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They and include
They include the Navy's Atlantic Command at Norfolk, Virginia, which is in contact with the Polaris subs ; ;
They include both individual fears and collective ones.
They can also include essential oils that have some antibacterial properties, like phenol, thymol, eugenol, eucalyptol or menthol.
They also include the only marine angiosperms.
They do not include earlier states of language, such as Middle Mongol or Old Japanese.
They include the enclaves of temperate rainforest lying along the southeastern coast of the Black Sea in eastern Turkey and Georgia.
They include Protagoras, a 5th-century BCE Greek philosopher,
They include: the Second Battle of Athenry ( 1316 ); the battle of Knockdoe ( 1504 ); the Battle of the Yellow Ford ( 1596 ); the First Battle of Curlew Pass ( 1599 ); the Battle of Dungans Hill ( 1647 ); the Battle of Castlebar ( 1798 ), and the Battle of the Bogside ( 1969 ).
They include the 22 proteinogenic (" protein building ") amino acids which combine into peptide chains (" polypeptides ") to form the building blocks of a vast array of proteins.
They also include much succinic acid.
They include:
They include two concertos for pianoforte, one in C major and one in B flat major, ( both 1773 ); a concerto for organ in C Major in two movements, ( the middle movement is missing from the autograph score, or perhaps, it was an improvised organ solo ) ( also 1773 ); two concertante works: a concerto for oboe, violin and cello in D major ( 1770 ), and a flute and oboe concerto in C major ( 1774 ).
They include the major rivers of north Europe, such as the Oder, the Vistula, the Neman, the Daugava and the Neva.
They include approximately 130, 000 cuneiform tablets from Mesopotamia.
They include the Indigenous Australians, the Melanesians ( now divided into Austronesian-speaking populations and Papuans, and including the great genetic diversity of New Guinea ), the Semang people of the Malay peninsula, and indigenous first nation Fijians.
They include drowsiness, dizziness, and decreased alertness and concentration.
They include a long line of TV advertisements in the 1990s featuring three frogs named " Bud ", " Weis ", and " Er ", the Budweiser Ants, and a campaign built around the phrase " Whassup?
They include the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992, Atlanta in 1996, Sydney in 2000, Salt Lake City in 2002, Athens in 2004, Turin in 2006, Beijing in 2008, Vancouver in 2010, and London in 2012.
They include instructions to worship only God and to keep the Sabbath, and prohibitions against idolatry, blasphemy, murder, theft, and adultery.
They include simple substitution ciphers and transposition ciphers.
They generally include all constellations that intersect the celestial equator.
They include such problems as determining when one work is " derived " from another, or deciding when information has been placed in a " tangible " or " material " form.
They include socioeconomic, psychological, biological, and behavioral factors.
* Sulfonated polysaccharides: They occur in the cell walls of most algae ; those common in red algae include agarose, carrageenan, porphyran, furcelleran and funoran.
They are usually complex proprietary formulations containing Portland clinker and a number of other ingredients that may include limestone, hydrated lime, air entrainers, retarders, waterproofers and coloring agents.

They and scene
They comprise a great variety of scene and interest: grim episodes of war, idyllic interludes, superb canvases of world-shaking events, and delightfully humorous sketches of odd characters.
Pasley continued: `` They became an institution of the Chicago scene and marked the way to the moral and financial collapse of the municipal and county governments in 1928-29 ''.
The Marquis de Feuquières writing after the battle described the scene – " They advanced in four lines … As they approached they advanced their second and fourth lines into the intervals of their first and third lines ; so that when they made their advance upon us, they formed only one front, without any intermediate spaces.
The Gary Cooper movie They Came to Cordura contains an excellent scene of a cavalry regiment deploying from march to battleline formation.
They make notes on every shot, and keep track of props, blocking, and other details to ensure continuity from shot to shot and scene to scene.
They may also paint visual information into or out of a scene, such removing wires and rigs, logos, dust busting, scratch removal, etc.
They are typically rare and uncommon in the popular music scene.
They are interrupted by Robert, who mistakes the scene for torture and tries to save the cow, who in turn accidentally crushes the Masked Masochist, suffocating him.
They are regarded as an important influence on the Manchester music scene, the independent record label movement, punk rock, power pop, pop punk and indie rock.
They thought it captured the excitement of the Sex Pistols and nascent punk scene.
They were originally associated with the punk rock scene, appearing on the Live at the Roxy WC2 album — a key early document of the sceneand were later central to the development of post-punk.
" Ball said, " They wanted to cut that scene.
They and child labor representatives were on the set for the shooting of the scene.
In the book Songs They Never Play on the Radio, James Young, a member of her band in the 1980s, recalls many examples of her troubling behaviour due to her " overwhelming " addiction – and also that Nico claimed to have never taken the drug while with the Velvets / Factory scene but only began using during her relationship with Philippe Garrel in the 1970s.
They had planned to do it painstakingly, recording eight measures or less at a time, after running through the whole scene to get the overall idea.
" They highlighted a scene from the episode " The PTA Disbands ", in which Frink becomes a kindergarten substitute teacher and keeps one of the children's toys to himself because the children " wouldn't enjoy it on as many levels " as he did.
They are frequently special tools that directors and playwrights use to understand the layout of the scene.
Lipara, Asterope and Chrysothemis are named in a Hesperide scene of the apotheosis of Heracles ( romanised to Hercules ) on a late fifth-century hydria by the Meidias Painter in London They are sometimes called the Western Maidens, the Daughters of Evening or Erythrai, and the " Sunset Goddesses ", designations all apparently tied to their imagined location in the distant west.
They were among the most popular acts of the San Francisco punk scene of the early 1980s.
They started traveling to Detroit, Michigan on weekends in order to audition for Motown Records and to participate in the fertile music scene there.
They included the scene at the beginning of the movie where Andy is parked outside his home contemplating murdering his wife ( filmed outside of Pugh Cabin ), and the oak tree and rock wall scene where Red finds the box from Andy under the black rock.
They shot a scene both ways, and compared them.

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