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Page "adventure" ¶ 258
from Brown Corpus
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They and reached
They cantered down the peninsula, not slackening until the coach reached Woodside where the Santa Cruz uplands begin.
They reached Fort Douglas in June 1820.
They later established paint manufacturer Alba ( 1925 ), chemical and fertilizer maker Compañía Química, and textile maker Grafa ( 1932 ), among others ; by the late 1920s, the company's annual export receipts alone reached US $ 300 million.
They stated that the pre-and post-Madrid versions of Chapter 8 were equally cautious in their statements ; that roughly 20 % of Chapter 8 is devoted to the discussion of uncertainties in estimates of natural climate variability and the expected signal due to human activities ; and that both versions of the chapter reached the same conclusion: " Taken together, these results point towards a human influence on climate.
They most likely originated in West Gondwana and are 67 – 107 million years old, so the oldest split could relate to the break-up of Gondwana in the middle Eocene to late Oligocene, 45 – 24 million years ago, and reached their current distribution by multiple intercontinental dispersal events.
They reached back to Claudius in contrast with Nero, to show that they were good associated with good.
They reached the Division One playoff final and battled against Sunderland in a thrilling game which ended with a 4 – 4 draw after extra time.
They eventually reached an agreement, and the planned target for economic growth in the Second Five-Year Plan was reduced from 19 % to 16. 5 %.
They reached the 1915 FA Cup Final, where they lost to Sheffield United at Old Trafford, and finished 3rd in the First Division in 1920, the club's best league campaign to that point.
They increased the production of oil in 1986, reduced it in 1987 with a subsequent increase in 1988, but not to the levels of 1980 when production reached its highest level.
They found that certain carbide forming elements, one of which was vanadium, did not disperse until the steel reached higher temperatures than those needed to dissolve the carbides.
They reached the quarter-finals but were knocked out by West Germany.
They reached Kumano, and, with the guidance of a three-legged crow, Yatagarasu ( lit.
They reached their peak in the Sumatran-based Srivijaya civilization, whose influence extended through Sumatra, Java, the Malay Peninsula and much of Borneo from the 7th to the 14th centuries.
They reached all the way to Delhi and sacked the city, taking the Koh-i-Noor diamond and many other treasures with them to Greater Khorasan.
They reached St. Louis on September 23, 1806.
They established a Lombard Kingdom in Italy, later named Regnum Italicum (" Kingdom of Italy "), which reached its zenith under the eighth-century ruler Liutprand.
They reached the final again in 1977, beating Liverpool 2 – 1.
They may be bound by a decision reached in a previous case.
They reached US $ 353 million in 2007 and US $ 597 million in 2008.
They hope that the negotiations in London will result in speedy agreement being reached for this purpose, and they regard it as a matter of great importance that the trial of these major criminals should begin at the earliest possible date.
They incorporated large numbers of the people they conquered into their army, with the result that by the time they reached Sierra Leone, the rank and file of their army consisted mostly of coastal peoples ; the Mane were its commanding group.
They reached up to 11 spots with some of the best hardware available at the time.
They express relations between macroscopic mechanical variables and temperature that are reached much more rapidly than the progress of any imposed changes in the surroundings, and are in effect variables of state for thermodynamic equilibrium.

They and guard
They are accused of whisking secrets out of naval strongrooms over which they kept guard.
" They must guard a village that is being shelled too heavily.
They are attack-programmed guard dogs whose long hairless tails make them look less like dogs and more like rats.
They are generally seen as tied to the " young guard " of Fatah politics, organizing young members on the street level, but it is not clear that they form a faction in themselves inside Fatah politics ; rather, different Brigades units may be tied to different Fatah factional leaders.
They establish a Roman fort to guard the crossing of the River Stour.
They were imposed guard duty on Skansin without pay, for clothing and food they depended on the bounty of the farmers.
They have very soft, insulated underfur which is protected by an outer layer of long guard hair.
They mostly work as an additional guard force at control points and dining facilities, for example.
They are solitary hunters and pairs guard territories, although they may form large flocks during migration.
They also signed veteran guard Penny Hardaway, reuniting the Shaq-Penny duo from the Orlando Magic teams of the mid-90s.
They were expected to select power forward Michael Beasley or guard O. J. Mayo.
They would, however, through the draft acquire such standout players such as high-scoring forward Purvis Short ( 1978 ), former Georgetown Hoyas point guard Eric " Sleepy " Floyd ( 1982 ) ( who would later become an All-Star before being traded to the Houston Rockets ), and former Purdue University standout center Joe Barry Carroll, ( 1980 ) whose once promising career would be short-circuited because of injury, as well as center Robert Parish ( 1976 ).
They are accused of being an advanced guard for a coup to place Severo Moto in power.
They get away with a lot of money, but Laurie has an uncontrollable homicidal streak that comes out when she is frightened ; during the robbery, she kills her office manager and a security guard.
They looked, and terrified by the two serpents Athena had set within to guard the child, they fled in terror and lept from the Acropolis to their deaths.
They are often connected to a recording device or IP network, and may be watched by a security guard or law enforcement officer.
They accordingly sent their advance guard, not expecting the war at Thermopylae to be decided so quickly.
They served in the following units as well as the local home guard.
They grew the plants under strict guard in the central courtyards of their houses, and any Hungarians who considered growing pepper for their own use were threatened with decapitation.
They also continued to guard and patrol the Santa Fe Trail in 1859 and 1860 due to increased Indian threats.
They occupy kingdoms in the Gardens and at night, " mischief children who are locked in after dark " to their deaths or entertain them before they return to their parents the following day, and they guard the paths to a " Proto-Neverland " called the " bird's island ".
They saw that they would have to put him off his guard before they could succeed.
They then turned themselves in ; the group was broken into four parts and put under guard of four different daimyo.
They must be close-boarded, have double guard rails and toe and stop boards.

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