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Page "learned" ¶ 862
from Brown Corpus
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They and generally
They vex us and perplex us but generally do not divide us like the issues which follow the problems.
They are generally progressive in nature, and cause progressive disability and death.
They generally have other terms specific to U. S. nationals, such as German US-Amerikaner, French étatsunien, Japanese 米国人 beikokujin, Arabic أمريكاني amriikaanii ( as opposed to the more-common أمريكي amriikii ), and Italian statunitense, but these may be less common than the term American.
They are generally good in all bottoms, but not exceptional in any.
They offer a fairly low holding-power-to-weight ratio and generally have to be oversized to compete with other types.
They constitute what is generally regarded as one of the greatest of Beethoven's piano pieces and as the greatest set of variations of their time, and are generally known simply as the Diabelli Variations, Op.
They have low adhesion and generally can not support much weight.
They are generally acrylic based.
They generally possess compound eyes and a carapace, which may be a shell of two valves enclosing the trunk ( as in most Cladocera ), broad and shallow ( as in the Notostraca ), or entirely absent ( as in the Anostraca ).
They have a series of contretemps with British bureaucracy and the artistic establishment, in which the trio generally represents the voice of reason.
They are generally about 10 percent heavier than steel, although alloys using aluminium or silicon may be slightly less dense.
They are altitudinal migrants, generally nesting in the lower grasslands of an elevation of around 1, 300 to 2, 000 m and moving down to lower altitudes for winter.
They were generally printed on one side of a medium to large sheet of poor quality paper.
They were generally sentimental, narrative, strophic songs published separately or as part of an opera ( descendants perhaps of broadside ballads, but with printed music, and usually newly composed.
They generally saw themselves as restoring the original church of Jesus Christ rather than reforming one of the existing churches.
They have a soft, long fur colored grey-brown to reddish on top with a generally brighter underbelly.
They are generally small monkeys, ranging in size up to that of the Brown Capuchin, with a body length of 33 to 56 cm, and a weight of 2. 5 to 3. 9 kilograms.
They are generally diurnal in habit.
They generally include all constellations that intersect the celestial equator.
They are generally placed in pre existing grooves in the canal bank.
They are among the most common artifacts to be found at an archaeological site, generally in the form of small fragments of broken pottery called sherds.
They are ranged under two classes, white and red ; the white cultivars being generally the best flavoured, and the most crisp and tender.
They are generally of low to moderate density, characterized primarily by single family structures.

They and vote
They were asked to vote `` true '' if they thought they had seen him make the error, `` false '' if they thought he had not ; ;
They were the suffragettes and they wanted to vote.
They are elected for life from among the ordained elders ( presbyters ) by vote of the delegates in regional ( called jurisdictional ) conferences, and are consecrated by the other bishops present at the conference through the laying on of hands.
They include the existence of a prime minister and Cabinet, the fact that the governor general is required to grant Royal Assent to bills adopted by both houses of parliament, and the requirement that the prime minister either resign or request a new general election upon losing a vote of non-confidence in the House of Commons.
They do, however: participate in other ecclesial and inter-ecclesial committees ; participate in discussions ; teach children in Sunday Schools as well as at home, teach other women and non-members ; perform music ; discuss and vote on business matters ; and engage in the majority of other activities.
They could not vote, plead in court nor leave a will ; unless they were manumitted, their lives and property belonged to their masters.
They also won 56 % of the two party preferred vote, which is still the greatest winning margin at a federal election in Australian political history.
They being not willing to give up the electoral rank, this led to the situation that this principality, which never cast an electoral vote in any imperial election, was the one which preserved the title of prince-elector.
They retained their seats in 1999 although the party lost 5 councillors in local elections held that year despite an increase in their vote.
They find that those who are assigned to the Washington Post treatment group are eight percentage points more likely to vote for the Democrat in the elections.
They lose their right to vote in any U. S. legislative and executive election at the national level that, despite the fact that the U. S. Government Executive and Legislative Branches hold ultimate sovereignty over all U. S. citizens and the territory of Puerto Rico.
They then send a record of that vote to Congress.
They voted to waive the waiting period for Clemente, due to the circumstances of his death, and posthumously elected him for induction into the Hall of Fame, giving him 393 of the 420 available votes, or 92 % of the vote.
They also elect, via a vote of investiture, the prime minister ( the " president of the Government "), before he or she can be formally sworn to office by the King.
They faced each other in a runoff on 29 January 2006, where Halonen was re-elected with 51. 8 % of the vote against Mr. Niinistö's 48. 2 %.
They aimed to turn Republicans out of office, suppress the black vote, and disrupt elections.
They then send a record of that vote to Congress.
They were generally regarded to have been free and fair, and Chiluba won 76 % of the presidential vote, and the MMD 125 of the 150 seats in the National Assembly, with the UNIP taking the remaining 25.
They are not represented on the Board and do not vote on Academy Awards.
They cannot vote or run for office.
They threatened to vote against the Budget unless they had their way ( an attempt by Lloyd George to win their support by amending whisky duties was abandoned as the Cabinet felt that this was recasting the Budget too much ).
They sealed Lloyd George's fate with a vote of 187 to 87 in favour of abandoning the coalition.
They don't have a vote.

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