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Some Related Sentences

They and were
They crawled through the north fence and came on toward him, and now he saw that both were young, not more than nineteen or twenty.
They were dirty, their clothes were torn, and the girl was so exhausted that she fell when she was still twenty feet from the front door.
They were running from something.
They were a pair of lost, whipped kids, Morgan thought as he went to bed.
They passed ranches that were framed dark gray against the black hills.
They were tethered, army style, on stable lines.
They bawled questions that were not answered in the uproar.
They were about a mile off ; ;
They weren't sleeping, of course, but they thought they were doing him a favor by pretending.
They expected greater things from him, regardless of how trying the circumstances, and they were disappointed.
They were going to town, and they were both excited.
They were free.
They were in a fight, outweighed in both numbers and money.
They were sitting on their heels, rider-fashion, over by the still empty calf wagon.
They were considering it gravely, neither seeming to like what he planned.
They were silent for a little while, each looking glum.
They were all good men.
They were headed straight for each other on a collision course.
`` They were supposed to meet Thor at nine PM for a conference concerning the ad campaign for their soap, a new angle based on this SX-21 stuff ''.
They were married over the week-end, though he was easily sixty and she could not have been even thirty.
They were west of the Sabine, but only God knew where.
They were engulfed by the weird silence, broken only by the low, angry murmur of the river.
They were already swollen to bursting.

They and fighting
They were blind to the evidence that nothing could keep the Russian people fighting.
They amuse themselves every day by fighting each other and then going to drink in the big hall.
They withdrew to Mercia, but, in January 878, made a sudden attack on Chippenham, a royal stronghold in which Alfred had been staying over Christmas, " and most of the people they killed, except the King Alfred, and he with a little band made his way by wood and swamp, and after Easter he made a fort at Athelney in the marshes of Somerset, and from that fort kept fighting against the foe ".
They numbered about 10, 000 fighting men and anywhere from 10, 000 to 50, 000 women and children, divided into three tribes, Trocmi, Tolistobogii and Tectosages.
They were often hired as mercenary soldiers, sometimes fighting on both sides in the great battles of the times.
They are fighting in order to bring the state down.
They were mentioned by Julius Caesar in his treatise, The Gallic Wars, and by 391 BC, they were written about by Roman Consul, Quintus Aurelius Symmachus, who received seven of them, " canes Scotici ", as a gift to be used for fighting lions, bears, that in his words, " all Rome viewed with wonder ".
They are fighting not only for our own security, but also for Europe's future.
They will then step back and assume a fighting stance and wait for the command FIGHT from the referee.
They came close to fighting several times, and both sides finally backed down and the expedition continued on to Arikara territory.
They often accompany Poseidon and can be friendly and helpful to sailors fighting perilous storms.
They appear in 2009, in the novella The Sontaran Games by Jacqueline Rayner, featuring the Tenth Doctor and appeared in the New Series Adventures ( Doctor Who ) book The Taking of Chelsea 426 by David Llewellyn, featuring the Tenth Doctor, fighting both times against the Rutan Host.
They include reducing extreme poverty, reducing child mortality rates, fighting disease epidemics such as AIDS, and developing a global partnership for development.
They are warned by Lt. Schrank and Officer Krupke to stop fighting on their beat.
They appeared to be out of Arafat's influence and control, and were actively fighting with Fatah.
They are driven out by French commandos ( allowed into the city under these special circumstances despite their being non-Muslims ) after bloody fighting that leaves 250 people dead and 600 wounded.
They end up fighting each other instead.
They were driven out of Denmark in 983 by an alliance of Obodrite soldiers and troops loyal to Harald, but soon after, Harald was killed fighting off a rebellion led by his son Swein.
They became known in retrospect for their massive hunting and fighting dog of Molosser type, the Alaunt, which they apparently introduced to Europe.
They usually avoid fighting and will surrender a kill immediately to even a single hyena, rather than risk injury.
They were formidable opponents who developed strategies for using traditional weapons for fighting on horseback.
They also recommended that Dong Fuxiang continue fighting.
They fear stirring the working class into fighting for its own revolutionary aspirations against their exploitation by capitalism.
They tried to overrun two French military outpost and gain support for local Muslim tribes loyal to France, but instead they were harassed and eventually defeated by Legion units led by Colonel Albert Brothier after several days of fighting.

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