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These and were
These were the ones Keith sought out -- the loners, the ones who killed for the joy of it, like himself.
These were the last words he ever uttered.
These two were going to be easy pickins.
These performances were being staged at historical monuments throughout Europe.
These were Oneida Indians.
These conceptions and the manner in which they were transposed into poetry or engendered by poetic form are intrinsic to western life from the time of Aeschylus to that of Shakespeare.
These basic ideas concerning the nature of religion were, Adams believed, some of the major keys to the understanding of history and the movement of society.
These were his public academic activities, domi forisque, in the college and in the university.
These early experiments were evidently not altogether satisfying to Patchen.
These people were not talking much about it, but you, a foreigner, sensed their apprehension and disappointment.
These public efforts were rare because Mr. Rayburn normally did his counseling, persuading and educating long before an issue reached its test on the House floor.
These microfossils indicate the swamp was `` formed during the Lower Cretaceous period when dinosaurs were at their heyday and when the first flowering plants were just appearing.
These were heroes nine feet tall to him ''.
These little songs, however, were sweet nothings from the heart, tender memories of his childhood, little melodies that anyone could hum and that would make one want to weep.
These were the ships of His Majesty's Navy, herding the hulks of the East Indies merchants and the yachts and ketches of the loyalists.
These trumps were more touching than they were anything else, and seemed to imply that the nights were long, her children ungrateful, and her marriage bewilderingly threadbare.
These were selected carefully and included not only detailed clinical information but adequate pathology of value for research and educational purposes.
These amendments to the Vocational Rehabilitation Act were designed to help provide for more specialized rehabilitation facilities, for more sheltered and `` half-way '' workshops, for greater numbers of adequately trained personnel, for more comprehensive services to individuals ( particularly to the homebound and the blind ), and for other administrative improvements to increase the program's overall effectiveness.
These plans, like Du Pont's, contained provisions for passing the vote on Du Pont's General Motors shares on to the ultimate stockholders of Du Pont, Christiana, and Delaware, except that officers and directors of the three companies, their spouses, and other people living in their households, as well as other specified persons, were to be totally disenfranchised.
These curves were derived by an analysis of extensive skywave measurement data.
These were educated men, who, as Mr. Justice Holmes was fond of saying, formed their inductions out of experience under the burden of responsibility.
These boys acknowledged an introduction to anybody by gently pressing one of his hands in both of theirs, while they gazed, misty-eyed with care, into the eyes of the person they were meeting.

These and Dolores
These stray people nearly always insisted on Dolores showing them around the apartment.
These two trails originate from Barangay Kinabuhayan in Dolores, and meet near the summit, which is actually the rim of the Banahaw caldera.
* Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils ( 2002, Dolores Recordings )

These and Poblacion
These are Pamplona National High School at Poblacion, Sta.
These 11 barangays are Buenavista, Maradiona, Borocboroc, Delima, Ipil, Poblacion, Sinaja, Salvacion, Concepcion, Rombang and Mojon.
These are Tambobong, Tanobong, Uli, Malacapas, Bongalon, Alilao and Poblacion.
These are two big massive land mass blocking entry of downstream Suage river to the Janiuay Poblacion and beyond.
These are located along and near river and sea banks, located in some portions of Barangays Cabugao, Campo, Payapag, Pongtud, Cambuayon and Poblacion with flood occurrences ranging from slight to moderate.
These are common in the Poblacion portion of the municipality.
These are the Dumaguete City Development Bank at BUSCO, Butong, Quezon, Bukidnon Cooperative Bank and One Network Bank at Poblacion.
These are located in Poblacion 3, Pinasling, and Amacalan respectively.
These were Palkan, Lemblisong, Polo, Polomolok Central ( now Poblacion ), Polomolok Creek ( now Magsaysay ), Sulit, Lamcaliaf, Kinilis, Glamang, Bentung, Koronadal Proper, Leve, and Silway.

These and San
These include: Albania, Afghanistan Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Benin, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chad, Chile, the People's Republic of China, Côte d ' Ivoire, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, DR Congo, Egypt, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Holy See ( Vatican City ), Honduras, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, North Korea, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Libya, Malta, Mauritania, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman, Order of Malta, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Seychelles, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Uruguay, and Vietnam.
These wines continue to be associated with the homeless, mainly because marketers have been aggressive in targeting low-income communities as ideal consumers of these beverages ; organizations in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland have urged makers of inexpensive fortified wine, including E & J Gallo Winery, to stop providing such products to liquor stores in impoverished areas.
These meetings have grown in both participation and scope a great deal since the early 1990s ; it had a maximum attendance of 2, 810 at the December 2000 IETF held in San Diego, CA.
These ships, delivered to MSC in the mid-1980s, built at Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Chester, Pennsylvania and converted at National Steel and Shipbuilding Company, San Diego.
These cartoon tributes raised over $ 50, 000 to benefit the 9 / 11 families. The art was featured and displayed in both nationally syndicated newspapers and museums across America, including the Newseum in Washington, DC, the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco and the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in New York City.
These featured a battle scene, " that might well have impressed itself in the mind of the young Uccello ", and thus influenced The Battle of San Romano.
* To All Who These Presents Shall Come, Greeting: Know Ye, that in consequence of propositions of peace, or cessation of hostilities, being submitted to me, as Commandant of the California Battalion of the United States forces, which have so far been acceded to by me as to cause me to appoint a board of commissioners to confer with a similar board appointed by the Californians, and it requiring a little time to close the negotiations ; it is agreed upon and ordered by me that an entire cessation of hostilities shall take place until to-morrow afternoon ( January 13 ), and that the said Californians be permitted to bring in their wounded to the mission of San Fernando, where, also, if they choose, they can move their camp to facilitate said negotiations.
These are Cannaregio, San Polo, Dorsoduro ( including the Giudecca and Isola Sacca Fisola ), Santa Croce, San Marco ( including San Giorgio Maggiore ) and Castello ( including San Pietro di Castello and Sant ' Elena ).
These include a pre-Hellenic cave sanctuary near a Temple of Demeter, over which the Church of San Biagio was built.
These streams combine into the Merced River, which flows out from the western end of the valley, down the rest of its canyon to the San Joaquin Valley.
These trees provide preferred spring habitat for Black Bear in the San Bernardino Mountains.
These images are projected onto and around the replica of the painting that now stands at the original site, within the Palladian architecture of the Benedictine refectory on San Giorgio Maggiore.
These mountains are a result of movement along the San Andreas Fault and are commonly called the Transverse Range.
These include Great Stirrup Cay, owned by Norwegian Cruise Line, Little Stirrup Cay otherwise known as Royal Caribbean International's " Coco Cay ", Carnival Corporation's Little San Salvador Island or " Half Moon Cay ", and Castaway Cay, of Disney Cruise Line.
These efforts established many towns such as San José Acatempa in 1525 and Esquipulas in 1560.
These include Loopstock established in 2002 in San Luis Obispo, California, and the Y2K?
These cities and villages are located northwest of San Luis Obispo city, and Avila Beach and the Five Cities to the south: Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, Oceano, Pismo Beach and Shell Beach.
These are ( clockwise ): Guaraguao, San Patricio, Monte Llano, Maragüez, Anón, and Real.
These are Canas, Quebrada Limón, Marueño, Guaraguao, San Patricio, Anón, Real, Coto Laurel, and Capitanejo.
These murders were observed by Jasper O ’ Farrell, a famous architect and designer of San Francisco, who wrote a letter detailing it to the Los Angeles Star published on September 27, 1856.
There are several communities to the north of the City and separated from the City, but which have San Pablo, California mailing addresses, These include the census areas of Tara Hills, Bayview, and Montalvin.
These native Americans came to be called the Gabrieliño Indians ( after San Gabriel, the local mission ) by early Spanish explorers, but now prefer to be called the Tongva.

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