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These and textual
These early textual studies convinced him of the absolute necessity of new and more exact collations of manuscripts.
These additional manuscript sources of the Testimonium have furnished additional ways to evaluate Josephus ' mention of Jesus in the Antiquities, principally through a close textual comparison between the Arabic, Syriac and Greek versions to the Testimonium.
These systems were able to take advantage of existing multilingual textual corpora that had been produced by the Parliament of Canada and the European Union as a result of laws calling for the translation of all governmental proceedings into all official languages of the corresponding systems of government.
These can include textual documents and other media such as films, video and sound recordings, illustrations, maps as well as realia such as museum objects.
These names are consequently thought to be textual corruptions, and Og has been suggested as the original, though it does not make much of an improvement.
These actions can assist a director in integrating textual and acting criticism, performance theory, and historical research into a production before it opens.
These societies were primarily textual publishing ventures.
These issues include the level of observance, the methodology for interpreting and understanding Jewish Law, biblical authorship, textual criticism, and the nature or role of the messiah ( or messianic age ).
These disciplines include but are not limited to archaeology, Egyptology, textual criticism, linguistics, history, sociology and theology.
These were published as " Standards for the 21st Century Learner " and address several literacies: information, technology, visual, textual, and digital.
These changes can be inferred from a careful comparison of the textual data in the Scripture, but because the Scriptural texts do not state explicitly whether the reckoning was by accession or non-accession counting, nor do they indicate explicitly when a change was made in the method, many have criticized Thiele's chronology as being entirely arbitrary in its assignment of accession and non-accession reckoning.
These texts include a relatively complete version of the Rhinoceros Sutra and textual material from the and Pārāyanavagga.
These summaries still appear in later seasons from time to time, but rarely have the textual accompaniment.
These avatars usually appear as textual, two-dimensional, or three-dimensional representations, although other forms are possible ( auditory and touch sensations for example ).
These nine ancient Greek textual annotation symbols are also included in the supplemental punctuation list of ISO IEC standard 10646 for character sets.
These Annunciators may employ a graphical representation of the Zone boundaries on a floor plan ( Zone map ) using textual descriptions, illuminated icons, illuminated sections, or illuminated points on the map corresponding to Initiating Circuits connected to the Fire Alarm Control Panel.
These scholars tend to focus on the early textual layers of the New Testament for data to reconstruct a biography for the Historical Jesus.
These varying definitions and the textual uncertainty over the status of the law have led to a number of understandings of the relationship between Mosaic law and the New Testament.
In modern translations of the Bible, the results of textual criticism have led to certain verses being left out or marked as not original. These possible later additions include the following:
These are almost always textual, with the occasional ( and unhelpful ) picture thrown in.

These and expansions
These expansions and later supplements were mainly written by Norman F. Morin Jr., Brian Rayburn and Niels Erickson rather than Jeff & ' Manda Dee.
These included significant expansions in workhouses ( or poorhouses in Scotland ), although with changing populations during the era.
These victories paved the way for greater expansions under Abd al-Malik's son Al-Marwan.
These expansions have turned Purmerend into a commuter town ; many inhabitants of Purmerend work, go to school or spend their leisure time in Amsterdam.
These expansions have brought the population to near 30, 000.
These expansions reflect the economic boom in Fribourg.
These relations are a direct consequence of the basic properties of determinants: evaluation of the ( i, j ) entry of the matrix product on the left gives the expansion by column j of the determinant of the matrix obtained from M by replacing column i by a copy of column j, which is if and zero otherwise ; the matrix product on the right is similar, but for expansions by rows.
These companies are likely to be more mature than venture capital funded companies, able to generate revenue and operating profits but unable to generate sufficient cash to fund major expansions, acquisitions or other investments.
These developments presaged administrative moves to scale back the print newspaper in favor of expansions into radio, a glossy magazine, shortwave broadcasting, and television.
These expansionsand other plans and policies by Macquarie Bank for airport operations — are seen as controversial, as they are performed without the legal oversight of local councils, which usually act as the local planning authority for such developments.
These were followed by two 122 card expansions at four month intervals.
These green wedge areas are under constant pressure from developments such as road and freeway expansions, but Eltham has managed to retain many tree-lined streets and leafy reserves.
These expansions begin to open in 1977.
These expansions, due to the change from a pay to play revenue scheme to a free revenue system, were free and able to be downloaded from the chronicle website.
These expansions are made mainly to handle more planes and for the airport to bring in flights from Europe.
These expansions are not available for the Xbox version of the game.
These expansions have allowed ICE Futures to offer a wider range of energy products.
These expansions cost a total of $ 18 million, and raised total capacity to 86, 520.
These modules may be played together or separately and modules may be combined from different expansions.
These expansions added some 12, 000 square feet ( 1, 100 m² ) to accommodate the school's growth over the last two decades.
These two expansions were released in the opposite order in their original English printings.
These expansions further provided for the spread of Christianity to frontier areas, sparking a long era of proselytization, Christianization, and integration of previously peripheral areas .< ref name = EncEth > Joanna Mantel-Niećko and Denis Nosnitsin, "< sup > c </ sup > Amdä Ṣəyon I " in Siegbert von Uhlig, Encyclopaedia Aethiopica: A-C ( Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2003 ), p. 228 .</ ref >
These companies are likely to be more mature than venture capital funded companies, able to generate revenue and operating profits but unable to generate sufficient cash to fund major expansions, acquisitions or other investments.
These isolate the tiles from the orbiter's structural deflections and expansions.

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