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Page "adventure" ¶ 7
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

They and crawled
They crawled through it and into the Second World.
They crawled around the table and hid themselves when they could find a shelter.
They were probably not active nektonic swimmers, but rather crawled over the floor of epicontinental seas or lay there in ambush.
They crawled from under the papal tiara, as a dart of the serpent's tongue that protruded from the bloated Kraut and overstretched Eurocommunal anus.

They and through
They poured through the opening in the valley, then spread out in a long line to come at us, brandishing their lances and filling the morning with their spine-chilling scalp cry.
They, and the two large fans which I could dimly see as daylight filtered through their vents, down at the far end of the hall, could be turned on by a master switch situated inside the office.
They filed out through the guard-room door, into the paved square.
They reached the guard house without alerting the men on the walls above, and Powers slipped through the door.
They slid through the wicket in the big gate, ghosted across the dark ground.
They walked the horses, heading along the river, Barton and Emmett Foster in the lead, seven men riding quietly through the night.
They escorted him down from the porch and through the rain to his office.
They returned to the street, mounted their horses, rode through the rain to the big house on Houston Street.
They would have to go west through the narrow river valley that separated Leyte from Samar and hope that it didn't close in before they returned.
They kicked their horses through the deep water with their bare heels, drove the Rebels out of their rifle pits and captured four men.
They opposed the Forand bill, which would have placed the major burden of financial support upon the individual himself through compulsory payroll deduction ; ;
They had been through trying times, but their faith in the Almighty had given them the courage and the strength to meet and overcome the many problems and difficulties that were the price they had to pay for freedom.
In attempting to improve specificity of staining, the fluorescein-labeled antisera used in both direct and indirect methods were treated in one of several ways: ( 1 ) They were passed through Dowex-2-chloride twice and treated with acetone insoluble powders ( Coons, 1958 ) prepared from mouse liver or from healthy sweet clover stems or crown gall tissue produced by Agrobacterium tumefaciens ( E. F. Smith & Townsend ) on sweet clover stems.
They are in themselves neutral, and, so far as they get a moral quality, they get it only through being invested with it by the attitude of the onlooker.
They overran the 7th Cav's forward machine-gun positions through sheer weight of numbers, over piles of their own dead.
They were a sight more comfortable than the ones in the jail with the cold air from Hirey's air conditioner coming through the grille ''.
They were covered with tiny white blossoms, their scant roots clawing at the stony ground, and wild birds darted in and about and through them so they were nearly alive with the rustle and cry.
They supplement this with gas exchange through the skin.
They therefore reject the state, seeing it as an aggressive entity which steals property ( through taxation and expropriation ), initiate aggression, are a compulsory monopoly on the use of force, use their coercive powers to benefit some businesses and individuals at the expense of others, create monopolies, restrict trade, and restrict personal freedoms via drug laws, compulsory education, conscription, laws on food and morality, and the like.
They are characterized by seeing the world through an agricultural lens.
They used the Viking route up the Don and the Volga through Garðaríki, Viking Russia.
They chose Gaius Iulius Verus Maximinus, a Thracian soldier who had worked his way up through the ranks.
They would have traveled overland down through the Appalachian Mountains to the Scots-Irish community in the Waxhaws region, straddling the border between North and South Carolina.
They made a virtue of qualities that made for economic success: self-reliance, frugality, industry, and energy, and through them influenced modern social and economic life.

They and north
They include the major rivers of north Europe, such as the Oder, the Vistula, the Neman, the Daugava and the Neva.
They first appear in history in connection with the Gallic invasion of north Italy, 390 BC, when they made the Etruscan city of Felsina their new capital, Bononia ( Bologna ).
They are also known as " The North Siders " because Wrigley Field, their home park since 1916, is located in Chicago's north side Lake View community at 1060 West Addison Street.
They appear relatively late and only in Orkney and it is not clear why the use of cairns continued in the north when their construction had largely ceased elsewhere in Scotland.
They lived in a rustic, one-room cabin in Locust Ridge, just north of the Greenbrier Valley, in the Great Smoky Mountains in Sevier County, a predominantly Pentecostal area.
They have been living north of the Arctic Circle for more than 7, 000 years now, but today are a 5 % minority in their native Lapland Province.
They are engaged near Naissus by a Roman army led by Claudius advancing from the north.
They show up north of the Black Sea around 370.
They are located in the northeast sector of the archipelago, bounded by the Philippines to the north, Papua to the east, and Nusa Tenggara to the south.
They had migrated from the deserts north of the Rio Grande over a period traditionally said to have been 100 years.
They retreated to the swamps and lakes north of the settlement area including Third Swamp, known to them as Boodjamooling.
They lived to the north of the rivers Forth and Clyde, and spoke the extinct Pictish language, thought to have been related to the Brythonic languages spoken by the Britons to the south.
They are also found in the north near Saint-Louis, and in the estuary of the Casamance.
They may have come from a quarry, around north of Stonehenge on the Marlborough Downs, or they may have been collected from a " litter " of sarsens on the chalk downs, closer to hand.
They named Saint Kitts " Liamuiga " meaning " fertile island ", and would likely have expanded further north if not for the arrival of Europeans.
They lie south of Skye and north of Mull and Ardnamurchan – the most westerly point of mainland Scotland.
They do not extend north of the Arctic tree line, with the northernmost species, Salamandrella keyserlingii occurring in the Siberian larch forests of Sakha and of the most northerly species in North America, Ambystoma laterale reaching no further than Labrador and Taricha granulosa not beyond the Alaska Panhandle.
They came from four cities to the north of Ireland – Falias, Gorias, Murias and Finias – where they acquired their occult skills and attributes.
They wished to restore the fortifications of Athens, but the Spartans objected, on the grounds that no place north of the Isthmus should be left which the Persians might be able to use as a fortress.
They are elongated from north to south and stretch for about from the Usa River.
They elected new leaders, including Xenophon himself, and fought their way north through hostile Persians and Medes to Trapezus on the coast of the Black Sea.
They fight over his legacy, and establish their kingdoms north of the Black Sea ( Ukraine ) supported by vassal states.
They attack merchants on the north bank of the Danube and cities in Illyricum, including ( according to Priscus ) Viminacium, city of Moesia.
They meet near Shanyang, north of the Song capital of Kaifeng.

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