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They and feature
They typically have small hinged pedicellate teeth, a feature unique to amphibians.
They feature many letters that appear to have been borrowed from or influenced by the Greek alphabet and the Hebrew alphabet.
They are usually informal and often feature discussions.
They may also feature extensive collaborative efforts with programs in other fields ( such as the University's Medical School or other engineering divisions ), owing again to the interdisciplinary nature of BME.
A similar feature began in May 2001, " Where Are They Now, Tommy?
They feature the following information on segmented and numbered fields:
They are sometimes portrayed as having especially large eyes or watching treasure very diligently, a feature that is the origin of the word dragon ( Greek drakeîn meaning " to see clearly ").
They made three feature films together during 1926 and 1927, all of them becoming successful with the critics and the public.
They often feature scenes that startle the viewer, and the macabre and the supernatural are frequent themes.
They feature prominently in the Commentaries on the Gallic War, with their failed migration attempt to southwestern Gaul ( 58 BC ) serving as a catalyst for Caesar's conquest of Gaul.
They feature higher quality materials, high craftsmanship, and higher quality bridges compared to other RG models.
They made fake identity documents which allowed them to visit bars at the weekend but also the local art house cinema – which though it typically showed pornographic films would on occasion feature underground films such as Robert Downey, Sr .' s Putney Swope and Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls.
Demme broke into feature film working for exploitation film producer Roger Corman from 1971 to 1976, co-writing and producing Angels Hard as They Come and The Hot Box.
They feature a dining and activity hall.
' They see the presentation of the English language as international as a further feature of Anglophone dominance.
They also took part in love feasts which allowed for the sharing of testimony, a key feature of early Methodists.
They lack the feature of novelty or accident, which is the basis of the distinction drawn by Lord Diplock in R v Sullivan 1984 AC 156, 172.
They feature excellent VHF and UHF performance plus low noise figures, and were widely used throughout the 1960s in television sets ( beginning with RCA's " New Vista " line of color sets in 1961 with the CTC-11 chassis ) and radio equipment and high-fidelity equipment, primarily in RF sections.
They also generally feature a self-confident and often stubborn central female protagonist and a plot involving courtship and marriage or remarriage.
They feature the quick but lazy Trinity ( Hill ) and his big, strong and irritable brother Bambino ( Spencer ).
They are designed for more robust field handling and rack mounting environments, and are also technically superior ; IRDs have the distinct feature of outputting uncompressed SDI signals, unlike consumer STBs, which don't, mostly because of copyright reasons.
They typically feature mystical writing or diagrams and are intended to fulfill various functions including providing guidance for the spirits of the dead, to bring good fortune, increase life span, etc.
They often also feature as a garnish, especially with one-dish meals.
They are mostly black with a white facial patch, and, typical of other puffin species, feature a very thick bill which is mostly red with some yellow and occasionally green markings.
They typically revolve around primarily brawling or combat sport, though some variations feature weaponry.

They and expanded
They expanded under Spanish regency to encompass half of North America and half of South America.
They and other authors freely expanded or modified pre-existing models, constantly refining the moral content without interest or access to much more detail regarding the factual content.
They began as baptismal formulae and were later expanded during the Christological controversies of the 4th and 5th centuries to become statements of faith.
They have been measured in detail, and match what would be expected if small thermal variations, generated by quantum fluctuations of matter in a very tiny space, had expanded to the size of the observable universe we see today.
They also said agriculture should not be expanded, sustainable support capabilities should be incorporated into the area and pollution sources should be reduced.
They city also expanded with the incorporation of the city of Rockingham and the establishment of the Davenport Municipal Airport.
They established bases on the northern highlands of the Ethiopian Plateau and from there expanded southward.
They expanded the house from 14 to 21 rooms, and included a china closet.
They expanded the range of geometry to many new kinds of figures, curves, surfaces, and solids ; they changed its methodology from trial-and-error to logical deduction ; they recognized that geometry studies " eternal forms ", or abstractions, of which physical objects are only approximations ; and they developed the idea of the " axiomatic method ", still in use today.
They also demanded that the colour palette be expanded to 4096 colours, the same as that of the Amiga.
They expanded it to include additional language families.
They based their growth on maritime trade and expanded their colonial empire in Asia, the Americas and the South Africa.
They named Saint Kitts " Liamuiga " meaning " fertile island ", and would likely have expanded further north if not for the arrival of Europeans.
They started writing Qt in 1991, and since then Qt has steadily expanded and improved.
They predict that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into beings with such greatly expanded abilities as to merit the label " posthuman ".
They expanded the franchise beyond the Constitutional requirement to more nearly embrace “ the people ”.
They expanded its mission beyond education and exhibitions to include collecting.
They were expanded greatly, and began to be offered by a number of state and local governments during the early Progressive Era in the late nineteenth century.
They are notably absent from cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg that lie on flat plains and have expanded outwardly on former agricultural land.
They expanded down the Orinoco River to Trinidad, and then spread rapidly up the islands of the Caribbean.
They expanded their influence to the eastern and southern coast from Bosa to Karalis, consolidating a large number of Phoenician colonies all over the western Mediterranean under one empire for the first time.
They were massively expanded during World War II, forming ten Airborne Corps plus numerous Independent Airborne Brigades, with most or all achieving Guards status.
They found that the Barrier Inlet had expanded to form a large bay, in which were hundreds of whales, which led to the immediate christening of the area as the Bay of Whales.
They had expanded the river in this area, to a width of over 150 meters.

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