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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 32
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

They and are
They are supplied, a batch at a time, by a secret source and are continually changed by Wisman or his staff, at random intervals.
They are mere fragments, just one portion of preprepared messages.
They are huge areas which have been swept by winds for so many centuries that there is no soil left, but only deep bare ridges fifty or sixty yards apart with ravines between them thirty or forty feet deep and the only thing that moves is a scuttling layer of sand.
They recognized that slavery was a moral issue and not merely an economic interest, and that to recognize it explicitly in their Constitution would be in explosive contradiction to the concept of sovereignty they had set forth in the Declaration of 1776 that `` all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
They are in general those fears that once seemed to have been amenable to prayer or ritual.
They are non-conformists on principle.
They are full of contempt for the institution of matrimony.
They feel they are leagued against a hostile, persecutory world, faced with the concerted malevolent opposition of squares and their hirelings, the police.
They for their part are convinced that Holmes is too `` unorthodox '' and `` theoretical '' to make a good detective.
They are presumed to have plunged to a common grave in this fatal embrace.
They are determined to prove something.
They tell us, sir, that we are free, because we have in one hand a ballot, and in the other a stock certificate.
They are very small, and in the form of haystacks, without either chimney or windows.
They are situated in the midst of trees, which hang over them, and appear truly romantick.
On December 21, the day that the Irish House of Commons petitioned for removal of Sir Constantine Phipps, their Tory Lord Chancellor, Molesworth reportedly made this remark on the defense of Phipps by Convocation: `` They that have turned the world upside down, are come hither also ''.
Defoe then commented, `` If they Could Draw that young Gentleman into Their Measures They would show themselves quickly, for they are not asham'd to Say They want only a head to Make a beginning ''.
They emerged as interchangeable cogs in a faulty but formidable machine: shaved nearly naked, hair queued, greatcoated, jackbooted, and best of all -- in the opinion of the British professional, Major Semple-Lisle -- `` their minds are not estranged from the paths of obedience by those smatterings of knowledge which only serve to lead to insubordination and mutiny ''.
They are longing to see you ''.
They are not true because scientists or prophets say they are true.

They and preoccupied
They saw to it that he received an excellent education at the Collège des Quatre-Nations, but he was never a good student: he had a facial tumor that impeded his speech, and he was always preoccupied with drawing.
They are preoccupied with what they should do, and act on it.
They learned to use “ affective memory ”, as Strasberg called the most controversial aspect of his teaching — summoning emotions from their own lives to illuminate their stage roles .... Strasberg believed he could codify this system, a necessary precursor to teaching it to anyone who wanted to learn it ... e became a director more preoccupied with getting his actors to work in the “ correct ” way than he was in shaping the overall presentation.
They both eventually befriended Nicky, as they saw that her father was too preoccupied with business to attend her basketball games and decided to make peace.
They can also summon a shield when not preoccupied with some other action to reduce damage to the duelist by half.

They and riding
They walked the horses, heading along the river, Barton and Emmett Foster in the lead, seven men riding quietly through the night.
They had traveled only a short distance when they spotted five Mexicans riding along a horse-trail across the stream just ahead of them.
They were all three bent over a shabby riding boot ; ;
They are crucial pieces of safety equipment for English riding activities requiring jumping, such as eventing, show jumping, polo, and fox hunting.
They are also seen in Western riding events, particularly in rodeo, reining and cutting, where it is particularly important to prevent a saddle from shifting.
They were riding fast two-wheeled chariots powered by horses, a system of weaponry developed earlier within the context of plains warfare.
They were married in Ghent on 18 August 1477, and the marriage was ended by Mary's death in a riding accident in 1482.
They were both highly athletic, riding, swimming and mountain-climbing, at which Balfour was killed later in life.
They forbid 16 year olds from riding motorcycles of a 250cc cubic capacity as they had done before, and limited them to 50cc machines until they were 17.
They cause teams to perform less well because other members become less willing to contribute when they think that one or more members are free riding.
They are used for distance riding and racing.
They could have worn a riding coat that later was known as a Median robe or Kantus.
They are also used in competitive sports including, but not limited to, dressage, endurance riding, eventing, reining, show jumping, tent pegging, vaulting, polo, horse racing, driving, and rodeo.
They are very violent and aggressive, described as armed with golden weapons i. e. lightning and thunderbolts, as having iron teeth and roaring like lions, as residing in the north, as riding in golden chariots drawn by ruddy horses.
They also constructed a deer park, a riding stable, a heated pool filled with spring water, and a trout pond, all luxuries unheard of by the people in this valley.
They may have gauntlets to protect the rider's wrists from injury, and help reduce drafts while riding in colder climates.
There is a ship, we understand, Now riding in the river ; Tis newly come from Lubberland, The like I think was never ; You that a lazy life do love. I'd have you now go over, They say the land is not aboveTwo thousand leagues from Dover.
They are of heraldic origin and derive from the tinctures ( colors ) of the coats of arms of the two constituent nations of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, i. e. the White Eagle of Poland and the Pursuer (, ) of Lithuania, a white knight riding a white horse, both on a red shield.
They are claimed to have both riding and crashing abilities in one instrument.
They are generally heavy and of uneven quality, but are suitable for occasional, low-demand riding, especially by those with mobility problems.
They enter homes by " riding along " attached to insects ( known as phoresy ), the insects employed are necessarily larger than the pseudoscorpion, or they are brought in with firewood.
They are often seen competing in Western classes such as trail, barrels, reining, versatility and cow penning, and are also commonly used for trail riding and endurance competitions, driving and gymkhana.
They are smoother for a rider than either a trot or a pace and most can be sustained for relatively long periods of time, making them particularly desirable for trail riding and other tasks where a rider must spend long periods of time in the saddle.
* In one episode of the MTV series Beavis and Butt-head, when the duo are watching a music video with people riding motorcycles, they say it's like a James Bond film with Beavis adding " They need that short guy Handjob to come out.

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