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Page "adventure" ¶ 82
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

They and passed
They have remained on the opened page of my mind in all the years which since have passed.
They passed the marmalade, the bread, the black-market butter, back and forth.
They passed close by the turn to Bishopsgate.
In attempting to improve specificity of staining, the fluorescein-labeled antisera used in both direct and indirect methods were treated in one of several ways: ( 1 ) They were passed through Dowex-2-chloride twice and treated with acetone insoluble powders ( Coons, 1958 ) prepared from mouse liver or from healthy sweet clover stems or crown gall tissue produced by Agrobacterium tumefaciens ( E. F. Smith & Townsend ) on sweet clover stems.
They stayed with a rancher Friday night and by eleven o'clock Saturday morning passed the old Garnett Lee ranch.
They would draw and fire with their strong hand, and when they had emptied the first gun, they drew the second gun with their weak hand and passed it over to their strong hand.
They passed legislation to authorize the railroad, and created financing in the form of government railroad bonds.
They had passed Samos, Delos and Lebynthos by the time the boy, forgetting himself, began to soar upward toward the sun.
... the emperor ... convened a council of 318 bishops ... in the city of Nicea ... They passed certain ecclesiastical canons at the council besides, and at the same time decreed in regard to the Passover that there must be one unanimous concord on the celebration of God's holy and supremely excellent day.
They now gathered the various constitutional laws they had passed into a single constitution, showed remarkable strength in choosing not to use this as an occasion for major revisions, and submitted it to the recently restored Louis XVI, who accepted it, writing " I engage to maintain it at home, to defend it from all attacks from abroad, and to cause its execution by all the means it places at my disposal ".
They set up a defense force, and put up a blockade that, if passed, would force them to send in soldiers.
They had the right to " reserve " legislation passed by the Parliament of Australia: in other words, to ask the Colonial Office in London for an opinion before giving the Royal Assent.
) They go on to say: ' The Templars broke this age-old rule and passed the power from man to man: this led to sin and in doing so it brought about their downfall.
They then passed between the six-headed monster Scylla and the whirlpool Charybdis, Odysseus losing six men to Scylla, and landed on the island of Thrinacia.
They agree that only the boy holding the conch may speak at meetings to forestall arguments and chaos, and that it should be passed around to those who wish to voice their opinion.
They were brought south as a very valuable trade, and sold as horns from the legendary unicorn ; being of ivory, they passed the various tests intended to spot fake unicorn horns.
They had support from cannon fire from British ships on the Hudson River that had passed through the chevaux de frise on the lower river.
They passed through Egypt both ways and on the way back stopped in Greece.
They passed Jim Crow laws that divided society into " white " and " colored ", mostly to control freedmen.
They were never used by the U. S. Navy, and only about 50 were used by the Royal Navy, and most were passed to other countries.
They saw Bryant with his gun but believed him to be rabbit hunting and actually slowed down as they passed him.
They passed laws allowing all male freedmen to vote.
They could either be remnants from the planet's proto-planetary accretion disc that failed to coalesce into moonlets, or conversely have formed when a moon passed within its Roche limit and broke apart.
They arrived on the shores of Corio Bay, mistakenly believing it to be Western Port, and returned to Sydney in January 1825, lavishly praising the quality of the country they had passed through.

They and ranches
They were farming communities, manufacturers of all sorts of products, hotels, ranches, hospitals, schools, and the centers of the largest communities in the state ... in 1810 the Mission owned 11, 000 sheep, 11, 000 cows, and thousands of horses, goats, pigs, and mules.
They clung to their traditional lifestyle as long as possible ; when environmental degradation made that impossible, they sought jobs on white farms, ranches or in cities.
They are attracted to recently butchered carcasses on farms and ranches.
They also operated presidios ( forts ), pueblos ( settlements ) s, and ranchos ( land grant ranches ), along the southern and central coast of California.
They also flew mock attacks on New Mexico villages and ranches.
They are also seen on working ranches, particularly in Texas.
They are frequently seen at outdoor work sites, particularly construction sites, farms, ranches, camp sites and large banks of dozens of portable toilets allow for ready sanitation at large gatherings such as outdoor music festivals.
They are sometimes hunted as trophies on ranches in the United States.
They are the " cowboy " saddles familiar to movie viewers, rodeo fans, and those who have gone on trail rides at guest ranches.
They may forage over ranches and even semi-desert, but always need at least scattered tree thickets for nesting.
They were the sons of Robert Carson, an American who was one of the very few survivors of an Indian attack on a wagon train on the Oregon Trail and who went on to found one of the early ranches at Pavilion and whose holdings became part of the Diamond S Ranch.

They and were
They crawled through the north fence and came on toward him, and now he saw that both were young, not more than nineteen or twenty.
They were dirty, their clothes were torn, and the girl was so exhausted that she fell when she was still twenty feet from the front door.
They were running from something.
They were a pair of lost, whipped kids, Morgan thought as he went to bed.
They were tethered, army style, on stable lines.
They bawled questions that were not answered in the uproar.
They were about a mile off ; ;
They weren't sleeping, of course, but they thought they were doing him a favor by pretending.
They expected greater things from him, regardless of how trying the circumstances, and they were disappointed.
They were going to town, and they were both excited.
They were free.
They were in a fight, outweighed in both numbers and money.
They were sitting on their heels, rider-fashion, over by the still empty calf wagon.
They were considering it gravely, neither seeming to like what he planned.
They were silent for a little while, each looking glum.
They were all good men.
They were headed straight for each other on a collision course.
`` They were supposed to meet Thor at nine PM for a conference concerning the ad campaign for their soap, a new angle based on this SX-21 stuff ''.
They were married over the week-end, though he was easily sixty and she could not have been even thirty.
They were west of the Sabine, but only God knew where.
They were engulfed by the weird silence, broken only by the low, angry murmur of the river.
They were already swollen to bursting.

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