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Thirty and years
Thirty years ago, while the nation was wallowing in economic depression, the prevailing philosophy of government was to stand aside and allow `` natural forces '' to operate and cure the distress.
In 1642, when Lord Herbert of Cherbury's De Veritate was published, the Thirty Years War had been raging on continental Europe for nearly 25 years.
During the Thirty Years ' War, Swedish Chancellor Axel Oxenstierna brought the Moravian Brethren refugee John Amos Comenius to Elbląg for six years ( 1642 – 48 ).
His reign became famous from his actions a few years later when on June 1630 he landed in Germany, continuing Sweden's involvement in the ongoing Thirty Years ' War.
Thirty years later, he sent the Spanish Armada to overthrow Elizabeth, without success.
* 1632 – Thirty years war: Battle of Lützen is fought, the Swedes are victorious but the King of Sweden, Gustavus Adolphus dies in the battle.
Urban's papacy covered twenty-one years of the Thirty Years ' War and was an eventful one even by the standards of the day.
The incident is reported in George Gamow's book: " Thirty years that shook physics " where it is also claimed the effect to be stronger as the theoretical physicist is more talented.
Thirty years ( the year 2000 ) after the civil rights era, the United States remained in many areas a residentially segregated society, in which blacks, whites and Hispanics inhabit different neighborhoods of vastly different quality.
* Bruce, I. T., Thomas Buce: St Helena Postmaster and Stamp Designer, Thirty years of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan Philately, pp 7 – 10, 2006, ISBN 1-890454-37-0
Thirty years from now, the kids will be getting ready for Super Bowl LXI, and NFL Films will drag out Steve Sabol — he'll be around 102 then — and he'll talk about how Brett Favre fought through such adversity.
Thirty one radioisotopes have been characterized, with the most stable being Tm-171 with a half-life of 1. 92 years, Tm-170 with a half-life of 128. 6 days, Tm-168 with a half-life of 93. 1 days, and Tm-167 with a half-life of 9. 25 days.
From 1643 – 45, during the last years of the Thirty Years ' War, Sweden and Denmark fought the Torstenson War.
Thirty years earlier, Stanisław had been installed as king of Poland by King Charles XII of Sweden during his period of dominance in the early part of the Great Northern War, and was ousted following the Battle of Poltava by the victorious Russians.
Thirty years before, Henry III had deposed three claimants to the papacy, and thereby rendered an acknowledged service to the Church.
Thirty years later Col. Jim Porter became managing director of Newcastle Breweries, Ltd, and was awarded a CBE.
During the last years of the Thirty Years ' War the Charles Bridge in Prague was courageously defended by students of the Carolinum and Clementinum.
Thirty years later, however, Heath would admit that his remarks on the " economic burden of immigration " had been " not without prescience.
Thirty years after the speech, Edward Heath admitted that Powell's remarks on the " economic burden of immigration " had been " not without prescience.
Again besieged and captured by the French during the Thirty Years ' War in September 1642, Perpignan was formally ceded by Spain 17 years later in the Treaty of the Pyrenees, and from then on remained a French possession.
Thirty years later Indians laid a two-month siege on La Paz – where and when the legend of the Ekeko is set.
Thirty years later, in 1933, again in Germany, the Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft company introduced the diesel-powered " Fliegender Hamburger ", service between Berlin and Hamburg, establishing the fastest regular service in the world, with a regular top speed of 160 km / h.
Thirty years prior, " Brother Bainbridge " claimed to have sighted a creature that looked like a dolphin in the lake near Antelope Island.
Thirty years prior, the Earnshaw family lived at Wuthering Heights.

Thirty and later
Thirty minutes later, the outrigger grated on sand and other girls, waiting on shore, rushed forward to pull it up on the beach and make it fast with vine ropes to a large boulder.
He was later in exile from the Thirty Years ' War in Transylvania, where he remained for the rest of his life.
The collection remaining at Prague was looted during the last year of the Thirty Years War, by Swedish troops who sacked Prague Castle on 26 July 1648, also taking the best of the paintings, many of which later passed to the Orléans Collection after the death of Christina of Sweden.
The country witnessed battles of the Thirty Years ' War and general hostilities of the Eighty Years ' War ; Phillip II and III of Portugal and later the Dutch and English used forts built from the destroyed temples, including Fort Fredrick in Trincomalee, to fight sea battles with the Dutch, Danish, the French and English which saw the beginning of the loss of the sovereign Tamil nation-state on the island.
Thirty seconds later, incoming Soviet ICBMs begin to hit military and population targets, including Kansas City.
His forced conversions or evictions carried out in the midst of the Thirty Years ' War, which with the later general success of the Protestants therefore had greatly negative consequences for Habsburg control of the Holy Roman Empire itself, while these campaigns within the Habsburg hereditary lands were largely successful in religiously purifying his demesnes, leaving the Austrian Emperors thereafter with much greater control within their hereditary power base — although Hungary was never successfully re-Catholicized — but one much reduced in population and economic might while less vigorous and weakened as a nation-state.
During the late 16th and 17th centuries the figure of the indigene or " savage ", and later, increasingly, the " good savage ", was held up as a reproach to European civilization, then in the throes of the French Wars of Religion and Thirty Years War.
While the Commonwealth Sejm managed to thwart many of the plans of Sigismund ( and later of his son, Wladislaw ), the Vasa dynasty nonetheless succeeded in partially drawing the Commonwealth into the Thirty Years ' War.
It is also quite likely, that the dynastic outcome between Sweden and Poland's house of Vasa was a factor which exacerbated and radicalized the later actions of Europe's Catholic princes in the German states such as the Edict of Restitution, and so worsened European politics to the abandonment or prevention of settling events by diplomacy and compromise during the vast bloodletting that was the Thirty Years ' war.
As in the play, Bergerac did fight at the siege of Arras ( 1640 ), a battle of the Thirty Years ' War between French and Spanish forces in France ( though this was not the more famous final Battle of Arras, fought fourteen years later ).
Thirty seconds later, engineers detonated the mine charges laid under no man's land and the German trench line, destroying a number of German strong points and creating secure communication trenches directly across no man's land.
Thirty years later, the conquest and formal Christianisation of present-day Estonia and northern Latvia was complete.
Thirty years later, Time said " In an age of working mothers, single parents and gay matrimony, George Jetson and his clan already seem quaint even to the baby boomers who grew up with them.
He served as a general in the Peloponnesian War, and was later a leading supporter of the democratic movements in Athens opposed to the oligarchic forces behind the Thirty Tyrants.
Anytus later won favor by playing a major role in the overthrow of the Thirty Tyrants.
Thirty years later, thanks to the perseverance of Groveland residents and town officials, the town received the first of several state grants to restore Elm Park.
Thirty years later, in 1829, the Georgia Gold Rush in the southern Appalachians occurred.

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