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They and rented
They rented the apartment of an American man who was away for the summer, and Nin came across a number of French paperbacks: " One by one, I read these books, which were completely new to me.
They returned in 1844 to stay at Blair Castle, and in 1847 when they rented Ardverikie by Loch Laggan.
They sold the business in 1898, using the money to buy five properties in Hanover which they rented out, allowing the family to live off the income for the rest of Schwitter's life in Germany.
They could be located in rented apartments, industrial units or store fronts.
They are also used ( rented ) by tour operators across the country, and by shopping security guards.
They had rented a mailbox in Virginia Beach, cashed a check, and then promptly returned to Georgia, staying in Stone Mountain.
They rented property from Richard P. Hunt, a wealthy Quaker and businessman.
They rented a house on the block south of the Desilu Studios, where The Andy Griffith Show would later be filmed.
They rented modest quarters for the new museum in the Heckscher Building at 730 Fifth Avenue ( corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street ) in Manhattan, and it opened to the public on November 7, 1929, nine days after the Wall Street Crash.
They rented the courtrooms and jail space and hired the bailiffs, criers, and janitors.
They initially rented a sound system from David Lee Roth but decided to save money by letting him join as lead vocalist even though his previous audition ( s ) had been unsuccessful.
They also attempted to clean bloodstains from the upholstery of their rented automobile.
They convalesced in a rented house near Winchester in Hampshire and worked on the album Liege & Lief.
They rented a villa in Saint-Cloud, near Paris, for this purpose.
They are usually held at hotels with a formal dress code, prom dates, rented cars and, occasionally, prom kings and queens.
They are typically rented for formal events such as wedding receptions to increase the attractiveness of the chairs and decor.
They also ran a printing shop on the second-floor of their rented brick building at 22 South Williams St., Dayton, Ohio, the only extant building that housed a Wright bicycle shop on its original foundation and in its original location.
They rented out Knights of Columbus halls in areas such as Cambridge and Newton, and insisted that the performances be " all ages shows ".
They moved to Paris and rented several artist studios on The Left Bank.
They were critical of the Methodist practice of pew rentals, which expressed the social prestige of those who rented the most expensive pews.
They also rented a larger facility at 991 Tennessee Street in which to shoot some of their films ; nevertheless, even their fans conceded that Mitchell movies ranged in quality from mediocre to atrocious.
They built a small darkroom in Powell's bathroom, but shortly thereafter, in early 1970, rented space and built a studio.
They were rented from the British War Office as trials vehicles until 1954, when they were purchased outright.
They left the lands open and from time to time allowed various uses, with part of the Castle Field rented by the Town Council as a municipal dump for some years, and a small meeting hall for the Royal British Legion erected.

They and villa
They live in an apartment in Coogee, in eastern Sydney, and a villa in the French Côte d ' Azur-where they spend about half of each year.
They held their honeymoon at villa " Behring " on Capri 1897, where Behring owned a vacation home.
They drive to the villa Anita shares with Miss Frances ( Dorothy McGuire ), the longtime secretary of the American author John Frederick Shadwell, an expatriate living in Rome for the past fifteen years.
They stay at the villa of Corleone family friend Don Tommasino ( Vittorio Duse ).
They also announced that the informant ( possibly the owner of the villa in Mosul in which the brothers were killed ) would receive the combined $ 30 million reward previously offered for their apprehension.
They ultimately suggest that Qumran was a villa rustica, or wealthy manor house, that may have been a winter or year-round second home to some wealthy family from Jerusalem.
They were kept that way by staying away from the attractions of Paris at a villa in the quiet village of Argenteuil ".
They are about to part company forever when the Jackal, under a new disguise, as a loud New York real estate developer named Paula, suddenly arrives at Lawrence's villa with a yacht filled with wealthy people.
They have come to join their friend professor Cuthbert Calculus who has rented a villa near a lake in order to build his latest invention.
They lived for fourteen years in a villa, called, next to the shore of Lake Tuusula.
They next rented a villa in Sandown and Darwin pressed on, with the facts he felt necessary to support his " abstract " expanding far beyond the thirty pages Hooker had originally suggested.
They also built a villa for de Hory in Ibiza.
They strike up a conversation, and Mary learns that he is a 23 year-old Austrian art student who has recently fled the country because he was being persecuted by the Nazis, and now, without a passport or any other documents, is staying as an illegal immigrant in a shabby rented room at the foot of the hill quite close to the Leonards ' villa.
They all come to Cannes, where the Comtesse Zamoyski and Mary Mallory are staying in a remote villa, in order to help the young woman and prevent the theft of the pearls.
They spent the summer of 1910 in a villa on the coast of France, in a romantic interlude that was disrupted when D ' Annunzio's jealous ex-mistress arrived in town.
They both moved to Rome to live in a villa on the Caelian Hill.
They briefly speculate on what has happened (" an act of God … or bigger and better bombs ") but try to " keep that kind of talk to a minimum " and mainly concern themselves with becoming self-sufficient, for example by moving to a villa near the beach.
They spent their honeymoon in Spain and bought a villa at Forch, overlooking the lake at Zürich.

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