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They and involve
They involve similar uncertainties regarding the multiple identities of any number of non-Jewish groups.
They involve only simple mathematics that are taught in grammar school arithmetic classes.
They typically involve making judgments of some physical property, e. g. the loudness of a sound.
They can include bishōjo games that involve character driven plots, and can exist as sex simulations.
They usually involve a concern for those in society who are disadvantaged relative to others and an assumption that there are unjustified inequalities ( which right-wing politics views as natural or traditional ) that should be reduced or abolished.
They typically involve plans to construct artificial islands ( few of which are ever realised ), and a large percentage have embraced or purported to embrace libertarian or democratic principles.
They have specific rules, as do multiplayer games, but mathematical puzzles don't usually involve competition between two or more players.
They also involve a central romantic story, usually in which the couple seem mismatched and even hostile to each other at first, but eventually overcome their differences in an amusing or entertaining way that leads to romance.
They usually involve the reinforcement process of late stages of speciation.
They always involve other commedia characters to try to figure out how they can be together, since they themselves are not intelligent enough to figure out how to be together on their own.
They tend to feature a resourceful character struggling against incredible odds, which may involve life-threatening situations, an evil villain, and / or being pursued, with victory achieved at the end after difficult physical efforts and violence.
They can involve words being marked with various morphemes as well as nearly entirely different lexicons being used based on the social status of the interactants.
They involve a higher course load with more intense class and examination schedules.
They do, however, involve tenure, financial security and some administrative control.
They have argued that those " who do not involve themselves with reindeer husbandry are treated as second class citizens " and that the privileges the herders have are " undemocratic.
They often involve competitors that belong to the same gender, age and class.
They involve protrusion of intraabdominal contents through a weakness at the site of passage of the umbilical cord through the abdominal wall.
They can take the form of diplomatic or economic sanctions and involve the cutting of ties and imposition of barriers to communication or trade.
They typically involve a " Scenario Cell " that adds pre-scripted " surprises " throughout the exercise.
They involve some integration of both types of transport, e. g., in finding out the fastest connection, allowing exchange between an air ticket and a train ticket, or a step further, the air ticket being valid on the train, etc.
They contain classes, which describe characteristics and define actions ( methods ) that involve objects.
They use several response techniques, which involve the IDPS stopping the attack itself, changing the security environment ( e. g. reconfiguring a firewall ), or changing the attack's content.
They involve a combination of rods, screws, hooks, and wires fixing the spine, and can apply stronger, safer forces to the spine than the Harrington rod.
They may alternatively involve the sacrifice of ' a primal animal, which must be sacrificed in the cause of fertility or even creation ', while there is evidence that ' prehistoric mother worship in the form of fertility rites is tied to human sacrifice '.
They occur not only during placebo analgesia but after receiving the analgesic placebo ( the areas are different here, and involve the medial prefrontal cortex, posterior parietal cortex and inferior parietal lobule ).

They and educating
They saw the need to establish Buddhist schools for educating Buddhist youth and organizing Buddhists with new organizations such as the Young Men's Buddhist Association, as well as printing pamphlets to encourage people to participate in debates and religious controversies to defend Buddhism.
They also hope to promote change by educating people who work in the medical and legal professions about end-of-life decisions.
They have launched a nationwide campaign aimed at educating the public about the real reasons as to why cannabis was made illegal and why these laws should be overturned.
They had a vision of educating the youth of Ecuador in democratic values knowing these students would become the future leaders.
They serve a role of educating the members of legislature about the bill they are discussing.
They suffered from underinvestment and poor reputations, in spite of educating around 70 % of the UK's school children.
They travel to different parts of the globe, performing their stunts in exotic environments while educating their audience on wildlife and local culture.
They had prospered there as a teaching order educating Slovak-speaking nuns and organized two Slovak schools.
They began educating other African communities on AIDS after realizing its impact.
They are active in educating students about how the waste stream functions as well as finding ways to reuse materials for the students ' benefit.
They circulated five million leaflets educating the U. S. about the war, held hundreds of lectures and spread the news via radio.
They arrived in Moravia in 863 and immediately set to work educating and preaching.
They believed that independence, if it is to be regained, must be won gradually, by " building from the foundations " ( creating a material infrastructure and educating the public ) and through organic work that would enable Polish society to function as a fully integrated social organism ( a concept borrowed from Herbert Spencer ).
They are usually active in educating the public
* They also marketed products aimed at educating teachers on other topics such as motivation, violence prevention, conflict resolution, and instructional strategies with titles like " How to Get Parents On Your Side < sup > TM </ sup >".
They are committed not only to educating young people but also to furthering their own learning and to exploring their own creativity.
They prohibited educating enslaved African Americans, as they believed slaves ' learning to read and write would make them unhappy and less compliant.

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