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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 375
from Brown Corpus
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They and give
They crowded him in that threatening way once more, forced him to give in.
This, no doubt, is part of what Gilbert Seldes implies when he says of the arts, `` They give form and meaning to life which might otherwise seem shapeless and without sense ''.
They will -- when they give up the donkey and the elephant.
They offer exceptional design freedom, making it possible to incorporate contours and details which give free range to the talents of the designer.
They also give information which will aid in the design of a more satisfactory instrument for the measurement of the normal pressures.
They continued to give an arm-elevation.
They will give suggestions that can be worked up into field procedures.
They had had to work on very simple foundations and had not dared to give rein to impulses.
They indicated that a 4-day retention, aerated lagoon would give 60 to 76 per cent BOD reduction.
They threatened constantly to give the British a hold on this region, from whence they could move easily down the rivers to the French settlements near the Gulf.
They would give one final testimony of their challenge to let the people see their arrogance.
They are more cooperative if they can gradually build trust, instead of being asked to give extensive help immediately.
But humans can do something equally useful, in the case of certain enumerably infinite sets: They can give explicit instructions for determining the nth member of the set, for arbitrary finite n. Such instructions are to be given quite explicitly, in a form in which they could be followed by a computing machine, or by a human who is capable of carrying out only very elementary operations on symbols.
They decide when, how and how much information to give to the information services consumer.
They may preside over a simple prayer service such as the Liturgy of the Hours which they are obliged to say with their community, speak about Scripture to their community, and give certain types of blessings not reserved to the clergy.
They had planned to sell this engine to motor manufacturers, but having heard that the Aston Martin car was no longer in production they realised that they could capitalise on the reputation of the Aston Martin name ( what we would now call the brand ) to give themselves a head start in the production of a completely new car.
They also give attention to the protection of plants.
They apparently live singly or in pairs, rather than in herds like most cattle, except when the cows are about to give birth.
They do carry an inherent risk, however, as they give the offensive team another runner on base, without any effort on their part, who could potentially score a run.
They give the breast its offspring-feeding functions as a mammary gland.
They are so-named because they give a clue to the reason behind the discharge.
They demanded Pasternak's signature as well, but he refused to give it.
They also felt that it would give ammunition to those who were advocating repatriating black people back to Africa.
They can be divided broadly into two categories: dualist solutions that maintain Descartes ' rigid distinction between the realm of consciousness and the realm of matter but give different answers for how the two realms relate to each other ; and monist solutions that maintain that there is really only one realm of being, of which consciousness and matter are both aspects.

They and strict
They do have to follow strict celibacy, poverty and many other rules of conduct during as well as after they have completed their training.
They did this through strict celibacy, poverty, teaching, and preaching.
They then traveled about India incognito while begging for food and carrying out Baba's instructions in accordance with a strict set of " conditions of the New Life.
They claim that strict liability causes consumers to under invest in care even when they are the least-cost avoiders.
They are to have certain dispensations from the strict Rule, chiefly in the matter of food.
They witnessed the intellectual and theological battle the proponents of the new philosophy ( René Descartes lived for a few years in Utrecht ) fought with the proponents of the strict Reformed theologian Voetius.
They advocated strong antitrust laws, restricting corporate lobbying and campaign contributions, and greater citizen participation and control, including standardized secret ballots, strict voter registration and women's suffrage.
They thought that this meant that the languages were unorganized and lacked strict rules for pronunciation, and they took it as evidence that the languages were more primitive than their own.
They lived by a strict religion ( to Mycogenians, ' history ').
They lack passion and creativity preferring strict rules and regulations.
They were raised in a strict Baptist home.
They developed a culture of custodianship and time-related technologies based on this perception which includes strictly controlled time travel machines ( known as " TARDISes ") and monitoring devices to travel through time and to prevent time from being subverted or abused – although actual action was described as rare in practice due to their traditional policy of strict non-interference and neutrality.
They also tend to require a strict, complete ensemble for proper performance, as they may contain intricate harmonies and counter-melodies.
They grew the plants under strict guard in the central courtyards of their houses, and any Hungarians who considered growing pepper for their own use were threatened with decapitation.
For the refrain, Lennon was again inspired by his childhood memories: the words " nothing to get hung about " were inspired by Aunt Mimi's strict order not to play in the grounds of Strawberry Field, to which Lennon replied, " They can't hang you for it.
They are also very strict with their daughters hanging out with boys.
They were adopted as a fashion which flattered plump calves and also expressed rebellious deviation from Japan's strict dress code for school uniforms.
They stood by the party's original stance for strict construction of the Constitution and opposed Jefferson's pragmatic approach to governing.
They were subject to strict discipline, but they were paid salaries and pensions on retirement, and were free to marry ; those conscripted through devşirme formed a distinctive social class which quickly became the ruling class of the Ottoman Empire, rivaling the Turkish aristocracy in one of the four royal institutions: the Palace, the Scribes, the Religious and the Military.
They believed that the patient had lost all control over their morals and that strict discipline was necessary to help the patient regain self-control.
" They bear away from their light, while their strict lord Death bids them to dance ... and the rain washes, and cleanses the salt of their tears from their cheeks.
They were active throughout Russia and followed a strict Vegetarian diet.
They must adhere to strict rules such as hygiene and uniform regulations and obey all lawful orders.
They returned to Italy, where in 1294 Celestine V, noted for his asceticism but whose pontificate lasted scarcely six months, willingly permitted them to live as hermits in the strict observance of the Rule of St. Francis.

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