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These and techniques
These fields frequently overlap, but tend to use different methodologies and techniques.
These techniques also tend to form the backbone of most undergraduate analytical chemistry educational labs.
These paints are good for watercolor techniques, airbrush application, or when smooth coverage is desired.
British architects Brenda and Robert Vale have said that, as of 2002, " It is quite possible in all parts of Australia to construct a ' house with no bills ', which would be comfortable without heating and cooling, which would make its own electricity, collect its own water and deal with its own waste ... These houses can be built now, using off-the-shelf techniques.
These techniques allowed for the discovery and detailed analysis of many molecules and metabolic pathways of the cell, such as glycolysis and the Krebs cycle ( citric acid cycle ).
These techniques rely on the properties of starches to create simpler mucilaginous saccharides during cooking, which causes the familiar thickening of sauces.
These critics said that the SF New Wave of the 1960s was much more innovative as far as narrative techniques and styles were concerned.
These styles are distinctive from one another due to factors such as available resources, climate, geography, history, cooking techniques and lifestyle.
These surfaces are usually rendered to the display using one of the other three techniques.
These techniques include developments in optimal control in the 1950s and 1960s, followed by progress in stochastic, robust, adaptive and optimal control methods in the 1970s and 1980s.
These two techniques are extremely different, and are very much a player's preference to perform.
These techniques primarily include the cueing, equalization, and audio mixing of two or more sound sources.
These techniques in some respects resemble modern knife fighting, but emphasized thrusting strokes almost exclusively, instead of slashes and cuts.
These days analog circuitry may use digital or even microprocessor techniques to improve performance.
These techniques use convection, conduction, & radiation of heat energy.
These were constructed with the aid of compressed air caissons and hydraulic rams, both innovative techniques at the time.
These techniques, generally known as recombinant DNA technology, use DNA molecules from different sources, which are combined into one molecule to create a new set of genes.
These journeys could span large parts of Europe and were an unofficial way of communicating new methods and techniques, though by no means all journeymen made such travels-they were most common in Germany and Italy, and in other countries journeymen from small cities would often visit the capital.
These systems played a role in ending the guilds ' dominance, as trade secret methods were superseded by modern firms directly revealing their techniques, and counting on the state to enforce their legal monopoly.
These building techniques were enhanced and came into maturity at Great Zimbabwe, represented by the wall of the Great Enclosure.
These codes can be roughly subdivided into data compression ( source coding ) and error-correction ( channel coding ) techniques.
These groups are not especially interested in comedy, either as a technique or as an effect, but rather in expanding the improv genre so as to incorporate techniques and approaches that have long been a legitimate part of European theatre.
These factors include errors in job measurement techniques, acceptance and the justification of poor performance and lack of importance of individual performance.
These attack techniques are used to create suki in an opponent by initiating an attack, or strike boldly when your opponent has created a suki.

These and sacrifice
These protists live as individual amoebae until starved, at which point they aggregate and form a multicellular fruiting body in which some cells sacrifice themselves to promote the survival of other cells in the fruiting body.
These vehicles typically sacrifice some depth of capability from civilian models in order to gain greater speed and independence from prime movers.
These American clippers were larger vessels designed to sacrifice cargo capacity for speed.
These laws included light, incense and sacrifice.
These tables are at least as heavy as the original oak and brass drafting tables and so sacrifice portability for the convenience of pushbutton table adjustment.
These directives include feeding milk to livestock, spray irrigation or designating a sacrifice area.
" These lines are usually omitted because they create a continuity problem regarding the sacrifice of Alarbus, which hasn't happened yet in the text.
These three factors, the graven images, the sacrifice of pigs before the altar, and the prohibition of circumcision, constituted for non-Hellenized radical Zealot Jews a new abomination of desolation, and thus Bar Kochba launched the Third Jewish Revolt.
These might include: the ' family man ,' a man who takes on responsibility for the contraceptive task and a man who is willing to ' sacrifice ' his fertility for his partner and family's sake.
These two sounds, constituting a single unit of shofar sounding, were rendered three times during a service added specially for Rosh HaShanah: first in honor of God's Kingship ( malchiot ); next to recall the near sacrifice of Isaac, in order to cause the congregation to be remembered before God ( zichronot ); and a third time to comply with the precept regarding the shofar ( shofrot ).
These trees served as places of worship and sacrifice and marked the spot at Mukurue wa Gathanga where Gikuyu and Mumbi – the ancestors of the Gĩkũyũ in the oral legend – first settled.
These options are almost always at a premium cost, though with no sacrifice to performance.
These regulations were variously observed by the ancient Israelites ; contemporary Orthodox Jews and ( with some modifications and additional leniencies ) some Conservative Jews continue to observe the regulations, except for those tied to sacrifice in the Temple in Jerusalem, as the Temple no longer fully exists.
These epic introductory tendencies give way to the main portion of the story, usually involving a battle of some kind ( such as in the Iliad ) that follows this pattern: dressing for battle ( description of Achilles shield, preparation for battle ), altar sacrifice / libation to the gods, some battle change ( perhaps involving drugs ), treachery ( Achilles ankle is told to be his weak spot ), a journey to the Underworld, and the final battle.
These elephants were placed at the centre of the Persian line and made such an impression on the Macedonian troops that Alexander felt the need to sacrifice to the God of Fear say that the Timurids ultimately won by employing an ingenious strategy: Timur tied flaming straw to the back of his camels before the charge.
These include Kirk's decisive " Blast regulations ..." to Spock's " Vulcans never bluff " scene, much of the fighting between Commodore Decker and the security guard in the corridor, as well as truncating the scene involving the sacrifice and destruction of the Constellation.
These rifles enable a higher volume of fire, but sacrifice some long range accuracy.
These officials led the procession ( pompe-πομπή ), which probably ended with a sacrifice of some kind.
These five, who willingly volunteered to sacrifice their lives for their Guru, were given the title of the Panj Piare (" the five beloved ones ") by their Guru.
These five, who were willing to sacrifice their lives for their Guru, were called Panj Piare (" the five beloved ones ").
These vary from the patriotic song " Bloodstained Glory " originally written to laud the sacrifice and service of the Chinese military, to the 1986 film The Big Parade which carried ( as far as possible, in China at that time ) veiled criticism of the war.
He enjoys the privilege of receiving the first sacrifice of the new year, which is offered by the rex on the day of the Agonium of January as well as at the kalenade of each month: These rites show he is considered the patron of the cosmic year.
These seeds could be used to create a new Manowar armor, but only through the sacrifice of a sentient being.
These festivals were the Equirria, the sacral chariot races held on February 27 and March 14, and on October 15 with the sacrifice of the October Horse ; the Agonium Martiale on March 17 ; the Quinquatrus, another ritual for purifying weapons before the military campaigning season, on March 19 ; and following the Armilustrium, the Tubilustrium, " Purification of the Trumpets ," on October 23.

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