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Page "adventure" ¶ 57
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

They and were
They crawled through the north fence and came on toward him, and now he saw that both were young, not more than nineteen or twenty.
They were dirty, their clothes were torn, and the girl was so exhausted that she fell when she was still twenty feet from the front door.
They were running from something.
They passed ranches that were framed dark gray against the black hills.
They were tethered, army style, on stable lines.
They bawled questions that were not answered in the uproar.
They were about a mile off ; ;
They weren't sleeping, of course, but they thought they were doing him a favor by pretending.
They expected greater things from him, regardless of how trying the circumstances, and they were disappointed.
They were going to town, and they were both excited.
They were free.
They were in a fight, outweighed in both numbers and money.
They were sitting on their heels, rider-fashion, over by the still empty calf wagon.
They were considering it gravely, neither seeming to like what he planned.
They were silent for a little while, each looking glum.
They were all good men.
They were headed straight for each other on a collision course.
`` They were supposed to meet Thor at nine PM for a conference concerning the ad campaign for their soap, a new angle based on this SX-21 stuff ''.
They were married over the week-end, though he was easily sixty and she could not have been even thirty.
They were west of the Sabine, but only God knew where.
They were engulfed by the weird silence, broken only by the low, angry murmur of the river.
They were already swollen to bursting.

They and pair
They extend a pair of pseudopodia around food.
They have a broad, flat carapace, which conceals the head and bears a single pair of compound eyes.
They have 10 – 32 trunk segments, decreasing in size from front to back, and each bears a pair of legs which also carry gills.
They are believed to have mated for life, although some theorize that auks could have mated outside of their pair, a trait seen in the Razorbill.
They moved to an estate where in a pub they met Harry Enfield, a neighbour with a stage act, and after he gained a place on Channel 4's Saturday Live, the pair were invited to write for him.
They had pickups with a pair of horseshoe magnets that arched over the strings.
They wanted to pair Lee's character, the Michael Jordan-loving Mars Blackmon, and Jordan in a marketing campaign for the Air Jordan line.
They have eight legs and are easily recognized by the pair of grasping claws and the narrow, segmented tail, often carried in a characteristic forward curve over the back, ending with a venomous stinger.
They voted to reward Jouett with a pair of pistols and a sword, but considered an official inquiry into Jefferson's actions, as they believed he had failed his responsibilities as governor.
They voice both a pair of camp counselors and members of a strange hooded male bonding cult.
They are longer, on average, than the Peripatopsidae and also have more leg pairs, numbering between 22 and 43 — the gonopore is always between the penultimate pair.
They comprise a pair of branching tufts, each of which opens to the exterior on one side of the anus.
They have a pair of pectoral and pelvic fins.
They typically have several rows of sharp teeth, usually with a pair of particularly large, canine-like teeth projecting from the lower jaw.
They soon discover that the Mind is also being hunted by a pair of Idiran soldiers, survivors of a larger commando group, who have killed all the Changers stationed on the planet, and who regard Horza and his crew as enemies, having no knowledge of the Changers ' alliance with the Idirans.
They are shaped like a pair of headphones stretching from ear to ear.
They did however have certain traits separating them from cartilaginous fishes, traits that would become pivotal in the evolution of terrestrial forms: With the exception of a pair of spiracles, the gills did not open singly to exterior like in sharks, rather they were hidden behind a bony operculum.
They have a single testicle and sperm duct, associated with a pair of glandular structures referred to as " prostates " ( although they are unrelated to the vertebrate organ of the same name ).
They have a better spatial resolution at low light levels than other primates which contributes to their ability to capture insects and move at night. Night monkeys live in family groups of the mated pair with their immature offspring.
They are usually seen singly, in pairs, or in small family groups of an adult pair and up to three young.
They have long antennae with ten or more bead-like segments projecting forward from the head, and a pair of cerci projecting backwards from the last of the eleven abdominal somites.
They possess a pair of membranous bat-like wings which are used to fly through the " aether " of outer space ( a scientific concept which is now discredited ).
They are the first pair of sisters to serve simultaneously in the United States Congress.
They knew the divine pair of water-deities Vidassus ( as Roman Sylvanus ) and Thana ( as Roman Diana ), whose rocky reliefs persist today at some springs in their area.

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