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They and fall
They then point out that with our present lack of knowledge of all the factors concerned in the rise and fall of epidemics, it is unlikely that a planned episode could be initiated.
They were in a position where they needed to shore up their legitimacy, but also justify the fall of the Julio-Claudians.
They also note that though there was no deflation in the 1980s, there was a definite fall in the inflation rate during this period.
They speculate that " a contributing factor in this recent fall could be a simultaneous decline in proportions of students entering 3-year advanced-level school programs for 1618 year olds.
They must have a firearms licence, and firearms fall into one of three categories:
They exhibit no sexual dimorphism, except during the fall mating season, when males have a bulging ring around the cloaca glands.
They have quarreled with their respective fathers, they are proud to be Saxons, they display a highly-evolved sense of justice, they support the rightful king even though he is of Norman-French ancestry, they are adept with weapons, and they each fall in love with a " fair maid " ( Rowena and Marian, respectively ).
They appear to fall into two categories: wide belts, with radii of over 50 AU, and narrow belts ( like our own Kuiper belt ) with radii of between 20 and 30 AU and relatively sharp boundaries.
They usually fall into the broad domain of ontologies.
They also made many appearances in major print media and on radio and TV, including multiple appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the Late Show with David Letterman in the U. S. The Presidents turned down an offer to perform on Saturday Night Live in the fall of 1995 because the date conflicted with Ballew's wedding.
They feed primarily on grasses and, in the fall, broadleaf forbs.
They had, between them, made the Law of 22 Prairial one of the charges against him, and after his fall, advocating Terror would mean adopting the policy of a convicted enemy of the Republic, endangering the advocate's own head.
They derive from biblical chronology, mostly from the ancient genealogies in the books, Genesis to Second Kings, spanning the creation of the universe as the ancients understood it to the fall of Jerusalem with the destruction of its Temple in year 586 BC.
They immediately fall in love and get engaged.
They are sometimes depicted as having webbed feet ( except for Queen Rutela from Twilight Princess who appears to have two flat mermaid-like fins that fall down like a skirt ) and hands.
They were one of the few teams to wear white home uniforms, forcing opponents to wear their dark uniforms in Tampa's 90-degree fall heat.
They fall in a heap.
They dance together, forgetting the tension in the room, fall in love, and try to kiss, but Bernardo pulls his sister from Tony and sends her home.
They were led to this belief by the analogies existing between some of the teachings of the Zohar and certain Christian dogmas, such as the fall and redemption of man, and the dogma of the Trinity, which seems to be expressed in the Zohar in the following terms:
They were deemed too difficult to seize and move after Escobar's fall, and hence left on the untended estate.
Slaves cannot breathe in England ; if their lungs receive our air, that moment they are free, They touch our country, and their shackles fall.
They immediately fall in love and Valentine decides to give up his criminal career.
They complete the welding and to everyone's relief the reactor temperature begins to fall — the plan seems to have worked.
They abandoned London on 2 October, leaving the city to fall into disorder.

They and within
They bring an inextricable component of value within themselves, with attractions and repulsions native to their own quality.
They try to keep within the speed limits.
They showed no marked dependence on the flow rate within the accuracy of these measurements.
They are still considered to be for use in restricted waters, however, and targets must come within a few yards of them.
They indicated that no new errors were being made and that all old errors would be corrected `` within 60 days ''.
They have insisted, rather, on living fully and completely within modern culture and, so far from considering this treason to God, have looked upon it as the only way they could be faithful to him.
They are sometimes preserved within the voids of other organisms, for instance within empty hyolith conchs, within sponges, worm tubes and under the carapaces of bivalved arthropods, presumably in order to hide from predators or strong storm currents ; or maybe whilst scavenging for food.
They are subject to change, not only on the basis of new information and discoveries, but also as attitudes and perspectives change within the scientific community.
They must be protected in a controlled environment where such variables are maintained within a range of damage-limiting levels.
* They hold that the practice within Independent groups of ordaining women demonstrates an understanding of Priesthood that they vindicate is totally unacceptable to the Catholic and Orthodox churches as they believe that the Universal Church does not possess such authority ; thus, they uphold that any ceremonies performed by these women should be considered being sacramentally invalid.
They are made up mostly of compact bone, with lesser amounts of marrow, located within the medullary cavity, and spongy bone.
They marked a shift from a largely apophatic ( negative ) philosophical trend within Buddhism to a decidedly more cataphatic ( positive ) modus.
They are distributed throughout the body of the breast ; approximately two-thirds of the lactiferous tissue is within 30 mm of the base of the nipple.
They also undertook anti-Austrian propaganda and organized spies and saboteurs to operate within the empire's provinces.
They drifted within sight of Clipperton, but were unable to reach it.
They usually stand within a few minutes of calving, and suckle within an hour.
They can be found alone or in groups within the cytoplasm as well as on the RER.
They are really virtual files that exist, in reality, as objects within the operating system kernel.
They differentiate among various sexual practices, treating rape, prostitution, or temple sex rituals as immoral and those within committed relationships as positive regardless of sexual orientation.
They derive this concept from the observation that people seek richness, complexity, and depth within a virtual world.
They can return to the buy area within a set amount of time to buy more equipment ( some custom maps included neutral " buy zones " that could be used by both teams ).

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