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They and said
But I suspect that the old Roman was referring to change made under military occupation -- the sort of change which Tacitus was talking about when he said, `` They make a desert, and call it peace '' ( `` Solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant ''.
They, perhaps, gave the pitch of their position in the preface where it was said that Eisenhower requested that the Commission be administered by the American Assembly of Columbia University, because it was non-partisan.
`` They are just asking too much '', he said.
They had not heard what had been said.
They interviewed the conductor of the streetcar Morse said he had taken, but the man did not remember Morse as a passenger.
They were said to be `` on their heads '' when grazin'.
`` They found something else up there '', she said half-aloud to the empty room.
They had a two-hour luncheon together in `` an atmosphere of cordial understanding and relaxation '', she said.
They also said he lied in saying that he had never been `` arrested ''.
They begged Grandma to let them put a bed in the kitchen for her, but Grandma said she was getting too old to sleep in strange beds and be seen with her teeth out, and that she hoped to die in privacy like a Christian and if the Lord willed it to be of pneumonia than it would have to be that way.
They said that we must not fight but wait for the Messiah ''.
`` They eat chickens sometimes '', the boy said.
They entered the bedroom, and Dolores said nothing.
They are said to go back at least to the Greek poet Lycophron, in the third century BCE ; but this relies on an account of Lycophron given by John Tzetzes in the 12th century.
They said that there is no scientific foundation for the tenets of astrology and warned the public against accepting astrological advice without question.
" He said of the Supreme Court case, " They had to make a decision about what to do.
They are often associated with an individual family line or said to be a harbinger of death similar to a banshee.
They both said that the episcopacy was inadequate to address corruption, doctrinal or otherwise, and that this inadequacy justified the intervention of the church of common people.
They cited the time delay of ten years between the alleged behavior by Thomas and Hill's accusations, and noted that Hill had followed Thomas to a second job and later had personal contacts with Thomas, including giving him a ride to an airport — behavior which they said would be inexplicable if Hill's allegations were true.
They said that there had been no indictments for this offence for " many years " and that, as an indictable misdemeanor, it was " wholly obsolete ".
-- Hergeir, the faithful servant of the Lord, was angry with them and said, -- " They will lead away your wives and sons as captives, they will burn our city ( urbs ) and town ( vicus ) and will destroy you with the sword --"" ( Chapter XIX )
They later learned that an NKVD agent was hiding in the bushes outside their window and wrote down every word they said to each other.
" ( King James Version ) They consider that when Jesus said in John 3: 5 that one has to be born from " water and the spirit " to enter the kingdom of God, it was not a command but a necessity, because the text states " Ye must be born again ".
They said they had then cut out the cardboard figures and supported them with hatpins, disposing of their props in the beck once the photograph had been taken.
They are said by some to reflect how the unified consciousness of humanity ( the immortal human being or the soul ), is divided to manage different aspects of earthly life ( body / instinct / vital energy / deeper emotions / communication / having an overview of life / contact to God ).

They and it's
They also comment at the end of each show: " Well, it's happened again-you've squandered another perfectly good hour listening to Car Talk.
' They said, ' No. ' I said, ' Well, then it's not going to get much action then, is it?
Waits accepted the award with his customary humor, stating, " They say I have no hits and that I'm difficult to work with ... like it's a bad thing.
His parting words – which Vladimir expands upon later – eloquently encapsulate the brevity of human existence: " They give birth astride of a grave, the light gleams an instant, then it's night once more.
They say it's reality but it really isn't because it is staged.
They said it's not important.
* They think it's all over
They are known to find their home spawning ground even if it's moved to a different part of the same lake.
It's hard not to wonder if the filmmakers have some kind of subconscious agenda .... They have made a film that will have the effect of inoculating audiences against the unique historical horror of Oradour — and implicitly rehabilitating the Nazis while making the British seem as evil as history's worst monsters .... So it's no wonder that the British press sees this film as a kind of blood libel against the British people.
They wander aimlessly, seeing a diner, but it's a mirage.
They say it's obscure.
' They say it's taboo.
They soon realize it's a set up and leave without discussing the murders.
They ask why he cares about dying if it's all a dream.
They forget it's not just words on a screen.
They don't hurt as easily, and it's possible to make them more believable in an exaggerated pose.
In 2012 Hasbro and PPW Toys have a plan to release Mr Potato Head in his Batman forum for the upcoming Christopher Nolan movie The Dark Knight Rises which comes out on July 20th, 2012, They are working together and are doing a tie-in to the upcoming movie, They are going to be making the toy and it's in development, The toy itself will be called The Dark Spud and will have Mr Potato Head dressed up as the Caped Crusader for the movie, He will include a cape, A mask, A utility belt, And of course a batarang to hold in his left hand, But also he was unveiled at the New York 2012 Toy Fair and was on display!
They think it's all over is a well known quotation popular in England.
They think it's all over!
They think it's all over.
The song contains the phrase " They think it's all over.
They think it's tea!
:: They think it's all over, it is now!

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