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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1388
from Brown Corpus
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They and laughed
They called her Mollie the Mutton, and laughed.
They both laughed and winked back.
" Liverpool manager Gérard Houllier laughed off any apparent interest: " They might be able to afford Ronaldo but they cannot afford Michael Owen.
They found that the subjects laughed just as much when they believed they were being tickled by a machine as when they thought they were being tickled by a person.
They considered this so comical that they laughed heartily at the sight.
They laughed at him, because he was one and they were many and tried to reason with him, pointing out the hopelessness of his position.
They had in fact been executed, and as Wolff later described, he was only spared death himself because the Emir laughed uncontrollably at Wolff's appearance in full canonical garb.
They laughed and Jed said “ Soon, are you still into it ?” His response was “ FUCK YEAH !”
They poured a bucket of water over him in their apartments and he was laughed at by them and two members of the Pakistani team who happened to witness the event.
They politely rejected the chance to record any of his compositions ( although they did ultimately record " I'm Going Home " as the B-side of their final ( contractually obligated ) single ,) and laughed when he told them he was adopting the stage name of Elton John.
They were asked whether there was any possible connection between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda, and laughed stating that Bin Laden hated the dictator who he believed was a " Scotch-drinking, woman-chasing apostate .”
They can get through a space you would not have thought a snake could get through ," Sharon laughed.
* They also laughed at Christopher Columbus

They and true
They grounded him ( over his protests -- not including his true reason for wanting to fly ) and put him in the Command offices.
They are not true because scientists or prophets say they are true.
They had my mother's opinion of him: that he was too sharp or a little too good to be true.
They do not destroy physical structures as is true of high explosives.
They were asked to vote `` true '' if they thought they had seen him make the error, `` false '' if they thought he had not ; ;
They had heard that he was bringing 15 regiments with him, but this actually was not true.
They cited the time delay of ten years between the alleged behavior by Thomas and Hill's accusations, and noted that Hill had followed Thomas to a second job and later had personal contacts with Thomas, including giving him a ride to an airport — behavior which they said would be inexplicable if Hill's allegations were true.
They were thus technically Anabaptists, even though Conservative Mennonites, Amish, Mennonites, and Hutterites and some historians tend to consider them as outside of true Anabaptism.
They say that the literal meaning is true but that hidden behind this historical account are many allegories.
They are known as the Baburnama and are considered the first true autobiography in Islamic literature.
They concluded that it could " mislead the viewer as to the true nature of the product " as the advert contained so many pieces of Caribbean imagery, one might conclude it came from Cuba.
They live lives that are not true to themselves, to who they are on the inside.
They argued that the Knights were perfectly justified in their crusade as it was a sacred duty of Christians to spread the true faith.
They firmly believe that exposure of all citizens to the development of thought by those most responsible for the evolution of the Western tradition is integral to the survival of the freedoms, human rights and responsibilities inherent to a true Democracy.
They regard true film noir as belonging to a temporally and geographically limited cycle or period, treating subsequent films that evoke the classics as fundamentally different due to general shifts in filmmaking style and latter-day awareness of noir as a historical source for allusion.
They are much more closely related to sea lions than true seals, and share with them external ears ( pinnae ), relatively long and muscular foreflippers, and the ability to walk on all fours.
They are traditionally considered lobose amoebae, but are not related to the others and unlike them do not form true lobose pseudopods.
They rejected organizing, believing that only unorganized individuals were safe from coercion and domination, believing this kept them true to the ideals of anarchism.
They are more valuable than all else of Moorish Spain, which though we may not like it, is the true Spain .”
" They argued that " genuine freedom and individuality could only exist in a free society " and that in contrast to " misanthropic bourgeois individualism " anarchism was based in " a deep love of freedom, understood as a social product, a deep respect for human rights, a profound celebration of humankind and its potential and a commitment to a form of society where a ' true individuality ' was irrevocably linked to ' the highest communist socieability '"
They go on to argue, based on situation semantics, that the " denial liar " can be true without contradiction while the " negation liar " can be false without contradiction.
They look to the scriptures for spiritual guidance, but do not necessarily believe the teachings to be literally or uniquely true.
They claimed that the Saudi royal family no longer represented pure Islam and that the Masjid al-Haram ( The Sacred Mosque ) and the Kaaba, must be held by those of true faith.

They and national
They enlisted the help of the New Jersey congressman, who has been able to trace the letters to the national archives, where they are available on microfilm.
They were increasingly looked upon as a means of establishing the new rural communes as the focus of a new, constructive national effort.
They may even dismiss it from their minds as something that concerns only the `` ecclesiastical Rover Boys '', as someone has dubbed them, who like to go to national and international assemblies, and have expense accounts that permit them to do so.
They do not produce their own news or current affairs programs, relying instead on news from national channels.
They can also be ordered via the publishing units of many other national standards bodies ( ANSI, DIN, etc.
They argue that nations and races must purge themselves of socially and biologically weak or degenerate people, while simultaneously promoting the creation of strong people, in order to survive in a world defined by perpetual national and racial conflict.
They may function as forums for developing competence and are often the local units of a national employer's organization.
They deliberately avoided social, economic, and cultural topics because they might undermine the national political development which their writing celebrated.
They also prohibit public expression that insults a person or a group on account of national, ethnic, racial, or religious affiliation or the lack of a religious affiliation.
They feared a break-up of the union and national bankruptcy.
They are protected under Indonesian law, and a national park, Komodo National Park, was founded to aid protection efforts.
They have now since been closed, the land on the former has now been converted into a national park, stadium and the Crafts Village visitor attraction.
They are rather contemporary regional sports that coexist with the modern forms of martial arts sports as they have developed since the 19th century, often including cross-fertilization between sports and folk styles ; thus, the traditional Thai style of Muay Boran developed into the modern national sport of Muay Thai, which in turn came to be practiced worldwide and contributed significantly to modern hybrid styles like kickboxing and mixed martial arts.
They have a different type of border, in principle defined only by the area of settlement of the national group, although many nation states also sought natural borders ( rivers, mountain ranges ).
They are included in national system of medicine in many countries including India and neighbouring countries.
They lose their right to vote in any U. S. legislative and executive election at the national level that, despite the fact that the U. S. Government Executive and Legislative Branches hold ultimate sovereignty over all U. S. citizens and the territory of Puerto Rico.
They include local, national and international clubs and societies where collectors come together to share their hobby.
They also have exclusive jurisdiction over disposal of two national funds, ( i ) the PM's National Relief Fund, and ( ii ) the PM's National Defence Fund, which they use at their discretion attain the objectives behind the establishment of these funds.
They also renamed the area around Quebec City the Capitale-Nationale ( national capital ) region and renamed provincial parks Parcs Nationaux ( national parks ).
They include Thai and Lao, the national languages of Thailand and Laos respectively.
They were organised at the national level, with offices in a number of London inns and taverns such as The Rosemary Branch in Islington which got its name from the sprigs of rosemary that Levellers would wear in their hats as a sign of identification.
They were famously banned permanently from Saturday Night Live after performing drunk before a national television audience on January 18, 1986.
They strongly distrusted the elitism of Hamilton's circle, denouncing it as " aristocratic "; and they called for states ' rights lest the Federalists centralize ever more power in the national governments.

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