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They and may
They think of it as a kind of spooky museum in which they may half see and half imagine the old splendor.
They may even enroll a colored student or two for show, though he usually turns out to be from Thailand, or any place other than the American South.
They estimate further that with sufficient experience and when cost-data of compact cars is compiled, the break-even point may be reduced to 7,500 miles of travel per year.
They may be claimed only by itemizing them on page 2 of Form 1040.
They may be inaccessible later.
They keep their wings and feet pressed tightly against their bodies, and in spite of their often colorful attire you may very well mistake them for lumps of dirt.
They may be caused by poor health habits, such as faulty eating and sleeping habits.
They may be related to mental immaturity or lack of aptitude for certain types of school work.
They may be unaware of the existence of lower-class values and consequently fail to take them into account.
They may then adjust their positions and movements to avoid too much pressure on the urethra and the anterior wall of the vagina ; ;
They may, of course, be curiosity seekers -- or they may just be interested in the phenomenon of mediumship.
They usually range from 20 to 60 feet in height, but when they pour into a V-shaped inlet or harbor they may rise to mountainous proportions.
They may even dismiss it from their minds as something that concerns only the `` ecclesiastical Rover Boys '', as someone has dubbed them, who like to go to national and international assemblies, and have expense accounts that permit them to do so.
They may consume bacteria or other protists.
They may be terrestrial or aquatic and many spend part of the year in each habitat.
They may increase their length sixfold and be two-fifths as long as their mother before being born.
They may be as basic as pictures on a board that the are used to request food, drink, or other care ; or they can be advanced speech generating devices, based on speech synthesis, that are capable of storing hundreds of phrases and words.
They are more or less rhizomatous, with spiral leaves and an inflorescence that may form a raceme or a spike.
They are also abundant components of the peptidoglycan cell walls of bacteria, and-serine may act as a neurotransmitter in the brain.
They generally have other terms specific to U. S. nationals, such as German US-Amerikaner, French étatsunien, Japanese 米国人 beikokujin, Arabic أمريكاني amriikaanii ( as opposed to the more-common أمريكي amriikii ), and Italian statunitense, but these may be less common than the term American.
They receive the vows of the nuns of the abbey ; they may admit candidates to their order's novitiate ; they may send them to study ; and they may send them to do pastoral and / or missionary work and / or assist — to the extent allowed by canon and civil law — in the administration and ministry of a parish or diocese ( these activities could be inside or outside the community's territory ).
They may not fill the clerical role of serving as the Mass celebrant and as a clerical witness to a marriage ( they may serve as a non-ordained witness alongside the laity, for example, at a friend's wedding ).

They and then
They poured through the opening in the valley, then spread out in a long line to come at us, brandishing their lances and filling the morning with their spine-chilling scalp cry.
They could hear the pony's feet on the dry leaves for a while, then the sound faded out.
They couldn't have much dough, but then none of the freight-bums Feathertop rolled had much.
Defoe then commented, `` If they Could Draw that young Gentleman into Their Measures They would show themselves quickly, for they are not asham'd to Say They want only a head to Make a beginning ''.
They had watered their stock at immense profit, then had raised the price of coal fifty cents a ton, netting themselves another $20,000,000 in annual profit.
They took Jesus's body, then, and wrapped it in winding-clothes with the spices ; ;
They seemed then to have had a single mind and body, a mutuality which had been accepted with the fact of their youth, casually.
They waited three minutes and then crept out on tip-toe ; ;
They were married at a lavish ceremony which was duly recorded in Parvenu and all other magazines and newspapers, and then they honeymooned in Bermuda.
They then point out that with our present lack of knowledge of all the factors concerned in the rise and fall of epidemics, it is unlikely that a planned episode could be initiated.
They were then centrifuged at 59,780 Pm for 35 to 80 min at 20-degrees-C in a Spinco model E ultracentrifuge at a protein concentration of 1.00 to 1.25%.
`` They can be going along, doing little damage, then bang, bang -- they can hit a couple of passes on you for touchdowns and put you in trouble ''.
They looked at the ruins of the old Roman wall on the lower Via Veneto, then they went to the Farnese Gardens.
They raced and maneuvered for war, swinging their horses in single file and then abreast like cavalry.
They picnicked by the pool, then lay back on the grass and looked at stars.
They then analysed the responses to generate an estimate of a person's tendency to act altruistically and compared each person's level of altruism against their fMRI brain scan.
They fuse to make a food vacuole which then fuses with a lysosome to add digestive chemicals.
They assault a scholar walking home from the public library, rob a store leaving the owner and his wife bloodied and unconscious, stomp a panhandling derelict, then scuffle with a rival gang.
They then will prey upon insect pests on nearby plants.
They settled first in the Ancient Pueblo areas for a few hundred years, then migrated to their current location.
They would then assemble them into the final product, making cut-and-try changes in the parts until they fit and could work together ( craft production ).
They amuse themselves every day by fighting each other and then going to drink in the big hall.
They then came in contact with the Berghouata, a Berber tribal confederation, who followed a " heresy " founded by Salih ibn Tarif, three centuries earlier.

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