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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1012
from Brown Corpus
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They and emerged
They emerged as the major threat to the late Ming Dynasty after Nurhaci united all Jurchen tribes and established an independent state.
They emerged from the same roots.
They were one of a number of nonconformist dissenting groups that emerged around this time.
They also renewed the pact between the Popes and the kings of the Franks, confirming the privileges of the Roman church, and the continued existence of the recently emerged Papal States.
They have no close relatives, and descend from a line of coral-dwelling species that emerged around 40 million years ago.
They were said to have emerged from the acacia tree of Iusaaset, which the Egyptians considered the tree of life, referring to it as the " tree in which life and death are enclosed.
They emerged shortly after going over with minor injuries and were charged with performing an illegal stunt under the Niagara Parks Act.
They contain possibly organic carbon and imply some possibility that photosynthetic life had already emerged at that time.
They fought against the rampant corruption that had emerged in the civil war period and were initially welcomed by Afghans weary of warlord rule.
They did not create her ; it was her lila that she emerged from their combined energy.
They claimed that the deaths of a fair number of people in the waters of the Rhône were due to a dragon who lived in the river, and who had previously emerged, a many years before.
They emerged from the same Los Angeles scene that spawned Mötley Crüe, Ratt, Quiet Riot and others.
They were one of a number of nonconformist dissenting groups that emerged around this time.
They argued that sarcopterygians may have first emerged unto land from intertidal zones rather than inland bodies of water.
They soon entered into direct talks with Macdonald and Cartier, wherein Ritchot emerged as an effective negotiator ; an agreement enshrining many of the demands in the list of rights was soon reached.
They emerged in western Germany out of the German Youth Movement of the late 1930s in response to the strict regimentation of the Hitler Youth.
They first emerged in the late 7th century AD, concentrated in today's southern Iraq, and are distinct from Sunni Muslims and Shiʿa Muslims.
They were held again in 1932 when the Nationalists emerged victorious ( 21 seats out of 32 ).
They missed De Vasto's arquebusiers — who had, by 6: 30, emerged from the woods near the castle and swiftly overrun it — and blundered into 6, 000 of Georg Frundsberg's landsknechts.
Other bands such as Story of the Year-formally Big Blue Monkey, 360Smile, Blinded Black, So They Say, and Cavo emerged from St. Louis.
They were one of a number of nonconformist dissenting groups that emerged around this time.
They were also urged to lead their units from the front, and to keep command posts well forward ( Fredendall had built an elaborate, fortified " bunker " headquarters behind the front, and only rarely emerged to visit the lines ).
They included the Royalists, who supported King Charles I ; the Parliamentary forces, called " Roundheads ," who later emerged under the name of the New Model Army led by Oliver Cromwell ; the Fifth Monarchy Men, who believed in the establishment of a heavenly theocracy on earth to be led by a returning Jesus as king of kings and lord of lords ; the Agitators for political egalitarian reform of government, who were branded " Levellers " by their foes and who were led by John Lilburne ; and the Christian communists, who called themselves the True Levellers for their beliefs but who were branded " Diggers " because of their actions.
They surprised their enemies by drawing up as the Spartans emerged from a nearby wood.

They and interchangeable
They became interchangeable at times.
They are however generally interchangeable with them, sometimes with force applied.
They are now interchangeable when a customer takes their number with them to a different telephone service provider.
They are not directly interchangeable with conventional UJTs but perform a similar function.
They see budō and bujutsu as representing a particular strategy or philosophy regarding combat systems, but still, the terms are rather loosely applied and often interchangeable.
They noted that the Hebrew letters of the word Breslov ( ברסלב ) can be rearranged to spell lev basar ( לב בשר — the " ס " and " ש " sounds are interchangeable ), " a heart of flesh "— echoing the prophecy in Ezekiel ( 36: 26 ): " I will take away your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.
They developed standards to ensure the equipment of different manufacturers was compatible and interchangeable.
" meaning " They friars are not in heaven, since ..." followed by words that when decoded, taking in account the alphabet of the time ( where u and v were interchangeable, as were i and j, and uu represented w ), read " fvccant vvivys of heli ", a Latin / English mix that means "... they fuck the wives of Ely " ( a city near Cambridge ).
They are interchangeable for redundancy.
They show the hallmarks of Stanier ’ s distinctive standard LMS style, a practice he brought with him from his previous employers, the GWR of Churchward and Collett, with the purpose of using interchangeable parts on very different locos.
They are not interchangeable and this causes problems when keys are lost and locks have to be changed .</ br >
They are generally assembled from standard parts where the gauge portion is interchangeable with other gauge pieces ( obtained from a set of pin type gauge blocks ) and a body that uses the collet principle to hold the gauges firmly.
They are best known for the hits " Sunday Morning " and " A way " or " Away " ( the name is interchangeable and has been noted as both on different albums / singles ).

They and cogs
They have truly become the cogs in a terrible machine.

They and faulty
They may be caused by poor health habits, such as faulty eating and sleeping habits.
They are ' rigorously tentative ', meaning that they are proposed as true and expected to satisfy careful examination to account for the possibility of faulty inference or incorrect observation.
They also accuse Protestants of distorting Scripture itself to support their own claims, whether by faulty translations, misinterpretations, or ignoring passages of Scripture which support Catholicism or Orthodoxy against Protestantism.
They advocate that if the levy cannot be precisely applied to the people that are private copying, it is a faulty system.
* They do not introduce any dust, allergens, mold, or ( in the case of a faulty heat exchanger ) combustion byproducts into the living space.
They go to a high-rise building to fix a faulty air conditioning system when a group of terrorists incapacitate all of the occupants with knockout gas and take over the building.
Bernard calls them “ despisers of their fellows ” and says “ the dominant idea of these despisers of their fellows is to find others ’ theories faulty and try to contradict them ” They are deceptive, for in their experiments they report only results that make their theories seem correct and suppress results that support their rivals.
They instigated an operation of disinformation and faulty technology transfer.
They stated that a faulty ventilation system exposed both Marsh and his father to toxic levels of mercury.
They were mistaken as currently issued ; the error was compounded when fresh orders from Lee arrived which, based on faulty intelligence, reaffirmed the attack.
They claim to be maintenance engineers there to repair her faulty cooker.
They determined that the implosion of the car was due to a faulty roll cage which failed during the crash.

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