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argument and fails
The core argument of the book is that XP's practices are interdependent but that few practical organizations are willing / able to adopt all the practices ; therefore the entire process fails.
The plaintiff argues that it is negligent to give a child a loaded gun and that such negligence caused the injury, but this argument fails, for the injury did not result from the risk that made the conduct negligent.
In his autobiography, Darwin wrote that " The old argument of design in nature, as given by Paley, which formerly seemed to me so conclusive, fails, now that the law of natural selection has been discovered ".
Achilles fails in demonstrating the argument because the tortoise leads him into an infinite regression.
However, the argument fails to address natural evil, and it presupposes a libertarianist, incompatibilist view of free will.
McDowell strongly resists this argument: he does not deny that there is something psychologically in common between the subject who really sees the cat and the one that fails to do so.
This argument fails because of the so-called Single Transaction Principle
Thus the argument from the non-instantiation of ( what Mackie terms ) " objective prescriptivity " for moral error theory fails.
However, this argument fails since, in 1826, Carleton wrote a letter to then Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel urging him against Catholic Emancipation ( Peel was already an outspoken opponent ), and offering to provide proof of the involvement of Daniel O ' Connell in agrarian crimes, while also vilifying the Catholic clergy and Roman Catholic schoolteachers.
When the expected value of the stopping time is finite ( which is true in practice ), the following argument explains why the betting system fails: Since expectation is linear, the expected value of a series of bets is just the sum of the expected value of each bet.
In two and more dimensions, this argument fails, as the function
Critics maintain that Kane fails to overcome the greatest challenge to such an endeavor: " the argument from luck ".
Alternatively, a skeptic might concede that the bridge is a good consequence but contend that even on consequentialist grounds the argument fails.
This argument fails, however, when the symmetry is gauged, because then the symmetry generator is only performing a gauge transformation.
The Penrose / Lucas argument about the implications of Gödel's incompleteness theorem for computational theories of human intelligence has been widely criticized by mathematicians, computer scientists and philosophers, and the consensus among experts in these fields seems to be that the argument fails, though different authors may choose different aspects of the argument to attack.
Nonetheless, there is often a preferred order ; in Latin, SOV is the most frequent outside of poetry, and in Finnish SVO is both the most frequent and obligatory when case marking fails to disambiguate argument roles.
" He noted how " The old argument of design in nature, as given by Paley, which formerly seemed to me so conclusive, fails, now that the law of natural selection has been discovered ", and how Paley's teleological argument had difficulties with the problem of evil.
: " The old argument of design in nature, as given by Paley, which formerly seemed to me so conclusive, fails, now that the law of natural selection had been discovered.
This begs the question and the open-question argument thus fails.
Muhammad Iqbal also rejects the argument stating, “ Logically speaking, then, the movement from the finite to the infinite as embodied in the cosmological argument is quite illegitimate ; and the argument fails in total .” For Iqbal the concept of the first uncaused cause is absurd, he continues: " It is, however, obvious that a finite effect can give only a finite cause, or at most an infinite series of such causes.

argument and considering
For example, concerning the parameter of per capita income growth, development economist Ha-Joon Chang writes that considering the record of the last two decades the argument for continuing neo-liberal policy prescriptions are " simply untenable.
Rather the form of the argument is generalized to considering configurations, which are connected subgraphs of G with the degree of each vertex ( in G ) specified.
Temporal logic must be taken into account when considering the modal ontological argument.
here, the variable x designates the function argument, but a, b, and c are parameters that determine which quadratic function one is considering.
It is not an argument of the function, and will, for instance, be a constant when considering the derivative.
* Proof by verbosity, sometimes colloquially referred to as argumentum verbosum-a rhetorical technique that tries to persuade by overwhelming those considering an argument with such a volume of material that the argument sounds plausible, superficially appears to be well-researched, and it is so laborious to untangle and check supporting facts that the argument might be allowed to slide by unchallenged.
Chromosome evidence has also been used as an argument for merging " species ", as was the case for considering infulatus a subspecies of A. azarae rather than a separate species.
The discussion begins by considering the following logical argument:
According to some words of his own, which are quite credible considering the ways of the time, they were not contented with this variety of argument, but attempted to have him assassinated.
Lightfoot endeavored to make his author interpret himself, and by considering the general drift of his argument to discover his meaning where it appeared doubtful.
Strauss considered one of the most important moments in the history of philosophy Socrates ' argument that philosophers could not study nature without considering their own human nature, which, in the words of Aristotle, is that of " a political animal.
An argument ensued, with Lee rejecting the political implications of the first choice and indicating the difficulty of the second, but Gordon left the meeting with the impression that Lee was considering those options.
Some modern critics have inferred from this, that a few of the Julii might have settled in Rome in the reign of the first king ; but considering the entirely fabulous nature of the tale, and the circumstance that the celebrity of the Julia gens in later times would easily lead to its connection with the earliest times of Roman story, no historical argument can be drawn from the mere name occurring in this legend.
Of course, there are other solutions, which is evidenced by considering the position of i in the complex plane and in particular its argument arg i. We can rotate counterclockwise π / 2 radians from 1 to reach i initially, but if we rotate further another 2π we reach i again.
The argument above still works considering each Arrow security as a portfolio.
This argument is also workable considering they crossed small bodies of water before going to the ocean and dwelt along the seashore for three years.
A similar argument was put forward by Oellerich, who noted that considering all adult / non-adult sexual behavior as abusive and lacking consent can lead to bias in scientific research in the area, and that recognizing this distinction does not necessarily lead to considering adult / non-adult sexual interactions as morally permissible.
That the Christian scriptures, which contain no cut-and-dried answers to questions such as whether there is forgiveness for post-baptismal sins or whether infants should be baptized, gradually become clearer in the light of events is a view expressed, when considering the doctrine of papal primacy, by Cardinal John Henry Newman, who summed up his thought by saying: " Developments of Christianity are proved to have been in the contemplation of its Divine Author, by an argument parallel to that by which we infer intelligence in the system of the physical world.
) This has frequently been listed as an argument for considering Hungarian closer related to Mansi than Khanty.
The code is self-describing considering that >==< is sequential fudget plumbing and mapF is fudget that takes a function of one argument and makes a fudget which output is input applied to that function.
Lastly, what could Bohr have meant by the expression " uncontrollable interaction between the object and the measuring apparatus ", considering that the central point of the argument of EPR is the hypothesis that, if one accepts locality, only the part of the system in A can be disturbed by the process of measurement and that, notwithstanding this fact, this process provides precise information on the part of the system in B?

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