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Page "learned" ¶ 1107
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

They and bring
They had the house cleaned up by noon, and Wilson sent the boy out to the meadow to bring in the horses.
They bring an inextricable component of value within themselves, with attractions and repulsions native to their own quality.
They caused my love for Jessica to become warmer and at the same time more hopeless, as if my adolescent self knew that only torment would ever bring me the courage to ask to see her again.
They bring their families and tents and camp kitchens and bedding.
They bring their fishing rods and binoculars and bathing suits.
They would attempt to bring supplies from St. Louis or Prairie Du Chien at `` great expense as well as danger ''.
They say it helps them bring back into schools the spiritual and moral values on which this country was built.
They were allowed to have family members bring in their own food and were on good terms with the guards from whom they learned the latest news.
They play a pivotal role in completion stage practices, where an attempt is made to bring the subtle winds of the body into the central channel, to realise the clear light of bliss and emptiness, and to attain Buddhahood.
They bring the Exiles and the Empire together once more as allies trying to find the cause of the destruction.
They did such a precise job that the construction crew didn't notice until after they had laid the foundation ( and after the prank team informed someone on the project about the shifted stakes ), but California earthquake law forced them to re-survey the site and bring in engineering consultation.
They are fighting in order to bring the state down.
They bring two circuit board traces together under a rubber or silicone keypad using either metal " dome " switches or polyester formed domes.
They had taken advantage of the civil discord in the Byzantine Empire to bring a force of 80, 000 to 120, 000 men and a massive fleet to the Bosphorus.
They, comparing the oracular response with this occurrence, decided that this was the person whom the god told them the wagon would bring.
They bring forth from the treasury of Revelation new things and old, making it bear fruit and vigilantly warding off any errors that threaten their flock.
They also note the immense amount of funding that soft drink sales bring to schools.
They typically feature mystical writing or diagrams and are intended to fulfill various functions including providing guidance for the spirits of the dead, to bring good fortune, increase life span, etc.
They sought to bring about a more equal society, and are considered by modern standards to be left-wing.
They resolve to bring a more suitable piece and hang themselves the next day, if Godot fails to arrive.
They plundered Lothian and regained some castles, but failed to bring Wallace to combat ; the Scots shadowed the English army, intending to avoid battle until shortages of supplies and money forced Edward to withdraw, at which point the Scots would harass his retreat.
They are later revived by a mystic named Eli with the spiritual aid of Callisto, who by that time had become an angel ; Callisto also makes Xena to conceive a daughter after the resurrection, and this child is prophesied to bring about the Twilight of the Olympian gods ; this girl was named Eve.
They bring together the expertise and outlook of government, industry, and academia to solve complex technical problems.
They are a good way of showing off places visited if worn on clothing, or stored in albums they can bring back happy memories of holidays / vacations or just day trips to interesting places.

They and news
They greeted the news angrily, as though they had been cheated of purpose.
for example, the mode of bravery to this anonymous folk poem: `` They brought me news that Spring is in the plains And Ahmad's blood the crimson tulip stains ; ;
They had other topics of conversation, besides their news from courts and fairs, which were of interest to Othon, the builder of castles in Wales and churches in his native country.
They stayed in their own world on the bluff, waiting for letters and the peddler, bringing the news.
Leonard J. Farwell, a fellow boarder at the Kirkwood House, awoke Johnson with news of Lincoln's having been shot at Ford's Theater ; Johnson rushed to the President's deathbed for a brief time, commenting, " They shall suffer for this.
They do not produce their own news or current affairs programs, relying instead on news from national channels.
They wanted to do more than just straight news, so they hired comedians who were talented vocalists.
They returned with the news that Esau was coming to meet Jacob with an army of 400 men.
They hypothesize media ownership by corporations, funding from advertising, the use of official sources, efforts to discredit independent media (" flak "), and " anti-communist " ideology as the filters that bias news in favor of U. S. corporate interests.
They view it as the written revelation and good news of the Messiah, the Ransom Sacrifice, and the Kingdom of God.
They were overjoyed that they had finally got media acceptance and he was celebrated with the news that KBOO was the first station to play a Residents record on the air.
) The ship Arms of Amsterdam arrives in Europe from New Netherland ( left September 23 ) with the news: " They have purchased the Island Manhattes from the Indians for the value of 60 guilders.
They were expected to provide " emotional support, emergency information, local news and gossip, business tips ", etc.
They therefore associate the unease with the news story they are reading.
They must recognize that in both the viewing of news and in the distributing of news, you have to be knowledgeable in the topic.
They included journalists, news executives, novelists and high government officials.
They withdrew on 1 September when they received news that a force led by King Charles was approaching.
:: They are talking about < u > the news </ u >.
They covered every single death reported to the coroner's office, every important meeting, every news conference, every court case that had once been a news story, even if the trial wasn't newsworthy.
They usually consist of gossip, news, fashion tips and interviews and may include posters, stickers, small samples of cosmetics or other products and inserts.

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