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Page "humor" ¶ 37
from Brown Corpus
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They and looked
They looked a good deal alike, Morgan thought.
They looked up in surprise as Powers came in.
They were far off and looked tiny.
They looked, even so.
They were increasingly looked upon as a means of establishing the new rural communes as the focus of a new, constructive national effort.
They looked as if they had been fed on vinegar and shavings.
They have insisted, rather, on living fully and completely within modern culture and, so far from considering this treason to God, have looked upon it as the only way they could be faithful to him.
They bent over yellowed prayerbooks and looked up only to watch the teacher.
They looked at the ruins of the old Roman wall on the lower Via Veneto, then they went to the Farnese Gardens.
They wore shoes with pointed toes, odd to American eyes, and narrow trousers, and their hair looked unnaturally black and slick.
They picnicked by the pool, then lay back on the grass and looked at stars.
They looked at various sites in Cardiff, but they all proved to be unsatisfactory.
They looked at the effects of redevelopment in the Islamic Cairo old quarter which the government wanted to develop for tourism.
They were not itinerant opportunists who had looked on their work at Rüsselsheim as just another job.
They also looked to the Marxist dialectic and the work of such theorists as Walter Benjamin and Herbert Marcuse.
They were called up and relieved through public-houses and therefore a man could not get this job unless he possessed the favourable opinion of the publican, who looked upon most favourably those who drank.
They looked down on anyone who wasn't " Lace Curtain ," even the Irish from the Back of the Yards and Bridgeport neighborhoods ( referred to as " Pig Shit " Irish ), and also non-Irish ethnics.
They have virtually disappeared at the college or high school levels, being looked down upon by many players.
They say " that Christ visited this part of Asia and ascended this summit, whence he looked down on all the region around.
They looked to a past in which the future was " rotting ".
They picked up momentum and looked like a possible playoff contender, but things collapsed in February, and the Rockies finished the 1976 – 77 season with a record of 20 – 46 – 14 ; good for 54 points.
They looked to and adopted some of the evangelizing techniques of Jews for Jesus.
They had lacked consistent outside shooting, which is what they looked for in the trade.
They looked, and terrified by the two serpents Athena had set within to guard the child, they fled in terror and lept from the Acropolis to their deaths.

They and so
They were dirty, their clothes were torn, and the girl was so exhausted that she fell when she was still twenty feet from the front door.
They are huge areas which have been swept by winds for so many centuries that there is no soil left, but only deep bare ridges fifty or sixty yards apart with ravines between them thirty or forty feet deep and the only thing that moves is a scuttling layer of sand.
They never troubled themselves about us while we were playing, because the fence formed such a definite boundary and `` Don't go outside the gate '' was a command so impossible of misinterpretation.
Lautner, for his part, `` belonged to the present-day race of small artists, who do not demand the utmost of themselves '', and the bitter description of the type includes such epithets as `` wretched little poseurs '', the devastating indictment `` they do not know how to be wretched decently and in order '', and the somewhat extreme prophecy, so far not fulfilled: `` They will be destroyed ''.
They are leaving so fast that the president of the West German Employers' Federation issued an appeal this week to factory workers in the West to volunteer for six months' front-line work in factories in West Berlin.
They were always trying so you got to expect it.
They were both so young, after all, so unready for any final parting.
They had been fed a hunting breakfast, so called because a kedgeree, the dish identified with fox hunting, was on the bill.
They must learn to wear several hats, so to speak, working with management, sales and engineering problems related to the product.
They initiate campaigns, so to speak, even if this initiation is diffused among them, and their concerted action only psychologically organized.
They generally vote so as to serve their own constituency, and if the constituency should be solidly middle class or solidly lower class, they might be expected to vote and work for middle- or for lower-class interests in education.
They are in themselves neutral, and, so far as they get a moral quality, they get it only through being invested with it by the attitude of the onlooker.
They learn to like these so well that it isn't surprising to hear that one boy tried the oats he was feeding his horse at chore time.
They tasted good to him, so he brought some to breakfast to eat in his cereal bowl with milk and honey.
They may even dismiss it from their minds as something that concerns only the `` ecclesiastical Rover Boys '', as someone has dubbed them, who like to go to national and international assemblies, and have expense accounts that permit them to do so.
They have not done so for the simple reason that such appeals have hardly ever been made.
They showed they were glad that Carnegie would have a major orchestra playing there so often next season to take up the slack with the departure to Lincoln Center of the New York Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Boston Symphony.
They were covered with tiny white blossoms, their scant roots clawing at the stony ground, and wild birds darted in and about and through them so they were nearly alive with the rustle and cry.
They are about to do so at any moment as it is.
They combed their hair and streaked it at the part and greased the bangs so that the hair above their foreheads stood rigid like the tails of sage hens making love.

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