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Page "lore" ¶ 312
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

They and also
They have also led the nation in the direction of a welfare state.
They arise in situations in which one believes that what happens depends not only on the external world, but also on the precise pattern of behavior of the individual or group.
They also furnish proof that, in modern war, message sending must be monitored.
On December 21, the day that the Irish House of Commons petitioned for removal of Sir Constantine Phipps, their Tory Lord Chancellor, Molesworth reportedly made this remark on the defense of Phipps by Convocation: `` They that have turned the world upside down, are come hither also ''.
They both measure literature by moral standards, and in their political writings both allow for censorship, but the differences between them are also significant.
They also want money, prestige, and security.
`` They are also honest seekers after truth.
They also deduct transportation expenses incurred in connection with the performance of services as employees even though they are not away from home.
They serve not only as spokesmen for their areas, but they also contribute to top-level decision making.
They will also supply literature on application.
They also caught on a little bit on how to smile a lot without your lips trembling.
They also give information which will aid in the design of a more satisfactory instrument for the measurement of the normal pressures.
They drank half a cup of this morning and night, and they also washed and soaked their hands in the same solution.
They knew that I was still grieving over the tragic event, and they felt that if I could see the recovery and the spirit of the people, who hold no grudge, but who also regret Pearl Harbor, I would be happier and would understand better a new Japan.
They have the same men, no age problem, no injuries and they also have Vinegar Bend Mizell for the full season, along with Bobby Shantz ''.
They also will visit properties on which appeals have been made.
They export also.
They also said he lied in saying that he had never been `` arrested ''.
They also instituted a ration system under which all employers in the Congo were required to furnish their employes with clothing and adequate food.
They recommended, also, that `` at a fixed hour, let the entire family be assembled for night prayers, followed by a short reading of the Holy Scriptures ''.
They applauded every number, not only at its conclusion but also at the first statement of the theme -- sometimes at the first chord.
`` They are determined '', Montgomery writes, `` not to be surprised again, and now insist on a state of readiness for war which is not only unnecessary, but also creates nervousness among other nations in the Western Alliance -- not to mention such great suspicions among the nations of the Eastern bloc that any progress towards peaceful coexistence or disarmament is not possible ''.
They could also use their strong fins to hoist themselves out of the water and onto dry land if circumstances required it.
They also make use of a sensory lateral line organ similar to that of fish.

They and called
They called her Mollie the Mutton, and laughed.
They had been fed a hunting breakfast, so called because a kedgeree, the dish identified with fox hunting, was on the bill.
They were always leaping to light cigarettes, open car doors, fill plates or glasses, and I mistrusted the whole lot of them to the same degree that I mistrusted bake shops that called themselves `` Sanitary Bake Shops ''.
They range from the Soviet Embassy on Sixteenth Street, a gray shuttered pile suggesting a funeral-accessories display house, to what Congressman Rooney has called `` that monstrosity on Thirty-fourth Street '', the modern cement-and-glass chancery of the Belgians.
They called Him a devil.
They borrowed a typewriter, raised about $2,000 in contributions, hired a secretary, persuaded a couple of young men to join them for almost no pay and began mailing out a collection of unstapled leaflets that they called Guideposts.
They never called him by name, although he had one.
Biological anthropologists are interested in both human variation and in the possibility of human universals ( behaviors, ideas or concepts shared by virtually all human cultures ) They use many different methods of study, but modern population genetics, participant observation and other techniques often take anthropologists " into the field ," which means traveling to a community in its own setting, to do something called " fieldwork.
They are commonly called " Christmas Bells ", because of the shape of their flowers and their flowering time, which coincides with Christmas in Australia.
They have also been called planetoids, especially the larger ones.
They join together to form short polymer chains called peptides or longer chains called either polypeptides or proteins.
They arrived at a high boulder, which they called ' Shadow Rock '.
They gave the soldiers names and developed their characters, which they called the " Twelves ".
They also called the cleared land " Akiba ga hara " or " Akibappara " which means " the deity Akiba's square ".
They called these parkas “ Kameikas ” for raingear in the English language K ( Aleut Corp.
They were called food -, or cooking-brethren, because they prepared the meals together.
They are also called bowstring arches.
They are also called, respectively, Polish notation and reverse Polish notation.
They called it Ferciment.
They are elected for life from among the ordained elders ( presbyters ) by vote of the delegates in regional ( called jurisdictional ) conferences, and are consecrated by the other bishops present at the conference through the laying on of hands.
They are prohibited as well from hitting the back, back of the neck or head ( called a " rabbit-punch ") or the kidneys.
They are called " weak " characters because they do not contain any directional information.
They were also called " 132-column printers "

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