
These controls serve the purpose to maintain the system's quality attributes, among them confidentiality, integrity, availability, accountability and assurance.
State Department spokesman Charles Redman, at a July 1, 1986 press briefing, defended SOUTHCOM's strategy, asserting that " These cooperatives, this was what was attacked in Nicaragua, often have a dual military-economic purpose .."
These games vary widely in scope and complexity, although the purpose of most is to become intoxicated as quickly as possible.
These were general purpose buttons and were often re-purposed for whatever fun idea the MIT hackers had at the time, hence the adoption of foo and bar as general purpose variable names.
These have the primary purpose of preventing theft.
These ratios have varied over the centuries and by country, and can be altered somewhat depending on the purpose of the powder.
These people ( or their descendants ) could exchange their vouchers for land previously owned by agricultural co-operatives, who were forced to give up some of their land for this purpose.
These formed a secret society, the " Military League ", with the purpose of emulating their Ottoman colleagues and seek reforms.
These were used in trade and credit transactions ; they were used as remittance instruments for the purpose of transfer of funds from one place to another.
These approaches involve contrasting ideas as to the purpose and process of learning and education-and the role that educators may take.
These ships were considered to be “ general purpose ” ships, mainly used for fishing and trade, but occasionally were commissioned for military use.
These were for the purpose of reforming the education system, rural roads and rehabilitation, as well as infrastructure projects.
These additions may be referred to as reinforcing fibers, or dispersants, depending on their purpose.
These languages are either designed specially for the purpose, or versions of general purpose languages such as the C programming language.
These three institutions: political representation, majority rule and the party system are the basic components of modern political machinery ; they are applicable to both central and local governments and are becoming by their adaptability ends in themselves rather than a machinery to achieve some purpose.
These examples of polysemy served the double purpose of showing that indigenous languages sometimes made more fine grained semantic distinctions than European languages and that direct translation between two languages, even of seemingly basic concepts like snow or water, is not always possible.
These form key transport arteries between the distinct towns and regional centres as laid out in Singapore's urban planning, with the main purpose of allowing vehicles to travel from satellite towns to the city centre and vice-versa in the shortest possible distance.
These oracles may include ( but are not limited to ) specifications, contracts, comparable products, past versions of the same product, inferences about intended or expected purpose, user or customer expectations, relevant standards, applicable laws, or other criteria.
These connectors are similar in design to the ones used for a similar purpose between railroad cars.

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