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Page "adventure" ¶ 232
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

They and weren't
They weren't as well paid as they should have been.
They also released it as an Atari-compatible controller called " Video Command " it was also first released without the extra fire button, before that only the downwards plunge motion was connected and acted as the fire button, the pull-up and twist actions weren't connected to anything.
They have a grimness to them — they weren't necessarily pretty ".
They wouldn't go out with you even if it weren't New Year's ").
They weren't real big.
They also released their self-titled debut on Telstar omitting the sampler-track Blozen ( Blushing ); the ska-and reggae-influences that later permeated their best known stuff were practically absent and the critics weren't impressed either.
They got down on their hands and knees to help the women and whispered to them when the guards weren't looking.
They helped the women scrub the floors and whispered to them when the guards weren't watching.
They weren't able to leave until 21 April by which time civil war was looming in Castile.
They weren't satisfied with the author, and decided they should be the ones to write the books.
They weren't literally slaves, though their legal status was different than other ottoman people.
They weren't called that in 1905 nor through most of the 1906 season.
They identified one of the teeth as belonging to the multituberculate Loxaulax but weren't sure about the others.
They were still a Second Division club, and his 10 goals in the league that season weren't enough for Watford to look like promotion contenders, meaning that they would be founder members of the rebranded Division One – rather than the new FA Premier League – for the 1992 – 93 season.
" They weren't pictures.
They also released titles that weren't originally licensed by A. D.
Of her experience growing up, Thomas has said, She has also said that in Detroit in the 1920s, she came home crying from school, " They wanted to make you feel you weren't ' American '... We were called ' garlic eaters .'.
They weren't arrested, they are currently released on their own recognizance.
They squirmed but weren't about to change their minds ....
They didn't throw anything, no, but they wanted to see Public Enemy and they just weren't interested in us.
They eventually kissed romantically in Luann's room-when her parents weren't home-but immediately afterwards Quill received a call from his father, informing him that the family was moving back to Australia that week.
Yanov, their field supervisor, comment to his superior at the conclusion: " They weren't troublemakers ... they were just policemen.
They caused us a great injustice by turning us into a nation of refugees, and, if it weren't for the occupation, Dalal would never have carried out the attack.
They weren't successful, but lack of cooperation and rivalry continued to plague China through much of the years following, eventually leading to the demise of Chiang's regime in the Chinese Civil War in 1949.

They and sleeping
They may be caused by poor health habits, such as faulty eating and sleeping habits.
They entered in the accepted way, by climbing in through the kitchen window, to find Muddy Waters ' band sleeping on the kitchen floor.
They may indulge in substance abuse, particularly alcohol or other depressants, cocaine or other stimulants, or sleeping pills.
They will generally have the ability to retain functionality while waiting for an event such as a button press or other interrupt ; power consumption while sleeping ( CPU clock and most peripherals off ) may be just nanowatts, making many of them well suited for long lasting battery applications.
They lived in small huts made of palm leaves over a rounded branch structure, with hammocks hung between the interior walls for sleeping.
They rejected many tales they collected because of their similarity to tales by Charles Perrault, which they thought proved they were not truly German tales ; Sleeping Beauty survived in their collection because the tale of Brynhildr convinced them that the figure of the sleeping princess was authentically German.
They then used the weapons to hunt galagos sleeping in hollows.
They sail that autumn, but disagreements during the winter lead to the killing, at Freydis ' order, of all the Icelanders, including five women, as they lie sleeping.
They became lifelong friends after making The Fortune Cookie and would make a total of 10 movies together — 11 counting Kotch, in which Lemmon has a cameo as a sleeping bus passenger.
They realize only those sleeping are now left on the plane.
They prefer to sleep or rest in elevated places and niches, like the rainforest canopy, in crudely-built sleeping nests.
They felt that the word " bum " would be rejected by British censors, and warned that there should be no " suggestion of sexual intimacy " between Sullivan and The Girl in the scenes in which they are sleeping together at the mission.
They are shocked when Veda shows up with several dozen reporters to " reconcile " with her mother ( a move designed to defuse the negative publicity of her sleeping with her stepfather ).
They also tend to have irregular eating and sleeping patterns.
They sold out almost all of their appearances, and people would come pouring into Las Vegas, sometimes sleeping in cars and hotel lobbies when they could not find rooms, just to be part of the Rat Pack entertainment experience.
They all board the Falcon, where Han has been infected by a mysterious sleeping virus caused by the talisman.
They could not afford hotels so they slept in sleeping bags beside the highway.
They were sleeping very tight after the prior night's jobs, so it was a very long time before one of them came out and asked to giant why he was yelling.
They sent her to the local inn, where she identified a drawing of a pineapple with the word ‘ ananas ’, which means pineapple in many Indo-European languages, and insisted on sleeping on the floor.
They might use the basic items of camping equipment such as a micro-camping stove, sleeping bag, and bivouac bag.
They are necromancers who are unsatisfied with the level of power that they currently have, wish for longer lives, and seek to unburden themselves from the necessities of bodily functions ( such as eating and sleeping ) so that they might dedicate every moment of their existence to the attainment of knowledge and power.
They stayed there for some months, sleeping in the ministry's formal dining room and washing their socks and underwear in the bathroom.
They stay on the water at night, sleeping well out from land with the head tucked into the body or under a wing.
They can easily adjust the wavelength of their voices to that of the brain waves of a sleeping being, allowing for their pleasing melody to put its audience to sleep.

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