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They and bought
They bought rustled cattle from the outlaw, kept him supplied with guns and ammunition, harbored his men in their houses.
They went shopping in the neighborhood, and bought two loaves of bread with the ration coupons they had been given in Blois, and some cheese, and a dozen eggs, and a bag of oranges from a peddler in the Place Redoute -- the first oranges they had seen since they landed.
They had bought their house in Catatonia after investigating all the regions of suburbia surrounding New York ; ;
They are able to sit more patiently with what they have bought.
They defeated Guy, but were bought off and left in autumn.
They alighted out of the coach and went into a poor woman's house at the bottom of Highgate hill, and bought a fowl, and made the woman exenterate it ".
They acquired large tracts of land, both in Europe and the Middle East ; they bought and managed farms and vineyards ; they built churches and castles ; they were involved in manufacturing, import and export ; they had their own fleet of ships ; and at one point they even owned the entire island of Cyprus.
They are exclusively custom-built or must be bought second hand in a very limited market.
They bought the rights to the name and plan to produce a series of 5, 000 cars.
They were claimed to be responsible, according to stories, for bringing financial ruin, illness, bad luck and death to anyone who bought them.
They purchased his script, bought several others, and hired him on staff.
They bought a ranch previously owned by director Raoul Walsh in Encino, California.
They could often be bought in the midwest for about 1 / 3 to 1 / 10 what they would fetch at the end of the trail.
In 1926, Glasgow Corporation bought the Cardonald estates, They gave opportunity to private development replicating Kelvindale cottage flats By Western Heritable and Council housing in the area.
They were to adopt the values of the dominant society and see land as real estate to be bought and developed ; they were to learn how to use their land effectively in order to become prosperous farmers.
They later bought the rest of the family out of slavery.
They bought deeds to land parcels from Beasley and began moving into the area in 1804.
They bought the idea from the journalist for $ 10, 000.
They bought from, and sold to, the Indians on a banking and credit system, enabling them to also recover stolen horses and human captives.
They may also be bought fresh from specialty stores.
They also occasionally bought art prints to copy.
Sales began in March of 1947, and within the first three hours, 1, 400 homes had been bought. They featured large numbers of similar houses that were built easily and quickly, allowing rapid recovery of costs.
They bought the property from Salvador Vallejo.
They also bought Palmdale Airport in 1952 and established an aerospace development and testing facility called United States Air Force Plant 42.

They and installed
They found nothing, installed an electric light, and resealed it.
They are installed in public buildings like the Triumphal arch, City gate, or Thermes.
They can be installed anywhere in the ground.
They are also cheaper to set up because most desktop operating systems have the software required for the network installed by default.
They brought Kelzang Gyatso with them from Kumbum to Lhasa and he was installed as the seventh Dalai Lama in 1721.
They did so: in 1995, Doom was estimated to have been installed on more than 10 million computers.
They also installed a control panel into the desk that allowed their boss to control the lighting in his office.
They can be installed either randomly or in a uniform pattern.
They found him at the Basilica of Saints Cosmas and Damian where, despite his protestations, he was taken and installed at the Lateran Palace, after which he was enthroned as Pope-elect sometime in October 827.
They took him from the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, and installed him in the Lateran Palace, ignoring his protests.
They installed bulletproof and locked cockpit doors.
They also installed a closed-circuit television system and radio network that reached 41 countries, with many other forms of expensive high-tech electronic equipment.
They are installed as foederati in Moesia and Thrace with the title of " Allies of the Roman People ", in exchange that they furnish a contingent of auxiliary troops to defend the borders.
They presented a deniable password snatching attack in which the keystroke logging trojan is installed using a virus or worm.
They are lighter and smaller than diesels at the same sustained power output but the models installed to date are less fuel efficient than the equivalent diesel, especially at idle, requiring more fuel to achieve the same combat range.
They had a bit more power, and many 2CV owners installed those engines in their car for more flexibility.
They also installed their own priestesses among the ranks of the priestesses who officiated at the temple of Mut.
They explored the lunar surface, deployed several lunar surface experiments, and installed the first nuclear power generator station on the Moon to provide the power source.
They weighed over one hundred pounds each and were installed as part of the original construction.
They could not be installed until paid for.
They have recently installed new swings and various other playground equipment.
They installed a wave soldering machine and an assembly line at the new location.
They have been installed in most stations of the Singapore MRT and the Hong Kong MTR, as shown in the photos below, and the newer stations forming the Jubilee Line Extension in London.
They are information panels installed in the streets of Paris in front of some Parisian monuments.

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