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They and eventually
They both approach fellow doctors and town authorities about their theory, but are eventually dismissed on the basis of one death.
They turn reddish later in the year and eventually brown.
They quarrelled with Michael IX, and eventually turned on their Byzantine employers after the murder of Roger de Flor in 1305, devastating Thrace, Macedonia, and Thessaly on their road to Latin Greece.
They used a calorimeter to estimate the heat evolved per unit of carbon dioxide produced, eventually finding the same ratio for a flame and animals, indicating that animals produced energy by a type of combustion reaction.
They also capture a boy named Jefri Olsndot, whom Steel intended on killing but eventually exploits in order to develop advanced technology ( such as cannon and radio communication ).
They were constantly at war with the Romans, who eventually conquered them.
They may eventually become Working Groups in their own right.
They eventually marry, but only after Rochester's mad first wife ( whom Jane initially had no knowledge of ) dies in a dramatic house fire.
They were Blanche Hoschedé Monet, ( she eventually married Jean Monet ), Germaine, Suzanne Hoschedé, Marthe, Jean-Pierre, and Jacques.
They eventually reached an agreement, and the planned target for economic growth in the Second Five-Year Plan was reduced from 19 % to 16. 5 %.
They eventually use a very 60's way to defeat them.
They eventually settle on Malta and become known as the Knights of Malta.
They would eventually reconcile in 1783.
They are eventually spotted together, forcing both to stay on the run.
They eventually married and had a total of four sons.
They eventually withdrew from their enterprise when faced with heavy losses.
They afforded his first contact with the Spanish monarchy that was to eventually appoint him court painter.
They eventually settled in an Italian ghetto in Los Angeles, where Capra's father worked as a fruit picker and young Capra sold newspapers after school for the next 10 years, until he graduated high school.
They eventually rose up in an attempt to regain their rights ; but their story is not told here.
They were eventually defeated by the Seleucid king Antiochus I, in a battle where the Seleucid war elephants shocked the Celts.
They were eventually forced or chose to withdraw, concluding that the wealth of the land did not justify the extensive garrisoning requirements.
They started the season with a three-game sweep of the Cubs but eventually finished eighth among the National League's ten teams.
They eventually found Hannibal on the left bank of the Aufidus River, and encamped six miles ( 10 km ) away.
They had no children, and eventually divorced in 1977.
They were eventually largely superseded as profitable commercial enterprises by the spread of the railways from the 1840s on.

They and arrived
They arrived in Washington about the same time during the early postwar years: Kennedy as the young Congressman from Massachusetts ; ;
They arrived at the South Pole on the 12th of December 2005.
They arrived at a high boulder, which they called ' Shadow Rock '.
They arrived back in the late afternoon, in time to see the Persian ships turn away from Athens, thus completing the Athenian victory.
They arrived with only 63 sailors out of the original 283 as so many had deserted.
They arrived back in England on 30 March 1939 and Coming Up for Air was published in June.
They bounced back to first with a ten-game winning streak, but the Dodgers had regained a two-game lead when they arrived in Houston on September 9.
They may have arrived in Indonesia around 2000 BCE and are thought to have originated in Taiwan.
They left England in September and arrived on November 11.
They arrived in Jackson on a well-traveled Indian trail leading west from Ann Arbor.
They arrived in New Orleans on the 16th, and he was taken to the home of Charles Erasmus Fenner, an Associate Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court.
They left Rotterdam on January 14, 1905, and arrived at Ellis Island in New York harbor twelve days later as Peter, Elisabeth and Johann Weissmüller.
They arrived at Stalin's dacha at Kuntsevo at 3am on March 2 after being called by Khrushchev and Bulganin.
They arrived in the fourteenth or fifteenth century, and survived for several generations before disappearing.
They arrived on 6 March 1788.
They departed from Cape Crozier, Ellesmere Island, on February 17, 1982 and arrived at the geographic North Pole on April 10, 1982.
They arrived in late 1125 and were greeted warmly by Honorius, and they remained in Rome until early 1126.
They arrived 33 – 34 days before Scott ’ s group.
They arrived in Cairo to participate in a parade and were then dispatched to various units of the Egyptian army.
They were replaced by indentured servants from India who arrived on 30 May 1845.
There are currently orders for four new vessels which are being built and would be handed over mid to late 2010. They have now arrived named: Carnival Runner, Calypso sprinter, Paria Bullet and the Trini Flash
They have in general refrained from philosophical speculation, and usually rely on the status of the doctrine as a " Mystery ," something known by divine revelation that could not have been arrived at by reason without revelation.
They arrived at the United Airlines counter in Terminal C at 06: 20 Eastern Time and Ahmed al-Ghamdi checked in two bags.
They arrived at Fort Lipantitlán late on November 3 and took the undermanned fort without firing a shot.
They arrived at Constantinople by September 1147, ahead of the French army.

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