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They and explain
They will better understand the relationship of their activities to the academic program and they will be able to explain their actions to faculty in terms of mutual goals.
They recall Byron's classic comment: `` I wish he would explain his explanation ''.
They demonstrate, explain, and analyze a student's moment to moment responses as well as using mirrors, video feedback or classmate observations.
They reflect on their new lives, and Fredrik tries to explain how much he loves Anne (" You Must Meet My Wife ").
They seek to explain why certain beliefs about categories would appear in political science as ideology, in religion as dogma, or in science as theory.
They decided to transfer the Cuban U-2 reconnaissance missions to the Air Force ; if another U-2 was shot down, they thought a cover story involving Air Force flights would be easier to explain than CIA flights.
They can explain why chemistry is so prevalent in the interstellar medium, where many different polyatomic species have been detected ( by radio astronomy ), but where temperatures are so low that conventional wisdom might suggest that chemical reactions do not occur.
They only explain the legal judgment, as the case is in fiqh books.
They explain that they can time travel back to 1944 and remove Godzillasaurus from Lagos, thereby avoiding the creation of Godzilla.
They explain that they keep the Earth's natural order of things in balance.
They explain to her that the problem with the earthquake was so bad, that it is creating a large fault along the Philippine Plate.
They explain that voluntary ( non-coerced ) transactions always have a property called pareto efficiency.
They explain flight in non-technical terms and specifically address the equal-transit-time myth.
They explain how a metaphor is simply understanding and experiencing one kind of thing in terms of another.
'" They attempt to express everything that they want to explain without using universals such as " catness " or " chairness.
They both postulated that if the stars in the universe were distributed in a hierarchical fractal cosmology ( e. g., similar to Cantor dust )— the average density of any region diminishes as the region considered increases — it would not be necessary to rely on the Big Bang theory to explain Olbers ' paradox.
They explain that persuasion means to win others over, not to defeat them.
They appeared on The Jon Stewart Show and The Howard Stern Show with Bacon to explain the game.
Several centuries later Ionia was the place where western philosophy began and was the homeland of Thales, Anaximander and Anaximenes. They were natural-philosophers of the Ionian school of philosophy and tried to explain the phenomena according to no-supernatural laws. They also searched a simple material-form behind the appearances of things ( origin ) and this conception had a great influence on the early archaic art in Greece.
They explain that the reference point used by the U. S. Congress at the time was the Washington meridian, which has an offset from the modern reference, the Prime Meridian.
They had to explain their faith before a panel of three clergymen, including issues which were then debated within the Church, as the universal priesthood, the gospel in the vulgar tongue, and the issue of self-imposed poverty.
They are able to explain how to perform an action, but unable to " imagine " or act out a movement such as " pretend to brush your teeth " or " pucker as though you bit into a sour lemon.
They present it to Elric and explain that the runeblades were designed to be wielded by those with Melnibonéan royal blood as a check against the might of the Dead Gods of Chaos.
They sought to explain these divergent physical traits by postulating admixture with or partial descent from migrants of Caucasoid stock, who usually were said to have arrived in the Great Lakes region from the Horn of Africa and / or North Africa.

They and most
While convalescing in his Virginia home he wrote a book recording his prison experiences and escape, entitled: They Shall Not Have Me Published originally in ( Helion's ) English by Dutton & Co. of New York, in 1943, the book was received by the press as a work of astonishing literary power and one of the most realistic accounts of World War 2, from the French side.
They accuse their enemies of precisely the crimes of which they themselves are most guilty.
They are the most beautiful part of that little piece of nature.
They had already lost most of their corn, she thought.
They like it and would supply most of the capital because of the long term leases by strong oil companies.
They get all the glory and most of the pay and don't earn ten cents apiece on the average, the drunken rascals ''.
`` They are the most efficient ''.
They divide up the household chores: Cerv does most of the cooking ( breakfast and sandwich snacks, with dinner out ), Mantle supplies the transportation ( a white 1961 Oldsmobile convertible ), and Maris drives the 25-minute course from the apartment house to Yankee Stadium.
They simply desired a reunion with something that could hardly be named but which seemed to them to be the most desirable thing on Earth.
They are considered a fault in most styles of beer .< ref > Beer Style Guidelines, < http :// www. bjcp. org / 2008styles / catdex. php ></ ref >
They are known as 2 -, alpha -, or α-amino acids ( generic formula H < sub > 2 </ sub > NCHRCOOH in most cases < ref > Proline is an exception to this general formula.
They withdrew to Mercia, but, in January 878, made a sudden attack on Chippenham, a royal stronghold in which Alfred had been staying over Christmas, " and most of the people they killed, except the King Alfred, and he with a little band made his way by wood and swamp, and after Easter he made a fort at Athelney in the marshes of Somerset, and from that fort kept fighting against the foe ".
They sprung the attack when the Romans were most vulnerable-when they had left their fortified camp, and were on the march in a pounding rainstorm.
They are the most common heliozoa in fresh water, and are especially frequent in lakes and rivers, but a few are found in marine and soil habitats as well.
They became prized for their distinctive sound, however, and found life with several musical styles ( most notably bluegrass and also blues ) well after electric amplification solved the issue of inadequate guitar sound levels.
They act very similarly when exposed to ultraviolet light and most toxins, but at elevated temperatures the phytoplankton reacts negatively, while the thermophilic zooplankton reacts positively to the increase in temperature.
They also finished third in the Eredivisie that season, again qualifying for the UEFA Cup, after spending most of the season in the top two spots.
They were the assistants to the tribunes in whatever matters that the tribunes might entrust to them, although most matters with which they were entrusted were of minimal importance.
They are one of the most popular Italian rock / hip hop groups.
They point out that most cases in adversarial systems are actually resolved by plea bargain and settlement.
They thought that the deity which was the most popular fire-controlling deity in central and eastern Japan must have been enshrined in it.
They apparently live singly or in pairs, rather than in herds like most cattle, except when the cows are about to give birth.
They suggested that the most plausible explanation for the variability of Arcturus is stellar oscillations.
They generally possess compound eyes and a carapace, which may be a shell of two valves enclosing the trunk ( as in most Cladocera ), broad and shallow ( as in the Notostraca ), or entirely absent ( as in the Anostraca ).
They are most often used in rice dishes like biryani and as an ingredient in garam masala.

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