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Some Related Sentences

They and both
They crawled through the north fence and came on toward him, and now he saw that both were young, not more than nineteen or twenty.
They were going to town, and they were both excited.
They were in a fight, outweighed in both numbers and money.
They had for cover both darkness and a summer storm.
They include both individual fears and collective ones.
They both measure literature by moral standards, and in their political writings both allow for censorship, but the differences between them are also significant.
They even accept the `` double standard '' of sex morality in a double sense, i.e., both sexes agree that standards for men differ from standards for women, and women apply to both sexes a standard different from that held by men.
They were both so young, after all, so unready for any final parting.
They have fine FN actions and a better-than-average finish on both the metal and the stock wood.
They both laughed and winked back.
They both tried to keep smiling and winking for a long time, but it made their lips and eyelids tremble.
In attempting to improve specificity of staining, the fluorescein-labeled antisera used in both direct and indirect methods were treated in one of several ways: ( 1 ) They were passed through Dowex-2-chloride twice and treated with acetone insoluble powders ( Coons, 1958 ) prepared from mouse liver or from healthy sweet clover stems or crown gall tissue produced by Agrobacterium tumefaciens ( E. F. Smith & Townsend ) on sweet clover stems.
They are both trend-following methods.
They were both very fluent.
They would be coming for him next, bearing down on him from both directions.
They were both breathing heavily, out cold, and Shayne didn't think either of them had recognized him or could describe him.
They had learned, both of them, about Abraham Wharf.
They were both painters, ( They were??
They were both discouraged, disgusted and miserable.
They both possess near classic stances, dug in firmly, arms high, set for fierce swings.
They had left both of his eyes uncovered.
They were both walking towards each other, unhurried.

They and rebelled
They rebelled and proclaims Vitellius as emperor.
They have had a foedus from 56 BC with Rome and paid a tributum, but then from 52-47 BC rebelled.
They were later attacked by the Huns but took part in Attila's campaigns in 451, but at his death they rebelled and created a kingdom of their own in Rugiland, a region presently part of lower Austria ( ancient Noricum ), north of the Danube.
They rebelled against the Guardians and fought a millennia-long war that culminated with an attack on the planet Oa.
They rebelled twice against the Romans and were twice defeated ; after their second uprising, much of the tribe was sold into slavery.
They repudiated the cult of the past and all imitation, praised originality, " however daring, however violent ", bore proudly " the smear of madness ", dismissed art critics as useless, rebelled against harmony and good taste, swept away all the themes and subjects of all previous art, and gloried in science.
" They put up strong barriers so as not to see the misery in the world outside and I rebelled against it.
They rebelled against him and left him to be crushed by the Portuguese.
They rebelled against the Party ’ s ideals in two opposite ways: Radicals gave up everything that had any bourgeois connotations, while the majority of Russian youths were drawn to the Western-style popular culture of entertainment and fashion.
They rebelled in the territory that was formerly Chu state, claiming they were restoring Chu to greatness.
They initially rebelled but later their fate became intimately associated with the Xianbei, as they actively defended the empire when the enemies attacked.
They rebelled along with their neighbours, the Morini, in 30 or 29 BC.
Will and Claire are typical children of the 1960s: They had their socialist and Marxist ideals and, a couple back then, rebelled against The Establishment and, generally, tried to fight for what they considered the right causes.
They have rebelled against the gods and revel in killing and carnage.
They had famously rebelled against the British in 1756 – 1760 under the leadership of Tilkamanjhi and again in 1857 – 1858 under the leadership of Sido Murmu and his brother Kanhu Murmu.
They tried to impose a policy of surrender on the Irish lords who rebelled and fought a savage war in Munster.
They rebelled against the outmoded academism of that time and the prevailing artistic standards.
They rebelled against the central power in 1283, upon the execution of the sultan Kaykhusraw III by the Mongols, and placing of Mesud II on the Seljuq throne.
They eventually rebelled along with the Kokang against the Burmese communist leadership, which was forced into exile across the Chinese border, at the time of the 8888 Uprising in mainland Burma.
They rebelled against the flat-chested designs of the time and instead produced both dresses and support undergarments, particularly bras that accentuated the natural shape of a woman's figure, hence the name Maidenform.
They rebelled against the alien criminal and do battle with his second group of warriors, the evil dromaeosaurs.
They rebelled against Cao Cao, and after much fighting, Cao Cao's forces were victorious.
They rebelled against the Xinjiang government in the Kirghiz rebellion, but were defeated by the Chinese Muslim Tao-yin Ma Shaowu.
They claim that Ruan Xiaoqi had committed an act of treason earlier by wearing the garments of Fang La, who rebelled against the emperor and proclaimed himself a ruler in Jiangnan.

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