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They and included
They are included in all types of mathematical handbooks and they are stamped on some types of precision measuring instruments.
They were released only in 1955, to be included with the biographical data of Nobel.
They included institutions such as the Diamond Jubilee Trust and the Platinum Jubilee Investments Limited which in turn assisted the growth of various types of cooperative societies.
They were perhaps not named " Angles " at that time ; however, the territory of the Teutones probably included the Vorpommern and the region south to the Elbe ( mainly Holstein ), accounting for the implied larger range of the Angles in later sources.
They included the 1½-litre " T-type ", the " International ", the " Le Mans ", the " MKII ", its racing derivative, the " Ulster ", and the 2-litre 15 / 98 and its racing derivative the " Speed Model ".
They sometimes included symbolic and religious meanings.
" They are present in a few historic Protestant versions: the German Luther Bible included such books, as did the English 1611 King James Version.
They usually included a degree of social comment, and featured ensemble casts which often included Alec Guinness or Stanley Holloway.
They may be included as communities of need or identity, such as disabled persons, or frail aged people.
They included Henry Wilcoxon, Julia Faye, Joseph Schildkraut, Ian Keith, Charles Bickford, Theodore Roberts, Akim Tamiroff and William Boyd.
They included double-bull structures in their capitals.
They included: supporters of religious independents who did not want an established church and some of whom had sympathies with the Levellers ; Presbyterians who were willing to countenance the trial and execution of the King ; and later admissions, such as formerly excluded MPs who were prepared to denounce the Newport Treaty negotiations with the King.
They can return to the buy area within a set amount of time to buy more equipment ( some custom maps included neutral " buy zones " that could be used by both teams ).
They included the use of face-to-face groups, and remotely-linked groups using computer conferencing.
They included overwhelming sound, free-form dancing, " trippy " lighting, colorful costumes, and hallucinogens.
They included more than 50 partial and complete " Tao Te Ching " manuscripts.
They included two nearly complete copies of the text, referred to as Text A () and Text B (), both of which reverse the traditional ordering and put the Te Ching section before the Tao Ching, which is why the Henricks translation of them is named " Te-Tao Ching ".
They said that among those signing the letter were officers who had no knowledge of their inclusion or who had refused to be included, and even one instance of a general's widow who signed her husband's name to the letter though he had died before the survey was published.
They have also included holiday shows during the Christmas season.
They also included him in their list of characters they wish they could kill, stating that almost everyone they talked to, even dog lovers, wanted to shoot him.
They were an extremely heterogeneous lot that included liberal intellectuals, conservative clergymen, and representatives from Guayaquil's successful business community.
They traveled to Italy together and upon returning, Munch began another fertile period in his art, which included landscapes and his final painting in " The Frieze of Life " series, The Dance of Life ( 1899 ).
They noted, however, that their data included a wide range of products, and the degree of competition in each market varied significantly, and offer that further research on this issue should be conducted to determine whether these findings remain the same when purchasing the same product for both small and high volumes.
They helped to make stars of actors like John Mills, Jack Hawkins and Kenneth More, and some of the most successful included The Cruel Sea ( 1953 ), The Dam Busters ( 1954 ), The Colditz Story ( 1955 ) and Reach for the Sky ( 1956 ).

They and journalists
They were strays of every kind -- university students and journalists, Village hangers-on and barflies, taxi drivers and editors and unknown poets, as well as friends like Elinor Wylie and William Rose Benet, the Van Dorens and Nathan, Rebecca West and Hugh Walpole and Osbert Sitwell, Laurence Stallings, Lewis Browne, William Seabrook, Arthur Hopkins, the Woodwards.
They can do so, because it is cheaper to hire journalists that write stories which are consistent with their political position.
They would often display no interest in promoting themselves, and many journalists were confused, and sometimes angered, when their questions were met with complete silence from the four Stone Roses.
They include mountain climbers ( Heidi Howkins, class of 1989, the only woman to lead expeditions to both Everest and K-2 ), authors ( such as Harriet Stratemeyer Adams, class of 1914, pen name Carolyn Keene ), astronomers ( including Annie Jump Cannon, class of 1884, who developed the well-known Harvard Classification of stars based upon temperature ), screenwriters, ( including Nora Ephron, class of 1962, famous for such films as When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle ), journalists ( Linda Wertheimer, class of 1965, Lynn Sherr, class of 1963, Diane Sawyer, class of 1967, and Cokie Roberts, class of 1964, being a few notable examples ), entrepreneurs ( including Robin Chase, class of 1980, the co-founder of ZipCar ), mathematicians ( Winifred Edgerton Merrill, class of 1883, was the first woman to ever receive a PhD in mathematics ), judges ( including Jane Bolin, class of 1928, the first African-American woman to become a judge, and current federal appeals judges Reena Raggi, Amalya Kearse, and Susan P. Graber ).
They based some of the scenes in the film, where the terrorists disguised as journalists survey the layout of the plane and begin to take their seats, on the touring experience.
They were often joined by muckraking journalists such as Steffens, Phillips, and Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis to discuss issues and strategies to limit conservative power in the legislature and the judiciary.
They also formed a Council for German Orthography-" 38 experts from five countries ", representing linguists, publishers, writers, journalists, teachers and parents.
They are usually either comedians or journalists, and sometimes politicians.
They had a reputation for knowing the countries in which they worked better than any foreign correspondent and often with greater insight and better connections than local journalists.
They also demanded that the organizers of the tournament allow journalists access to the surveillance video from Kramnik's room for games 1 through 4.
They are governed by Boards of Trustees of senior journalists, peace-building and human rights experts, regional specialists, and business and NGO professionals.
They were joined by Chinese journalists and non-governmental organisations, who made their opposition public through demonstrations.
They were killed instantly, along with 41 people including Professor Harry Glicken, several firemen and journalists also covering the eruptions.
They have given money to provide for the needs of exiled or imprisoned journalists and their families and the unsupported families of journalists who have been killed ; to enable journalists to leave their home countries if they are in danger there ; to repair the effects of vandalism on media outlets ; to cover the legal fees of journalists who have been prosecuted for their writings or the medical bills of those who have been physically attacked ; and on one occasion, to provide bullet-proof vests.
They found no reason to doubt Snape's " assertion that his intention to consult the Registrar before taking any steps was genuine, the meeting with the journalists was on Thursday, and they telephoned him within 24 hours to reveal the sting.
They noted that in the battle of images, the amazing scene of the young suicide bomber willing to kill himself and others was immediately seized by the Israeli officials who, hours after the incident, presented the boy to the media while forbidding foreign journalists from speaking to him.
They fly journalists in and put them up at really nice hotels and, you know, treat them to experiences that they would never possibly in a million years — they wouldn't even be allowed in these hotels ordinarily.
They may employ officers to work as journalists, recruit agents of influence, operate media platforms, plant certain stories or information in places it is hoped it will come to public attention, or seek to deny and / or discredit information that is public knowledge.
They also publish an annual census of imprisoned journalists.
They wrote pseudonymously because their employer, Lord Beaverbrook, was active in the Conservative Party and banned his journalists from writing for other publications.
They can be used as demonstrations to the investors, partners, journalists or even to potential customers in order to convince them of the viability of the chosen approach.

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