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from Brown Corpus
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They and are
They are preoccupied riding herd on control panels, switches, flashing colored lights on pale green or gray consoles that look like business machines.
They are supplied, a batch at a time, by a secret source and are continually changed by Wisman or his staff, at random intervals.
They are mere fragments, just one portion of preprepared messages.
They are huge areas which have been swept by winds for so many centuries that there is no soil left, but only deep bare ridges fifty or sixty yards apart with ravines between them thirty or forty feet deep and the only thing that moves is a scuttling layer of sand.
They recognized that slavery was a moral issue and not merely an economic interest, and that to recognize it explicitly in their Constitution would be in explosive contradiction to the concept of sovereignty they had set forth in the Declaration of 1776 that `` all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
They are in general those fears that once seemed to have been amenable to prayer or ritual.
They are non-conformists on principle.
They are full of contempt for the institution of matrimony.
They feel they are leagued against a hostile, persecutory world, faced with the concerted malevolent opposition of squares and their hirelings, the police.
They for their part are convinced that Holmes is too `` unorthodox '' and `` theoretical '' to make a good detective.
They are presumed to have plunged to a common grave in this fatal embrace.
They are determined to prove something.
They tell us, sir, that we are free, because we have in one hand a ballot, and in the other a stock certificate.
They are very small, and in the form of haystacks, without either chimney or windows.
They are situated in the midst of trees, which hang over them, and appear truly romantick.
On December 21, the day that the Irish House of Commons petitioned for removal of Sir Constantine Phipps, their Tory Lord Chancellor, Molesworth reportedly made this remark on the defense of Phipps by Convocation: `` They that have turned the world upside down, are come hither also ''.
Defoe then commented, `` If they Could Draw that young Gentleman into Their Measures They would show themselves quickly, for they are not asham'd to Say They want only a head to Make a beginning ''.
They emerged as interchangeable cogs in a faulty but formidable machine: shaved nearly naked, hair queued, greatcoated, jackbooted, and best of all -- in the opinion of the British professional, Major Semple-Lisle -- `` their minds are not estranged from the paths of obedience by those smatterings of knowledge which only serve to lead to insubordination and mutiny ''.
They are longing to see you ''.
They are not true because scientists or prophets say they are true.

They and written
They were taken from the " Ode to Joy ", a poem written by Friedrich Schiller in 1785 and revised in 1803, with additions made by the composer.
They also responded to the promise of a " minimal dwelling " written into the new Weimar Constitution.
They are indexed by two nonnegative integers ; the binomial coefficient indexed by n and k is usually written.
They are usually written in italics.
They were both written by Sylvia Anderson and the first one featured a short text story based on the pilot episode of the TV series.
) They discovered hieroglyphs written in red paint.
They are attested in the Poetic Edda, a collection of epic poetry compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, in the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson, and in the poetry of skalds.
They act as charges and are always written first in blazon.
They decided that the film could not be written and instead filmed a 20 minute demo of what they wanted to do.
They are required to have written compliance policies and have a chief compliance officer to enforce those policies.
They were mentioned by Julius Caesar in his treatise, The Gallic Wars, and by 391 BC, they were written about by Roman Consul, Quintus Aurelius Symmachus, who received seven of them, " canes Scotici ", as a gift to be used for fighting lions, bears, that in his words, " all Rome viewed with wonder ".
They bear signs of being written in great haste and without a proper plan, such as run-on sentences and an unsystematic succession of thought.
The historian Clinton Rossiter called the Federalist Papers “ the most important work in political science that ever has been written, or is likely ever to be written, in the United States .” They were not scholarly arguments or impartial justifications for the constitution, but political polemics intended to assist the federalists in New York, which was the only state to have a coordinated anti-federalist movement.
They are pleasant, well written works in the galant style.
They were said to be written between 200 BC-AD 200.
They brought with them the Old Church Slavonic liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Christian religion, written Slavic language, the version of which known as Chancery Slavonic was to serve the Lithuanian court's document-producing needs for a few centuries, and developed laws, turning Vilnius into a major center of their civilization.
They wrote the Organizational Platform of the General Union of Anarchists which was written in 1926 by Dielo Truda (" Workers ' Cause ").
They are written using GTK + and Perl, and most of them can run in both graphical and text mode using the ncurses interface.
They were written by different authors, in different locales, in different historical eras.
They view it as the written revelation and good news of the Messiah, the Ransom Sacrifice, and the Kingdom of God.
They began wearing a black alternate jersey with " Athletics " written in green.
They are written in three different languages: Medieval Latin, Langue d ′ oïl ( Old French ) and Old High German.
They are quite large for written and printed paper compared with modern electronic media.

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