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These and veterans
These men founded one of the first local organizations by and for Vietnam veterans in 1981 ( now known as Veterans Village ).
These tournaments aim to support player development by providing experience against other teams of similar skills, and to give newer players a chance to compete without being dominated by long-time veterans.
These quilts symbolize the respect the community feels toward the veterans, who put themselves at risk, serving their country.
These claims have been refuted by one of the veterans, Alexander McClelland, in his book The Answer-Justice.
( These weapons were veterans of earlier wars and had been disabled by having their trunnions removed, but they were fixed to crude log carriages and could still be fired.
These tests gave military personnel and veterans who had enrolled in the military before completing high school a way to demonstrate their knowledge.
These new connections led to the development of new towns and cities for civilians, camps for the military and even colonies for the veterans.
These tactics were quickly adopted by the Hitler Youth and the First World War Volkssturm veterans.
These organizations formed drum and bugle corps of civilians and veterans, and the corps performed in community events and local celebrations.
These gave veterans access to free or subsidized education and health care.
These resources include the free tutoring, career planning, college prep classes, advising for English for speakers of other languages, disability access services, veterans resources and access to computer labs.
These women, who retained their civilian status and were not officially considered veterans until 1978, were the members of the Signal Corps Female Telephone Operators Unit 25, better known as the " Hello Girls ".
These included the Catholic " family " ( which brought the Roman Catholic Church's support and the national Catholicism ideology ), the monarchist " family " ( or conservative right, composed of many former members of the Spanish Confederation of the Autonomous Right ), the traditionalist " family " ( issued from Carlism ), the military tendency ( figures close to Franco himself, including the so-called africanistas ) and the Azules themselves or national syndicalists, who controlled the bureaucracy of the so-called Movement: Falange, Sindicato and many others organizations, such as the veterans ' national grouping ( Agrupación Nacional de Excombatientes ), the women's section ( Sección Femenina ), etc.
These series of increasing and providing better benefits for veterans reached a crescendo in 1944 with the passage of the Servicemen's Readjustment Act.
These markers are used in National Cemeteries, parks, veterans facilities, and gardens.
These were organizationally based on the French Gendarmerie, originally consisting of military personnel seconded to or military veterans recruited directly to the constabulary and later became all civilian forces after they were well established.
These homes were initially intended to be room and board for disabled veterans.
These homes were primarily intended to provide shelter for the veterans.
These women and men had received free University education on the condition that they teach in the state school system, or had received University training as a result of their status as Second World War veterans and had chosen to teach.
These purges included decorated war veterans and active duty soldiers.
These purges included decorated war veterans and active duty soldiers.
These analysis shed light on the ever-changing role of compensation in American society and delved into the idea that American Revolutionary War soldiers received superior care after war than later Civil War veterans.
These veterans rent privately owned housing while only devoting 30 % of their income to the rent: HUD-VASH covers the rest.
These district companies were formed mainly from veterans of the Indochina War ( 1947 – 54 ) or young people coming back from Algeria.

These and radio
These contour diagrams also suggest a rather rapid falloff in the radio brightness with latitude.
These and other figures and comments have been reported in a special supplement of Sponsor magazine, a trade publication for radio and TV advertisers.
These generic forms are explored on the University of Winchester Journalism Department ' features web ' where ' long form journalism ' is classified by genre or content, rather than in terms of production as film, radio or ' print '.
Information and communication technologies ( ICTs ) are a “ diverse set of tools and resources used to communicate, create, disseminate, store, and manage information .” These technologies include computers, the Internet, broadcasting technologies ( radio and television ), and telephony.
These missions have also investigated air density, radio astronomy, geodesy, and gamma ray astronomy.
These services along with an up-to-date programme guide for GBC television and radio, can be found on the website.
These procedures specify how an IFR pilot should respond, even in the event of a complete radio failure, and loss of communications with ATC, including the expected aircraft course and altitude.
These fees or royalties are generally paid to the songwriters ; the musicians themselves typically do not get a cut of radio royalties, even if they own a share of the performance rights, unless they wrote the song themselves.
These experiments were generally considered to be successful, and also marked the first demonstration of Internetworking, as in these experiments data was routed between the ARPANET, PRNET, and SATNET ( a satellite packet radio network ) networks.
These performance measures are affected by mechanisms such as mobility management, radio resource management, admission control, fair scheduling, channel-dependent scheduling etc.
These weapons are typically used to strike critical, vulnerable targets such as computerized command and control vehicles, radio trucks, radar antennae, vehicle engine blocks and the jet engines of enemy aircraft.
These include radio waves, microwaves, infrared, and ( sometimes ) visible light.
These audio tones, then, modulate an SSB transmitter to produce the final audio-frequency shift keying ( AFSK ) radio frequency signal.
These early radio series were broadcast in weekday daytime slots, usually five days a week, when most listeners would be housewives ; thus the shows were aimed at and consumed by a predominantly female audience.
These studies reveal that the result of extraterrestrial contact will be strongly governed by the benevolence or malevolence of an extraterrestrial civilization, how advanced it is technologically, and whether or not such a species sends robotic probes to contact humanity, as opposed to radio signals from a centralized source, as well as biological similarities and differences between humanity and the extraterrestrial species.
These frequencies corresponded to non-television services ( such as two-way radio ) over-the-air and were therefore not on standard TV receivers.
These include a radio station ( Caper Radio ), a newspaper ( Caper Times ), a basketball team, and a wide variety of societies.
These types of waves vary in wavelength, and include radio waves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays, and gamma rays.
These weather observations, predominantly in the METAR format, are available over the radio, through Automatic Terminal Information Service ( ATIS ), via the ATC or the Flight Service Station.
These units are used in radio and at places like Walt Disney World where they play park announcements.
These reflect radio waves coming from in front of them back parallel to the incoming beam.
These are also known as radio wave propagation models and are typically used in the design of cellular networks and PLMN.
These signal generators are capable of generating digitally-modulated radio signals that may use any of a large number of digital modulation formats such as QAM, QPSK, FSK, BPSK, and OFDM.
These devices provide the foundation for an AWG with the bandwidth and dynamic range to address modern radio and communication applications.
These include The Epoch Times newspaper, New Tang Dynasty Television, and Sound of Hope radio station.

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