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Page "reviews" ¶ 622
from Brown Corpus
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They and suspect
But I suspect that the old Roman was referring to change made under military occupation -- the sort of change which Tacitus was talking about when he said, `` They make a desert, and call it peace '' ( `` Solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant ''.
They also suspect that the Continuity IRA arsenal contains some weapons that were taken from Provisional IRA arms dumps, including a few dozen rifles, machine guns, and pistols ; a small amount of the explosive Semtex ; and a few dozen detonators.
They may, for example, legally search any suspect who has been arrested, or their vehicles, home or business premises, without a warrant, and may seize anything they find in a search as evidence.
They never exercise this power but when they suspect partiality in the judges ; and by the exercise of this power they have been the firmest bulwarks of English liberty.
" They asked questions of the guards but did not appear to suspect they were going to be killed.
They cautioned that with such a small number of study participants, " any attempt to measure associations between environmental exposure and disease would be inherently suspect and not statistically appropriate.
They believe so much in the integrity of his character that they do not suspect him of any duplicity in what has passed, but his conduct has been marked by such deplorable weakness as shows how unfit he is for the situation he occupies.
They do not suspect that by speaking in this way they are deserting the revolution and going over to the side of the bourgeoisie.
They return home and, based on such subtle clues as their lack of reflection in the mirror and their discovery of a Handbook for the Recently Deceased, begin to suspect they might be dead.
They reported that the suspect, arrested by the anti-terrorist police after being tracked for a week by MI5, was deported back to Russia when no weapons were found and there was not enough evidence to charge him with any offence.
They suspect Marriott of blackmailing wealthy women, in league with Amthor.
They also provide a system of scoring to assess the degree to which a suspect ’ s dental profile and bite mark match.
They suspect Bauer of murdering Gerry and Jimmy tells Bundle that Eberhard has invented a formula which could make wire as strong as steel, revolutionising airplane manufacturing.
They argued that Sheppard was the most logical suspect, and presented expert testimony suggesting that Marilyn Sheppard's murder was a textbook domestic homicide.
They have a suspect, a Beatnik called Arthur Jester who fits a description of ' The Aspirin Kid ' but his alibi checks out.
They soon suspect the rigger Karl Boerth ( William Atherton ), a former Hitler Youth leader who has become disillusioned with the Nazis.
They suspect Gatori may have something to do with it, David's friendship with him seeming unsavory.
They then go to Ethiopia and meet the third " suspect ": Sheila Haywood, an aid worker.
They suspect the flowers may be doing this to attract coldblooded insect pollinators.
They believe that this self reporting bias makes the conclusions suspect.
They suspect that the recorded signal must have been a test of human presence, inviting completion of the human genome by adding an appropriate nucleotide sequence for the missing pair of chromosomes.
They did not mention that the bootlace which had been dropped at the scene of the crime by the murderer, and which Stone had wanted to be re-examined to possibly identify a suspect who may have since been added to the DNA database, had been lost by the Kent police exhibits store.
They will typically have their weapons drawn, and stay back from the suspect vehicle, using their patrol cars for cover.
They suspect that she wants to murder Mimi Watford, whom Adam later marries.

They and plays
They might include the hiring of actors, the development of a season of plays or operas with a sense of coherence among them, assistance with and editing of new plays or operas by resident or guest playwrights or composers / librettists, the creation of programs or accompanying educational services, helping the director with rehearsals, and serving as elucidator of history or spokesperson for deceased or otherwise absent playwrights or composers.
They also find a tape recorder that plays demonic incantations from the book, unleashing evil demons.
: They don't care whether their plays are art
They have entered two plays into the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, D. C .. Their 2007 show, For Boston, won " Best Comedy ", and their second show, The Sticking Place, won " Best Overall " in 2008.
They tumble through a series of signs from the presentation on their way through, each labeled with the appropriate onomatopoeia for the sound effect that plays during the fight.
They date most of the plays earlier and say that the post-1604 plays, some of which show evidence of revision and collaboration, were completed by other playwrights for posthumous release.
They have also been use as the titles of plays: Baby with the Bathwater by Christopher Durang, Dog Eat Dog by Mary Gallagher, and The Dog in the Manger by Charles Hale Hoyt.
They both address “ situations that tend to develop in the bosom of the family .” Both authors, through their plays, reflect a patriarchal society in which the father-son relationship is essential to proper function and development of the household.
They moved the ball nine yards in their next three plays, and then faced fourth down and one.
They are specialized in blocking, since they must attempt to stop equally fast plays from their opponents and then quickly set up a double block at the sides of the court.
They performed 23 different plays, some only once, and their most popular play of the season, The First Part of Hieronimo, ( based on Kyd's The Spanish Tragedy ), 15 times.
They were called the Group Theater, which showcased many lesser known plays with deep social or political messages.
They assembled in large groups, held " great debates ," and wrote educational plays.
They look for the photos but she plays dumb about the night before.
They have said Bottom was often intended to be a cruder cousin to plays like Waiting for Godot.
They also often feature live, full-costume dramatic plays re-enacting biblical accounts, such as Moses and the Plagues of Egypt, and Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah.
They continue to produce a weekly live show every Monday night in addition to broadcasting special events in the town such as parades, sporting events, school plays, and charity events.
They produce one performance per term, ranging from modern " in-yer-face " to Shakespearean garden plays.
They stole freely from the contemporary French and Spanish stage, from English Jacobean and Caroline plays, and even from Greek and Roman classical comedies, and combined the looted plotlines in adventurous ways.
They are generally charged with arranging social activities, such as plays, banquets, and dances.
They talk while he plays the guitar, and watch as the steady stream of soldiers, both Union and Confederate, pass by the house and continue on down the road.
They succeeded indeed in bringing about a considerable change in the condition of the German stage by substituting for the prevailing operatic performances translations of French dramas and original plays, and by banishing from it forever the coarse buffooneries of Hanswurst ( Jack Pudding ).

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