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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 155
from Brown Corpus
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They and supported
They fought against UNITA rebels, based in Angola, and the apartheid-era government in South Africa who supported them.
They supported the tenets of Origenist thought and theology, but had little else in common.
They generally supported an activist government and state intervention in the marketplace, and their policies were marked by noblesse oblige, a paternalistic responsibility of the elites for the less well-off.
They said they had then cut out the cardboard figures and supported them with hatpins, disposing of their props in the beck once the photograph had been taken.
They are typically the employees of a DBMS vendor ( e. g., Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Sybase ), or, in the case of Open source DBMSs ( e. g., MySQL ), volunteers or people supported by interested companies and organizations.
They support the predictions of quantum mechanics rather than the class of hidden variable theories supported by Einstein.
They were always shown as a special event in special venues, and supported by live commentary and music.
They are also actively supported by developers.
He also supported the innocence of Giusva Fioravanti and Francesca Mambro, who were later condemned for the bombing and for numerous murders, declaring: " They are good guys and they want me well.
They tend to be roughly spherical with radially directed axopods, supported by microtubules in a triangular-hexagonal array arising from an amorphous central granule.
They were finally freed by the Mithridatic Wars, during which they supported Rome.
They are erecting a noble church, the roof of which is supported in
They also supported attachment of asynchronous ASCII terminals, printers, and plotters alongside 3270 devices.
They attacked both British and Jews as well as some Palestinian Arabs who supported a Pan-Arab option.
They cultivated only those arts which could add splendor to the nation, to the neglect of those which supported itThey neglected Trade & substantial Manufacture ... but does it follow that a total revolution is necessary that because we have given ourselves up too much to the ornaments of life, we will now have none at all ". When attending a dinner at Holland House, Fox's niece Caroline was sat next to Reynolds and " burst out into glorification of the Revolution – and was grievously chilled and checked by her neighbour's cautious and unsympathetic tone ".
They originate from a string arm or neck and cross a bridge directly supported by a resonating chamber, making it a lute too.
They have supported development strategies and ensured that export earnings are reinvested in strategic and productive sectors.
They operated in batch mode to support back office functions, such as customer billing, and supported interactive terminals almost exclusively for applications rather than program development.
" They have also been supported by Pagan studies scholar Graham Harvey.
They did this because he supported legislation initiated by Jesse Helms.
They gave the IETF permission to use the name OpenPGP to describe this new standard as well as any program that supported the standard.
They were supported in this by Argos, a powerful state within the Peloponnese that had remained independent of Lacedaemon.
They also supported state schools and opposed support for religion, including religious schools.

They and perfect
They attest that whatever we are obliged to do must be possible, and achieving the perfect good of both happiness and moral virtue is only possible if a natural moral order exists.
They swore that they would " in the fear and reverence of our Almighty God, mutually and severally promise amongst ourselves and each to profess and practice one truth according to that most perfect rule, the foundation whereof is ever lasting love.
They planned to perfect their French and German in anticipation of opening their school.
They thought it would be the perfect way to celebrate their thirtieth year in production.
They believed that the old ways of life on earth were coming to an end, and that a new perfect kingdom on earth was about to be realized.
They showed that the Sun rotated, and their comings and goings showed that the Sun changed, contrary to Aristotle ( who taught that all celestial bodies were perfect, unchanging spheres ).
* They then gave birth to the 8 perfect islands of the Japanese archipelago.
They exchange words: whereupon the good woman, apprehending the circumstances, gets her to bed with her daughter, and by divers apt words re-establishes perfect accord.
They need not suppose that complete knowledge of that one factor would allow us to make perfect predictions.
They make perfect pets for children of all ages, even very young ones, as they are tolerant of handling, and are not inclined to scratch.
They claim Humboldt, coming from the Romantic school of thought, believed '... nature is perfect till man deforms it with care.
They conclude that the townspeople are being replaced in their sleep by perfect physical copies.
They argue that perfect knowledge never exists, which means that all economic activity implies risk.
They proposed the perfect cosmological principle as the underpinning of their theory, which held that the universe is homogenous and isotropic in space and time.
They believed themselves to be Nietzschean supermen who could commit a " perfect crime " ( in this case, a kidnapping and murder ).
They certainly do not contain very exalted poetry or very perfect drama.
They neglect their own children so that the children of others will be cared for ; they live in substandard housing so that other homes will be shiny and perfect ; they endure privation so that inflation will be low and stock prices high.
They began as a small, perfect, immortal civilization, living in peace and harmony.
" They continue, " A neat swipe at family counseling with some great set pieces ; we're especially fond of the perfect version of the Simpsons and the electric-shock aversion therapy.
They are set in perfect sarvalaghu and contain all the musical and mathematical wonders of carnatic music.
They were performing ( more or less ) as themselves, and Noel's emblematic new costume, album and stage designs were stripped back to simple, striking geometric patterns which were both timeless yet perfect for the period.
They laid out Golkonda's splendid monuments, now in ruins, and designed a perfect acoustical system by which a hand clap sounded at the fort's main gates, the grand portico, was heard at the top of the citadel, situated on a 300-foot ( 91 m )- high granite hill.
They were said to have formed a perfect pair.
They pop up throughout the opera to sing of the perfect suburban family life born of the American dream, only to be cut off by a fight between the two or a miserable lament.

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