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Page "lore" ¶ 748
from Brown Corpus
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They and drank
They had cleaned up an old ice box and begun to buy fifty-pound blocks of ice in town, as the electric refrigerator came nowhere near providing enough ice for the crowds who ate and drank there.
They all sat around and drank ice water, and the men smoked, and everybody had a good time.
They drank heavily, and Thomas began to suffer with gout and lung problems.
They remained with her on the island for one year, while they feasted and drank.
Plutarch provides the most evocative version of this story: But when Egypt revolted with Athenian aid ... and Cimon's mastery of the sea forced the King to resist the efforts of the Hellenes and to hinder their hostile growth ... messages came down to Themistocles saying that the King commanded him to make good his promises by applying himself to the Hellenic problem ; then, neither embittered by anything like anger against his former fellow-citizens, nor lifted up by the great honor and power he was to have in the war, but possibly thinking his task not even approachable, both because Hellas had other great generals at the time, and especially because Cimon was so marvelously successful in his campaigns ; yet most of all out of regard for the reputation of his own achievements and the trophies of those early days ; having decided that his best course was to put a fitting end to his life, he made a sacrifice to the gods, then called his friends together, gave them a farewell clasp of his hand, and, as the current story goes, drank bull's blood, or as some say, took a quick poison, and so died in Magnesia, in the sixty-fifth year of his life ... They say that the King, on learning the cause and the manner of his death, admired the man yet more, and continued to treat his friends and kindred with kindness.
They were called up and relieved through public-houses and therefore a man could not get this job unless he possessed the favourable opinion of the publican, who looked upon most favourably those who drank.
They sat and drank at the hotel, which later burned down.
They drank heavily, abused drugs, fought fans, critics, peers, and each other, and made celebrity friends such as Ian Brown, Paul Weller, Mani, Mick Jagger, Craig Cash, Kate Moss and Johnny Depp.
They rode bicycles, drove cars, and openly drank alcohol, a defiant act in the American period of Prohibition.
They called themselves the " two Diegos " and drank from the same bottle ( Carter 1964: 205 ).
They drank barley beer and various decoctions made from plants and herbs.
They reminisced about old times and drank champagne.
They all drank coffee until she fell asleep, sitting next to them on the couch.
They drank Veronal, injected morphine and cut open the veins in their arms.
They ate and they drank.
They drank the plain water.
They usually drank fruit juice or beer with grenadine syrup, a cocktail that they seem to have invented.
Says Homer: " They who lived in Zeleia below the foot of Mount Ida, who drank the dark water of Aesepus, Trojans.
They pretend to give Davis large quantities of Ipecac which is actually drank by Englund, who eventually Davis pretends to die.
They preferred drinking water from rivers, and drank from lakes in seasons when water was less brackish.
They were hungry and thirsty ; some drank seawater or urine.
: Many a man joined the club That never drank a drachm, Those noble men were kind and brave They care not for the slang -- The slang they meet on every side: " You're a reform drunkard, too ; You've joined the red ribbon brigade, Among the drunkard crew.
They drank, wrote poems, played music and enjoyed the simply life.
The Post-Chaise Companion 1786 states-" About half a mile from Swanlinbar is the famous spa ; the waters of which are excellent for scurvey, nerves, low spirits and bad appetite. They are to be drank as the stomach can bear them, preparing first with gentle physic.

They and half
They think of it as a kind of spooky museum in which they may half see and half imagine the old splendor.
They seemed to be at the White House half the time.
They expanded under Spanish regency to encompass half of North America and half of South America.
They also reduce water use by half, and eliminate the difficulty and expense of septic tanks.
They are followed by a further wicked king, or " little horn ", who subdues three of the ten ( 7: 24 ), speaks against the Most High, wages war against the saints, and attempts to change the set times and laws ( 7: 25 ); after ' a time and times and half a time ', this king is judged and stripped of his kingdom by an " Ancient of Days " and his heavenly court ( 7: 26 ); next, " one like a son of man " approaches the Ancient of Days and is invested with worldwide dominion ; moreover, his everlasting reign over all kings and kingdoms is shared with " the people of the Most High " ( 7: 27 )
" They will abuse bar staff, half a dozen a night, normally gangs of blokes, the marketing is directed at yobbos ," one bar owner told The Age newspaper.
They grow to a size of only 13 to 28 cm, with a tail that is very long, sometimes up to one and a half times as long as the body.
They were also criticised for shutting down all servers except the Japanese servers for the games Resident Evil: Outbreak and its sequel Resident Evil Outbreak File 2, which the servers for Outbreak and Outbreak File 2 in Japan finally closed on June 30, 2011, over three and a half years after shutting down the North American and European servers on December 31, 2007.
They finished half a game short of the pennant in 1908.
They derive thermoelectric energy from a temperature gradient by basking half their body in sunlight, keeping the other half in shadow and exposed to interstellar vacuum.
They issued the Chain Lightning album two and a half years after it had been recorded in Nashville, and two years after its release in Europe.
They successfully resisted the northwestern kingdoms until the arrival of the Hunas, who established themselves in Afghanistan by the first half of the 5th century, with their capital at Bamiyan.
They are identified as the second half of the " one week " of Daniel 9.
They all received the same diet but, in addition, group one was given a quart of cider daily, group two twenty-five drops of elixir of vitriol ( sulfuric acid ), group three six spoonfuls of vinegar, group four half a pint of seawater, group five received two oranges and one lemon, and the last group a spicy paste plus a drink of barley water.
They may have owned more than half of the land in Lombard Italy.
They found similar findings to Milgram: half of the male subjects and all of the females obeyed to the end.
They were primarily farmers who lived in towns, organized into small kingdoms, however, within three decades an estimated Indian population of one million plummeted to a few tens of thousands, as approximately half of the indigenous people in western Nicaragua died of diseases brought by the Spaniards.
They found that studies generally assumed a scenario that half of the world's nuclear weapons would be used, ~ 5000 Mt, destroying approximately 1, 000 cities, and creating large quantities of carbonaceous smoke-1 – 2 × 10 < sup > 14 </ sup > grams being mostly likely, with a range of 0. 2 – 6. 4 × 10 < sup > 14 </ sup > grams ( NAS ; TTAPS assumed 2. 25 × 10 < sup > 14 </ sup >).
They spend about half of their lives on land and half in the oceans.
They acted as seconds to the Optios and were paid one and a half times the basic wage.

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