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They and other
They were headed straight for each other on a collision course.
They discussed the way people never tell each other the things on their minds.
They lapsed into silence, and the freight wallowed up a hill, scooted down the other side, shaking and clanking to itself.
`` They swear that every person smells different and every family smells different from every other.
They may even enroll a colored student or two for show, though he usually turns out to be from Thailand, or any place other than the American South.
They tell us, sir, that we are free, because we have in one hand a ballot, and in the other a stock certificate.
They had other topics of conversation, besides their news from courts and fairs, which were of interest to Othon, the builder of castles in Wales and churches in his native country.
They must be persuaded to adopt the other necessary self-help measures which are described in the preceding section.
They are made of gold and covered with emeralds, pearls and other jewels.
They are laid a minimum of 24'' '' deep and in some areas four feet down, particularly under roads, to stay clear of all other piping such as water and sewers and to minimize shocks from heavy trucking.
They were married at a lavish ceremony which was duly recorded in Parvenu and all other magazines and newspapers, and then they honeymooned in Bermuda.
They were inseparable, not because they were fond of each other, but because they wanted to keep an eye on each other, as they were keen rivals for social leadership.
They walked toward each other.
They are home now with the other Kowalski children, Vicky, 14 ; ;
`` They cannot do otherwise than live in dread of each other since these weapons imply the possibility of such grisly surprise attack.
They went along the pass talking with each other for a short while until they came to a river roaring with torrent.
) They train the mink and other animals to fight.
`` They are determined '', Montgomery writes, `` not to be surprised again, and now insist on a state of readiness for war which is not only unnecessary, but also creates nervousness among other nations in the Western Alliance -- not to mention such great suspicions among the nations of the Eastern bloc that any progress towards peaceful coexistence or disarmament is not possible ''.
They were both walking towards each other, unhurried.
They did not have the wit to follow the stars in their courses, to exchange names with each other, to harvest the experience of each for the wisdom of all.
Biological anthropologists are interested in both human variation and in the possibility of human universals ( behaviors, ideas or concepts shared by virtually all human cultures ) They use many different methods of study, but modern population genetics, participant observation and other techniques often take anthropologists " into the field ," which means traveling to a community in its own setting, to do something called " fieldwork.
They may consume bacteria or other protists.
They diversified and became dominant during the Carboniferous and Permian periods, but were later displaced by reptiles and other vertebrates.
They may be as basic as pictures on a board that the are used to request food, drink, or other care ; or they can be advanced speech generating devices, based on speech synthesis, that are capable of storing hundreds of phrases and words.

They and authors
They are also characterised by a laxer following of verse principles that the authors of later epics almost invariably adhered to.
They distinguished cognitive from other varieties of meaningfulness ( e. g. emotive, expressive, figurative ), and most authors concede that the non-cognitive statements of the history of philosophy possess some other kind of meaningfulness.
They were written by different authors, in different locales, in different historical eras.
They do not impute error to biblical authors, but rather entertain various theories of literary intent which might give credibility to human progress in knowledge of the world, while still accepting the divine inspiration of the scriptures.
They both address “ situations that tend to develop in the bosom of the family .” Both authors, through their plays, reflect a patriarchal society in which the father-son relationship is essential to proper function and development of the household.
They suggest that due to religious prejudice, the authors of the Bible suppressed the achievements of the Omrides ( whom the Hebrew Bible describes as being polytheist ), and instead pushed them back to a supposed golden age of Judaism and monotheists, and devotees of YHWH.
They have been used as a standby mechanism upon which many science fiction authors rely to establish faster-than-light communication, with or without reference to causality issues.
They were stacked high on the tables of discount bookstores, they were book club selections, and their authors were guests on late-night talk shows.
They may be molluscs ; authors who suggest that they deserve their own phylum do not comment on the position of this phylum in the tree of life.
They were both published authors, they were both Gladstone liberals, and they were both interested in and on the side of Bosnian and Herzegovinan insurrection.
They appear to feature interpolations by later authors and it is possible that fragments have been wrongly attributed to him ( see Solon the reformer and poet ).
They are characterized by excessive complication and the use of novel ways of characterizing income, assets, or liabilities and the intent to influence readers towards the interpretations desired by the authors.
They colonized Crete and extended their rule over Epirus, Thessaly and by implication over wherever else the ancient authors said they were, beginning with Homer.
They were also capable of guiding humans in need, as in the fable of The Satyr and the Traveller, in the title of which Latin authors substituted the word Faunus.
They gained inspiration too from ancient Roman authors, especially Vitruvius whose De Architectura provided an intellectual framework for the standing structures still visible.
They allowed the Ellery Queen name to be used as a house name for a number of novels written by other authors, most of them published in the 1960s as paperback originals and not featuring Ellery Queen as a character.
They had accepted the teaching of Paul of Samosata, though at a later period the name of Paul was believed to be that of the Apostle ; and they were not quite free from the Dualistic principle of the Gnostics, at a later period too much identified with the teaching of Mani, by Photius, Petrus Siculus, and other authors.
They include mountain climbers ( Heidi Howkins, class of 1989, the only woman to lead expeditions to both Everest and K-2 ), authors ( such as Harriet Stratemeyer Adams, class of 1914, pen name Carolyn Keene ), astronomers ( including Annie Jump Cannon, class of 1884, who developed the well-known Harvard Classification of stars based upon temperature ), screenwriters, ( including Nora Ephron, class of 1962, famous for such films as When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle ), journalists ( Linda Wertheimer, class of 1965, Lynn Sherr, class of 1963, Diane Sawyer, class of 1967, and Cokie Roberts, class of 1964, being a few notable examples ), entrepreneurs ( including Robin Chase, class of 1980, the co-founder of ZipCar ), mathematicians ( Winifred Edgerton Merrill, class of 1883, was the first woman to ever receive a PhD in mathematics ), judges ( including Jane Bolin, class of 1928, the first African-American woman to become a judge, and current federal appeals judges Reena Raggi, Amalya Kearse, and Susan P. Graber ).
They also show his acquaintance with his two favourite authors, Plato and Athenaeus, and a familiarity with Eustathius of Thessalonica's commentary on Homer.
They are not associated with growth spurts and some authors suggest that the term ' recurrent limb pain in childhood ' be used instead.
They argue, that the antique authors lived around 2000 years after Khufu and their sources, which were available at their lifetime, surely were antiquated.
The authors discuss similarities with teeth of galesaurids ( something like forerunners of the eucynodonts ), Cynognathus, chiniquodontids, teitheledontids, dromatheriids and various other small cynodonts of the European Upper Triassic ; They are all carnivores of one size or another.
They also distributed titles for other authors, such as MasterBasic and MasterDos.
They are often the authors of the pertinent codes of ethics used by some of these organizations.

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