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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 209
from Brown Corpus
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They and arise
They arise out of a primitive practice on the part of the bishop ( local president ), examples of which are found in the Didachē ( Teaching of the Apostles ) and in the letters of Clement of Rome and Cyprian.
They also agreed that " we shall by all means labor to keep off from us all such as are contrary minded, and receive only such unto us as may be probably of one heart with us, such as that we either know or may well and truly be informed to walk in a peaceable conversation with all meekness of spirit, for the edification of each other in the knowledge and faith of the Lord Jesus …" The covenant also stipulated that if differences were to arise between townsmen, they would seek arbitration for resolution and each would pay his fair share for the common good.
They usually offer integration with lower level DLLs generated from a typical 3GL for when the need arise for more hardware / OS specific operations.
They both arise on the calcaneus and extend into the dorsal aponeurosis of digits one to four, just beyond the penultimate joints.
They also arise in the applications of finite group theory to crystallography and to geometry.
They may arise as overelaborated accounts of historical events, as allegory for or personification of natural phenomena, or as an explanation of ritual.
They also arise from " intrinsic " magnetic dipoles arising from quantum-mechanical spin.
They arise from the attempted assassination of the British Prime Minister, Robert Peel, in 1843 by Daniel M ' Naghten.
They range from models of the short-term behavior of individual neurons, models of how the dynamics of neural circuitry arise from interactions between individual neurons and finally to models of how behavior can arise from abstract neural modules that represent complete subsystems.
They arise from oversights or mutual misunderstandings made by a software team during specification, design, coding, data entry and documentation.
They may be purposefully imposed, or arise as unintended consequence of trans-cultural interaction ; and have a measurable effect even where countered by other external influences and actions deemed to be beneficial or which serve to promote indigenous rights and interests within the wider community.
They could also arise from more lowly occupations, as with Tao ( 陶 ), meaning " potter " or Wu ( 巫 ), meaning " shaman ".
They adopt a realist position on the name-reality connection-universals arise because " the world itself fixes the patterns of similarity and difference by which things should be divided into kinds ".
They often arise from convective updrafts in or near mountain ranges and linear weather boundaries, usually strong cold fronts or troughs of low pressure.
They arise from or can be generated by a number of routes, but the principal method is H-atom abstraction from thiols.
They arise in a much larger class of games because of the Sprague – Grundy theorem.
They can occur in both childhood and adulthood, and arise as a result of neurological, mechanical or myogenic problems.
They arise in the description of near field Fresnel diffraction phenomena, and are defined through the following integral representations:
They are said to arise only in ages where there is no Buddha and the Buddhist teachings ( Sanskrit: dharma ; Pāli: dhamma ) are lost.
They arise in semiclassical mechanics in the study of semiconductor devices, in which case being derived from the Wigner-Boltzmann equation.
They bought a 9 square kilometre plot of beetroot farmland, which became the site from which the new city would arise.
They are not listed or defined by any authoritative body, but arise out of case law and changing social and political attitudes.
They also commonly arise in linear forward modeling and inverse problems.

They and situations
They were, in a sense, `` tried out '' in realistic situations.
They can recognize unusual situations and adjust accordingly.
They were frequently used for anti-personnel, though the Cyborg Commando proved to be useful in most situations.
They recognize individuals who have contributed to human evolution by self-selecting themselves out of the gene pool through putting themselves ( unnecessarily ) in life-threatening situations.
They recognize situations because they have meaning.
They are in consequence able to make rapid decisions in complex and dynamic situations.
They both address “ situations that tend to develop in the bosom of the family .” Both authors, through their plays, reflect a patriarchal society in which the father-son relationship is essential to proper function and development of the household.
They charged the enemy supported by javelin throwers and slingers ; the cavalry pursued the enemy, sometimes dismounting to support infantry in dire situations.
They are now widely used by police SWAT, military commando, paramilitary, and counter-terrorism team members for a variety of situations.
They were lauded by their operators and some commanders as providing firepower in needed situations to destroy hard targets.
They also hold the style of Most High, Potent, and Noble Prince, but even in the most formal situations that is usually simply abbreviated to Most Noble, and even that style is quite archaic and very formal.
") They also hold the style of Most Noble and Puissant Prince, but even in the most formal situations this style is rarely used.
They tend to feature a resourceful character struggling against incredible odds, which may involve life-threatening situations, an evil villain, and / or being pursued, with victory achieved at the end after difficult physical efforts and violence.
They may have positive value ( e. g. a sense of casualness ) in some social situations, but are rude in others.
They are written about things that children can understand, and situations they will face such as going to the hospital and going to school, and they always have a happy ending.
They can be used for ultra-precise positioning and for generating and handling high forces or pressures in static or dynamic situations.
They are good, reliable workhorses ideal for use in situations where printed content is more important than quality.
They recommend euthanasia for certain breeds, such as pit bull terriers, and in certain situations for animals in shelters: for example, for those living for long periods in cramped cages.
They are used in situations where a short message or musical jingle is to be played, either continuously or whenever a device is triggered, or whenever continuous recording or playing is needed.
They take an out-of-control flight with exaggerated, impossible situations.
They can also be used in many different physical situations whether it be hanging from an existing fixture, fixed to a wall or even free standing.
They are social organizations of individuals in various life situations.
" They note that typical examples of such situations, may include:
They help give the farmer a larger degree of control in certain situations, such as field work.

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