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rare and clearly
However, female accession was clearly much more rare than male.
It is rare to find irradiated and clearly labelled food items on sale.
Labeled Etruscan representations of Tages are very rare, and scenes clearly tied to the Tages myth are almost as rare.
RBV asserts that any resource which is clearly identifiable, and can easily be acquired or built, cannot be a source of competitive advantage, so only resources or capabilities that are valuable, rare, hard to imitate or buy, and embedded in the organization ‘ VRIO ’ criteria can be relevant to explaining performance, for example reputation or product development capability.
' Records and monuments that can be clearly attributed to Ay are rare, not only due to his short length of reign, but also because his successor, Horemheb, instigated a campaign of damnatio memoriae against him and other pharaohs associated with the unpopular Amarna Period.
In rare circumstances, MLB's scoring committee may reverse a scoring decision that is " clearly erroneous ".
* White on black background plates are extremely rare, and not clearly specified by the law.
For example, the long and short vowels are clearly distinguished, as are the relatively rare English vowel classes.
Qamaẕ gadol is usually / a /, but in rare situations in Classical Hebrew it can be treated as a long open / ọ /, which although pronounced identically to / ā / ( both were ), this a / o distinction is clearly made in the pronunciation of Academy and Israeli Hebrew, and is thus transliterated.
The coronet is a corona aperta ( open model ), clearly modelled in its basic design on that of the Swedish Crown Prince's coronet, and made of gold and decorated with amethysts, citrines, peridots and rare Norwegian freshwater pearls.
Although it was rare for Bat to be clearly depicted in painting or sculpture, some notable artifacts ( like the upper portions of the Narmer Palette ) include depictions of the goddess in bovine form.
A decision made by an individual against food, clothing, or shelter would clearly be against that persons interest and would clearly be uncommon if not rare.
On rare occasions a community reaches a breakthrough that clearly decides an issue previously muddled.
However, such perfect circumstances are rare and any Trekkie will be quick to point out that the redress described here is imperfect, as the schematics seen on Reliant are clearly those of the Enterprise.
For this they spread their wings and put them on display so clearly visible, there is also Drohflügen and in rare cases to air combat between rival males.
Whilst a relatively rare event, it is most often seen after close bouts in which one wrestler clearly had the advantage towards the end.
The pandemic HIV-1 strain ( group M or Main ) and a very rare strain only found in a few Cameroonian people ( group N ) are clearly derived from SIVcpz strains endemic in Pan troglodytes troglodytes chimpanzee populations living in Cameroon.
Another very rare HIV-1 strain ( group P ) is clearly derived from SIVgor strains of Cameroon.
Charles II was clearly fond of him and confided in him to a rare degree ; James II also liked him, and Louis XIV regarded him as almost the only English nobleman who was not motivated purely by self-interest.

rare and contemporary
* Remnants of contemporary culture accordingly appear as valued antiquities or sometimes just as unrecognized survivals, lending a rare feeling of nostalgia for the present to the stories.
The professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame Alvin Plantinga criticises it, and the Emiritus Regius Professor of Divinity Keith Ward suggests that materialism is rare amongst contemporary UK philosophers: " Looking around my philosopher colleagues in Britain, virtually all of whom I know at least from their published work, I would say that very few of them are materialists.
His A Street Scene in Cairo ; The Lantern-Maker's Courtship ( 1854 – 61 ) is a rare contemporary narrative scene, as the young man feels his fiancé's face, which he is not allowed to see, through her veil, as an Westerner in the background beats his way up the street with his stick.
Through use of the land trade along the Silk Road and maritime trade by sail at sea, the Tang were able to gain many new technologies, cultural practices, rare luxury, and contemporary items.
" The 133-hectare space that represents, according to UNESCO, " an exceptional example of architecture and town planning of the post-war era ," is one of the rare contemporary World Heritage Sites in Europe.
It is a rare contemporary glimpse into a late Gothic aristocratic English interior and tells a great deal about her status and lifestyle.
" The paper considered the album to be the Beatles ' " creative summit ", comparing it favourably to contemporary music and taking note of the now antiquated equipment used, concluding that " a listening experience like that offered by The Beatles is truly rare.
One of the most admired works of contemporary architecture, the building has been hailed as a " signal moment in the architectural culture ", because it represents " one of those rare moments when critics, academics, and the general public were all completely united about something.
Of the rare exceptions, Bulgakov in Master and Margarita ( not published in author's lifetime ) and Strugatskies in Monday Begins on Saturday introduced magic and mystical creatures into contemporary Soviet reality to satirize it.
Because New Preston's steep, rocky terrain presents significant constraints to development, most viable development sites were utilized prior to 1900, making contemporary construction of new homes and businesses rare.
The collection includes a variety of modern and rare materials including official military documents, contemporary accounts and discourses, manuscripts, maps, graphic arts, literature, and many works on naval art and science.
It is now known to bibliophiles as home to nearly twenty antiquarian and second-hand independent bookshops, including specialists in modern first editions, collectible children ’ s books, early printing, rare maps and atlases, antique prints, theatrical ephemera, and esoterica, as well as a contemporary art gallery, an antiques shop, shops specializing in philately, numismatics and art deco jewellery and an Indian restaurant.
A rare surviving contemporary review by Guy Patin, a distinguished member of the Parisian medical faculty, indicates the considerable impact Religio Medici had upon the intelligentsia abroad:
But others will embrace its thematic and stylistic complexity as qualities all too rare in contemporary cinema.
While being recognized as a rare example of an active reformer in contemporary Austrian politics, his governments were also highly controversial from the beginning, starting with the fact that he formed a coalition government with Jörg Haider's Freedom Party of Austria ( FPÖ ) on both occasions.
certainly rare in contemporary classical music.
Details of contemporary “ relevance ” yielding specific clues as to time, place, and people ( like Kirill ’ s admonition of Feodorek – Bishop Fedor of Rostov called so in depreciation ) are rare and skillfully disguised.
It has maintained a very strict rubric to the urban contemporary format since its inception in 1976, which is rare amongst larger markets urban-oriented radio stations who have shifted to the Mainstream Urban or Urban Adult Contemporary formats ; this approach has been protected by default only because WVEE has no counter-competing sister stations in Atlanta.
Recent productions have been rare, in part because of the large forces required and the work being so atypical of " received " Wagner to contemporary audiences.
" Join the Gang " was a rare excursion into contemporary youth culture, an acerbic observation of peer pressure and drug use, which included sitar in its instrumentation as well as a musical quotation of The Spencer Davis Group's recent hit " Gimme Some Lovin '.
Episodes offer rare close-up contemporary footage of races and cars that year at the Rallye Du Nord, Magny Cours, Nürburgring, Monza, Targa Florio, Le Mans, Monaco, Rouen-Les-Essarts, Sebring and Reims.
As a painter, Schongauer was a follower of the Flemish Rogier van der Weyden, and his rare existing pictures closely resemble, both in splendour of color and exquisite minuteness of execution, the best works of contemporary art in Flanders.
Volume 3 of the Diary was discovered by William Michael Rossetti to contain an encounter with William Blake ; a rare description of the poet and artist from a contemporary.
Despite its generally positive reviews, Peachtree Road was one of John's leanest-selling contemporary efforts, reaching # 17 US upon its release, yet only managing # 21 in the UK, making it one of his rare albums to miss the Top 10 in his homeland.

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