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Page "adventure" ¶ 258
from Brown Corpus
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They and had
They had been seen as soon as they left the ranch, picked out of the darkness by the weary though watchful eyes of two men posted a few hundred yards away in the windless shelter of the trees.
They greeted the news angrily, as though they had been cheated of purpose.
They had pistols in their hands.
They had the house cleaned up by noon, and Wilson sent the boy out to the meadow to bring in the horses.
They had spent a million dollars, carving in a road, putting up buildings, drilling their haulage tunnel.
They had for cover both darkness and a summer storm.
They trailed him across the wide hallway to the parlor, four roughly garbed and tough-looking men who probably had never before ventured into such a house.
They had never seen a tultul but they had heard about it from their fathers ''.
They had fought from caves, and the marines resorted to burning them out.
They couldn't have much dough, but then none of the freight-bums Feathertop rolled had much.
They believe that if the South had been let alone it would have produced a civilization superior to that of modern America.
They had located the runway of a colony of ants and as the ants came out of the ground, the boys picked them up, one at a time, and pinched them dead.
They thought of themselves, to use Jefferson's words, as `` the Argonauts '' who had lived in `` the Heroic Age ''.
They recognized that slavery was a moral issue and not merely an economic interest, and that to recognize it explicitly in their Constitution would be in explosive contradiction to the concept of sovereignty they had set forth in the Declaration of 1776 that `` all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
They look as if they had been sculptured with an unsharpened chisel.
They had watered their stock at immense profit, then had raised the price of coal fifty cents a ton, netting themselves another $20,000,000 in annual profit.
They had lost twice with the radical Bryan, and were having no part of Hearst, whom they considered more radical than Bryan.
They had to take blood samples to the laboratory to test them, for one thing, and there was much required preliminary procedure.
They had risen from humble beginnings by their own diligence and astuteness, they were unfettered by the codes that bound nobles like Othon or even the older generation of clerks like Hotham, and they were working for an end that their opponents had never even visualized.
They had other topics of conversation, besides their news from courts and fairs, which were of interest to Othon, the builder of castles in Wales and churches in his native country.
They had my mother's opinion of him: that he was too sharp or a little too good to be true.

They and chosen
They are chosen by the Foundation's Board of Trustees on the bases of their own first-rate accomplishments in their different fields of scholarship and the arts.
They lived in 100 cantons ( 4. 1 ) from which 1000 young men per year were chosen for military service, a citizen-army by our standards and by comparison with the Roman professional army.
They were mostly chosen by lot, with a much smaller ( and more prestigious ) group of about 100 elected.
They attempted to record and classify all the known ballads and variants in their chosen regions.
The shade was chosen by Cy Huston, the Lions first vice president and general manager, and of the choice, he said: " They had me looking at so many blues I am blue in the face ," Huston said about the selection.
They concluded that " all rabbis, regardless of sexual orientation, be accorded the opportunity to fulfill the sacred vocation that they have chosen " and that " all Jews are religiously equal regardless of their sexual orientation.
They concluded the ability to assign an individual to a specific population cluster with enough markers considered is perfectly compatible with the fact it may still be possible for two randomly chosen individuals from different populations / clusters to be more similar to each other than to a randomly chosen member of their own cluster whilst still being capable of being traced back to specific regions.
They found that the second of ephemeris time ( ET ) had the duration of 9, 192, 631, 770 ± 20 cycles of the chosen caesium frequency.
They showed that in languages with few color terms, it is predictable from the number of terms which hues are chosen as focal colors, for example, languages with only three color terms always have the focal colors black, white and red.
They are often made with two, three, or more fillings that are chosen for their complementary tastes and colors.
They were formally chosen at the party's 400-person convention in Washington D. C. on October 5, 1992, although they had been campaigning already.
They are in fact part of the Prussian Army, for Grouchy, currently near Wavre, has chosen to obey the letter of Napoleon's orders to pursue the Prussians east, rather than the standing instructions to " march to the sound of the guns " and join in any ongoing battle.
They were typically chosen on the basis of their " breeding "— social and conversational skills, intelligence, common-sense, and companionship — as well as their physical attributes.
They all enjoy relatively strong economies and stable governments, allow freedom of religion, have chosen democracy as a form of governance, favor capitalism and international trade, are heavily influenced by Judeo-Christian values, and have some form of political and military alliance or cooperation.
They could be heard at least ten miles away and were tuned to 55 Hz, a low bass B note that was chosen for maximum passenger comfort despite the high sound pressure level.
They seem to have chosen this name at least in part because of the theory that " Telluride " is itself a contraction of " To Hell You Ride ".
They were also linked by a common focus on the advancement of scientific knowledge, de Camp's chosen protagonists being explorers, artisans, engineers, innovators and practical philosophers rather than famous names from antiquity, who are relegated to secondary roles.
" They require outward signs of respect, such as jumping promptly into the gutter when a member of the chosen race walks by, and the slightest hesitation to show the prescribed courtesies earns a swagger stick across the face.
Llewelyn was chosen for the role of Q because of his work with director Terence Young in the 1950 war film They Were Not Divided, in which he played a tank gunner.
They described a hierarchy of attack models for signature schemes, and also present the GMR signature scheme, the first that can be proven to prevent even an existential forgery against a chosen message attack.
They were also surprised that Heysel was chosen despite its poor condition, especially since Barcelona's Camp Nou and Madrid's Bernabéu were both available.
They secretly hide a picked body of men, chosen by lot,
They have been chosen by Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel to perform at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival that he will curate in March 2012 in Minehead, England.

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