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They and attempted
They proposed a 9-track standard for magnetic tape, and attempted to deal with some forms of punched card formats.
They attempted another attack the next day.
They built a lighthouse, substantial dwellings, and attempted to grow various plants.
They attempted to record and classify all the known ballads and variants in their chosen regions.
They swam to Nicosian and attempted to join the six man-boarding party by climbing up her hanging lifeboat falls and pilot ladder.
They feel that the Western-Cape based Afrikaners — whose ancestors did not trek eastwards or northwards — took advantage of the republican Boers ' destitution following the Anglo-Boer War and later attempted to assimilate the Boers into a new politically based cultural label as " Afrikaners ".
They attempted, in particular, to convert lead into gold, for which purpose they used reactions of lead and lead-copper alloys with sulfur.
They were locked out of the meeting hall three days later when they attempted to meet, and forced to reconvene to the royal indoor tennis court.
They attempted to strengthen the Aryan race in Germany by killing those they regarded as weak.
They attempted to declare independence, causing a fire to break out in Pointe-à-Pitre that devastated a third of the town.
They attempted to pass land reform legislation that would redistribute the major patrician landholdings among the plebeians, in addition to other reform measures.
They forced him to dismiss Tribonian and two of his other ministers, and then attempted to overthrow Justinian himself and replace him by the senator Hypatius, who was a nephew of the late emperor Anastasius.
They attempted, in collusion with the United States via Nick Fury, to steal the Iron Man technology from Tony Stark ; this fails, partly due to the intervention of Spider-Man.
They arise from the attempted assassination of the British Prime Minister, Robert Peel, in 1843 by Daniel M ' Naghten.
They originally intended to seek shelter with their allies the Crow but upon the Crow's refusal to offer help they attempted to reach the camp of Lakota Chief Sitting Bull's who had fled to Canada.
They attempted, by comparison with the Greek, to identify within this unknown text the points where Greek names ought to occur.
They attempted to board the ship at which time Martok took up arms and defended his General, successfully repelling the invasion.
" They attempted to destroy these books, the earliest vita already says, and this account underlies the status of the Ragyndrudis Codex, now held as a Bonifacian relic in Fulda, and supposedly one of three books found on the field by the Christians who inspected it afterward.
They attempted to storm the building, but were turned away and dispersed by the sheriff and his deputies.
They argue that the economic system of the USSR and its satellite states attempted to go from a natural economy to a planned economy by decree, without passing through the necessary market economy phase of development.
They attempted to install Edward Balliol as king of Scotland in David II's place, but Balliol was soon expelled and was forced to seek the help of Edward III.
They gave up the attempted alliance and settled with Samnium.
They abandoned their horses at the Snake River, made dugout canoes, and attempted to use the river for transport.
They proposed various formal notations for narrative components and transformations and attempted a descriptive taxonomy of existing stories along these lines.
They were among the first Pacific peoples north of California to come into contact with Europeans, as the Spanish, Americans and British attempted to secure control of Pacific Northwest and the trade in otter pelts, with Nootka Sound becoming a focus of these rivalries.

They and steal
They can " steal " each other's words by rearranging the letters and extending the words.
They decided to make him a totally different character ; instead of the wacky, comic relief character he had been, they turned Daffy into a vain, egomaniacal prima donna wanting to steal the spotlight from Bugs Bunny.
They would also steal books from the local library and modify the cover art or the blurbs before returning them to the library.
They escape into Nightopia and find that they both possess the rare Red Ideya of Courage, the only type Wizeman cannot steal.
They intended to kidnap Cos and, if possible, steal the estimated $ 50, 000 that was rumored to accompany him.
They steal nests, or form temporary threesomes with females to obtain eggs, driving away the female after she lays the eggs.
They hold up stores and gas stations, but the cash they steal does not last long.
They next made The City of Lost Children ( 1995 ), a dark, multi-layered fantasy film about a mad scientist who kidnaps children in order to steal their dreams thus preventing him from aging prematurely.
They are known to steal the dreams of all living beings and can be hunted by the main character.
They warn her, her task is still not done: the other mother's severed hand is in Coraline's world, attempting to steal the key which opens the door that connects the two worlds.
They steal treasure and abduct Bláthnat, daughter of the king of the island, who loves Cú Chulainn.
They steal treasure, and abduct Blathnát, daughter of the island's king, who loves Cú Chulainn.
They are also very aggressive to other penguins that steal stones from their nest.
They are known to steal honey and are often associated with woozles.
They steal meat.
The jurist William Arabin said of its residents " They will steal the very teeth out of your mouth as you walk through the streets.
They steal an old sedan from Muriel Everett ( Doro Merande ), the postmistress ; she calls Alice Foss ( Tessie O ' Shea ), the gossipy telephone switchboard operator, and before long, wild rumors throw the entire island into confusion.
They were unable to produce a working overthruster like Banzai's, so Whorfin plans to steal it.
They were once employed by the Supreme Being to repair holes in the spacetime fabric, but instead realized the potential to use the map to steal valuable riches.
They will typically steal more, still intending to repay it with winnings, until eventually the shortfall can be concealed no longer.
They decide to steal the gold and set off the next day.
They may also indulge in kleptoparasitism and attempt to steal prey from other birds.
They also steal the best recipes from their competitors.

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